Factory image for Sprint’s Galaxy Nexus 4.1.1 firmware available for download


The Sprint Samsung Galaxy Nexus has long evaded the section of Google’s developer site that houses factory images for Nexus devices. It’s a shame, really, considering even Verizon’s Galaxy Nexus had been supported all this time, but the wait for Sprint’s version seems to finally be over.

A factory image for the “toroplus,” or Sprint’s Galaxy Nexus, has finally found a home alongside all the other Nexus devices out there. It’s an image for firmware 4.1.1 Jelly Bean, and we imagine 4.1.2 and 4.2 will be on their way if/when those respective upgrades are released for Sprint’s second Nexus device.

If you’re not sure what these files are for, listen up. A factory image will help you get back to completely stock Android no matter what. It’s a compressed file that includes a script that’ll restore your firmware, bootloader, radios and the like. As such, you’ll need the Android SDK because fastboot is required to use it. Hopefully you’ll never have to, but it’s good to have it ready just in case. The file can be had over at the Android Developers site for your convenience.

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  1. The Sprint Galaxy Nexus is finally a real boy! :)

    1. Wishing upon a star does work… Lol

  2. Just in time for Android 4.2 :)

    Meanwhile the Nexus has abandoned CDMA and LTE. What a joke of a program that turned out to be.

      1. I think he was trying to troll us about the nexus 4 not having LTE

        1. correct. i am an extremely dissatisfied Android fanboy right now, and will continue to be until Google supports their US customers like Apple does.

          1. In the UK and not caring :D

          2. This has more or less nothing to do with google sprint controls Galaxy Nexus LTE updates not Google this is why we won’t have an Nexus 4 with LTE Google doesn’t want to have deal with carriers

  3. I got happy for a sec because in my mind I read “sprint nexus 4″…..

  4. how do you get that “running apps” screen?

    1. Thats simply what happens when you press the “multitask button” to the right of the home button :P

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