Blender Test: iPad Mini vs Nexus 7 vs Kindle Fire HD [VIDEO]


Tom Dickson, our favorite fun loving, mad scientist from Blendtec is back and he’s brought some new friends with him. Last time around we saw what happened when you put an iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S3 against each other inside a blender and this time he’s pitting the all new Apple iPad Mini against Google’s Nexus 7, and the Amazon Kindle Fire HD.

You know how this works. All the tablets go into Blendtec’s heavy duty blenders and are grounded up until they reach a smooth, carcinogenic powder. Less of a stress test (the tablets have to broken in half to fit inside the blenders) and more of some good old fashioned entertainment, I think it goes without saying — don’t try this at home.

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. Biggest waste of time ever.

    1. Biggest waste of money ever.*

      1. time = money

          1. biggest poo of money ever?

          2. ever. ever.

          3. Biggest poo of time ever.

          4. i like trains

      2. Well from a commercial standpoint it actually might be way cheap for them to make a commercial that will get out to a massive audience. And shared all over the internet like it was here.

        Still, from a consumer standpoint this guy might as well have dropped $700+ right in the blender and watch the cash turn into a fine green dust. The waste is quite American.

        It reminds me of WWII actually. Because the Germans would scour for gas to run their vehicles, and they would often send out men to go and siphon gas wherever they could find it. Sometimes of a group of four soldiers only one would return. And this was common among the German Army at the time.

        Well there were some German troops that were captured by Americans and taken as POWs to a makeshift landing strip, and they couldn’t believe their eyes, they saw American soldiers dowsing the ground with gas and lighting it up to clear a space for a landing strip. Here they had to risk their lives to secure a few gallons on a good day and these Americans were just practically throwing it away. And as the German POWs watched with tears in their eyes they knew then and there that they were going to lose the war.

        So the moral of the story is…American waste; it breaks techie’s hearts and wins WWII.

  2. Very good

  3. Damn! Anyone else cringe when the dude slams the Nexus 7 on the blender??

    1. It’s like he was breaking my heart instead of the tablet.. *sniffle*

      1. Heart in a blender…it’s like that Eve 6 song.

  4. Awww man… come on Chris. You’re better than this!! Don’t legitimize these dumb test sites which damage perfectly good hardware. If they have that much extra cash, why not give away free gear or just donate to charity. These vids were funny about 6-7 years ago when someone first came up with them. Now they just show lack of intelligence and caring for the environment.

    1. I’m not better than this. Jokes on you. O_o

      Lol And I didn’t post it cuz it was funny, I posted it cuz it’s interesting. I love seeing things get blended cuz I’m sick in the head :p

      But I do kinda agree with you. These tablets would have been better off in the hands of a needy child. Unfortunately, this is an advertising move and sadly, because the way our world works, these videos wouldn’t be making headlines if these 3 tablets were simply donated to charity. :/

      1. With the money made from Youtube ad’s, they could give a working copy away to charity. But instead, I think they just give away tablets to viewers… at least they used to.

  5. That guy always creeps me out. Seems like he would be….greasy and wear too much musk cologne. Like if you shook his hand you would want to instantly go wash your hands!

    1. He reminds me of my grandpa :c

      1. Would you consider your Grandpa creepy then?

        1. My grandpa is greasy and where’s a lot of Brut cologne…. not really creepy though. Lol

          1. lol I remember those brut can spot those from a mile away, the dark green joints

  6. Good lawd,take a chill pill & stop holdin’ em in. It’s not as if live kittens were being blended for a protein shake.

    1. Would it taste like cheezburgrz?

  7. Uh REGARDLESS of preffered platform I find this stuff stupid and wasteful.

    1. Shame. I find it devastatingly and unhealthily awesome.

  8. Another bites the dust

  9. Why do they persist on destroying so many good products? Such waste……Politics are popular right now too, want to blend some of those?

    1. I wish.

    2. lol good, but would geta bunch of europeans claiming human rights

  10. So dumb… so wasteful… what’s the point of this?

    1. Entertainment. Youtube’s payment system actually makes this a profitable activity, let alone the advertising value of getting BlendTec blenders makes it stupid NOT to do this.

  11. This stupid guy should be charged for criminal offence to the environment

  12. No link

  13. This guy is sketchy as hell.

  14. Blender Test ! What about a toilet test ? Many a time I am using the phone whilst standing over or sitting on the throne.

    Only just the other day i nearly dropped it between my legs into the dumper :- – ()

    1. I think we’ve all been there…… risky business. Gotta minimize movement while on the throne, bud.

      1. If you play NFS Hot Pursuit at the time, lot of movement, including BM is guaranteed.

  15. oh oh oh he’s an insane

  16. These are without a doubt the most ridiculous tests and a complete waste of time and money!

  17. i cringed when he broke all 3 tablets over the blender (yes even the iPad) i beleve in device equality

  18. Don’t breathe in that powder! That stuff’ll kill you!

    On the bright side I know what blender to get for grinding all that plastic, metal, processors and such that I just happen to blend all the time by hand because my regular blender can’t handle it.

  19. put the ipad mini “copy” in a blender very interesting althought just a question how come that the battery do not do any shortcircuit when get in contact with the blender blades?

  20. It seems like he was advertising the blender the whole time lol

  21. crazy

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