Angry Birds Star Wars is now officially available in the Google Play Store


In a sequel that’s sure to breathe new life into the franchise, Angry Birds Star Wars is now officially available in the Google Play Store. Developer Rovio held a Google Hangout earlier this evening and announced the good news and quite honestly, I couldn’t be more hyped. A wonderful mixture of Lucasfilm’s Star Wars universe, melded with Angry Birds, somehow it just all works.

I’m actually going to put down Halo 4 for a minute to give it a spin and will report back in the morning with a hands-on video. You guys can give it a spin by downloading it in the Play Store in either the free, or the $3 for the HD version. May the fowl be with you.

[Play Store Link: Free | HD]

Chris Chavez
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  1. just tweeted about it. i’m reviewing it right now

  2. Oddly.. It is more fun that I expected!

  3. Meh. The first one was great but none of the “sequels” have added much. I just don’t understand the hype now.

    1. I see a lot of people saying this. I feel like Rovio does just enough with each release to keep it fresh.

    2. Are you suggesting that there’s not really much difference between the original and Space/StarWars?

  4. It is a good day.

    1. The golden eggs (C3POs) are unusually hard to get to…..

  5. I gather that there isn’t an ad-free (non-HD) version for my SGS3?

    1. Why not just use the HD version on the GS3? It’s the best $3 I’ve spent all month!

      1. Can you do that? I thought HD versions were strictly for tablets?

        1. Nope. They work fine on your phone too (which is also HD). :p

          1. Thanks all for the info! I learned something new today! I’ll go buy the HD version then :)

        2. Well, when you consider the GS3’s resolution is technically “HD”, then yes. But, GP will always show device compatibility for an app. Installed and plays fine on my GS3.

    2. Amazon has it.

      1. I don’t buy anything from Amazon. I hate that apps get fragmented with versions from the Google Play store. I only use it for FAOTD stuff and even then, it pisses me off to have some of the Premium apps that I got for free that are several revisions behind the Play Store version. Nonetheless, thanks for the info!

  6. downloaded and updated ad-free! Yay

    1. Big problem, everytime an ad comes up, it has to reload/reboot the game. Lame…

  7. bought in hd

  8. yay more angry birds

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