Sam’s Club Black Friday flyer shows Galaxy S3 for 96 cents


As retailers start gearing up for the biggest shopping day of the year, we’re already getting a pretty good idea of what sort of deal to expect come Black Friday. As has been the case for the past several years, expect smartphones and tablets to top holiday wishlists everywhere. If your loved one happens to want a shiny new Samsung Galaxy S3, Sam’s Club looks like a good place to camp out come the Friday following Thanksgiving.

According to their flyer that will make the rounds ahead of November 23rd, the Galaxy S3 will be available for a mere 96 cents. A qualified two-year service agreement is required to achieve such pricing, but it is unclear if the advertised price will apply to all US carrier options. For those that plan to avoid long lines by instead shopping online at home, it’s worth noting that this deal is only available in stores.

Keep your eyes peeled for word of other great Black Friday deals. Whether your shopping for family and friends or just looking to treat yourself, there are definitely going to be plenty of opportunities to save a bundle.

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  1. Damn… This could sway me from my Galaxy Nexus if it applies to T-mobile. Recently, my pre-paid network has been dipping me into Edge randomly, and I have heard it doesn’t happen on a post-paid account. Decisions…

    1. Which prepaid carrier do you use? Is it TMo itself?

      1. Yep – I’m on their $30/month plan with the 5gb of 4g a month. It will randomly drop to edge in locations that I can get full HSPA. Friends with postpaid accounts never encounter this issue, so they tell me.

        1. Interesting. I’ve never heard JR (from Android Power) complain about that. Do you think it’s maybe your phone? Have you had EDGE at the exact same time as your friends have had HSPA? Sorry for all the questions, I’m moving to Tmo prepaid soon so I’m concerned now :-

          1. I actually reached out to JR (nice guy!), and he told me that he never had that issue, and suggested it might be just my location (South FL). I called T-Mobile once and they gave me the standard “You’re not using a T-mobile phone, we can’t guarantee perfect service” bit. But they did tell me my area is like, on the edge of the 4g reach. I just find it weird that I could be outside, with HSPA, and then all of a sudden EDGE! I’ve actually noticed it more and more when using the Navigation app. I will repeatedly lose GPS signal.

  2. 96 cent GSIII or keeping my unlimited data plan …. Will keep my Nexus and the unlimited data …for now.

  3. Most likely Sprint, Verizon, and AT&T, T-Mobile doesn’t do penny sales on their flagships.. it’d sure be nice though for those thinking about buying it

  4. Is that a typo for $96, instead?
    (I’ve already seen the S3 for $99 elsewhere.)

  5. Hope to see something like this for the Galaxy Note 2 but I doubt it.

  6. So if I am due for an upgrade does this apply? Or is this new customers only?

  7. Well the wireless companies get 100% of the first month payment, 100% of the activation fee and gets a commission on cellphone sales, but the phone cost them nothing, so it’s up to you as a retailer how to price your devices ;)

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