Verizon Apps closing up shop this January


Verizon Wireless looks to have thrown the towel in when it comes to its own-branded apps store. Verizon Apps looks to be headed for the wayside this upcoming January, it’s been confirmed. The carrier first launched the app store as an alternative for developers to peddle their apps in a marketplace that wasn’t nearly as crowded as the Google Play Store.

They’d looked to control the store’s population through hands-on approval processes, though this effect was probably achieved more by general disinterest from developers (caused by general disinterest from users). Verizon would get a cut of the profits from these developers, of course, and it’d be yet another perfect way for them to make money… except it wasn’t.

Most developers were just fine with keeping their wares in the Google Play Store, and other alternative markets, like Amazon, were more enticing. Verizon also used the apps store to promote its own apps, of course, but these apps were either available from the Google Play Store or pre-installed on most of its devices anyway.

It’s about damn time, we’d say. Sure, an app store for a feature phone is very sensible and probably more welcome than anything, but when it comes to smartphones that extra ecosystem just doesn’t necessarily fit.

Push everything to one central box (Play Store) and make things less confusing for everyone involved. I give Verizon a big kudos for making this happen sooner rather than later. Those who will be affected by content they’ve purchased can head to Verizon for more details on how they can make this transition smooth once the entire process wraps up by the end of March 2013.

[via Verizon Developer Community]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Bout damn time. O_o

  2. my first reaction was…. “about damn time” , but next reaction was “I can’t remember the last time I had a ROM with verizon apps”

  3. Funny thing is, that some poor saps still use the Verizon App, and will no longer have support.

    1. This thing should have never existed in the first place. Now they’re throwing in the towel and probably leaving those foolish enough to have used the store hanging, with apps they’ve paid for but can no longer update. Nice work Verizon.

  4. Good for non custom ROM Verizon users less bloat ware by one app -:)

  5. Great! Now if we could get Verizon to stop pushing their own apps too then we’d live in a better mobile world. I hate that I have VZ Navigator, and the suite of other Verizon apps pre-installed. I will never use those apps. About the only Verizon app that has any business being on my phone is the app to manage my Verizon account, and even then it should be an option to install, not standardly baked into the ROM.

  6. Verizon had an appstore?

    1. most of the world knew that.

      1. I’ve never used an Android phone on Verizon before, nor has “most of the world”, so I’d disagree with your assertion.

      2. those of us not on verizon did not know what, so no, most the world did not know that

      3. Haha Verizon is a U.S. carrier, so no most of the world did not know that.

        1. Most of the world is missing out then on the fastest LTE speeds on the planet! Sucks to be you! ;)

          1. Depends what you use it for, I don’t need LTE when I can stream porn just fine with my 3G speeds :P

          2. And ain’t it great that it is unlimited? Wow! What do you pull down, eclipsen? 20, 30 gigabytes per month? And I heard customer service is great and that android updates closely follow google’s releases for long past the lives of most phones. Combine that with verizon’s lack of uninstallable, unneeded bloatware, and just — wow! I wish I move from Japan to America just so I could be a part of your excellent cell phone.system ;-)

          3. Actually yes, I average about 20gb a month. And since I was able to keep my unlimited data with Verizon, it’s perfect for me. Anyone who complains about bloatware obviously doesn’t know anything about rooting their phone. It’s a simple 10 min process to get rid of the bloat and you’re good to go! On top of Verizons awesome LTE network, you can’t beat it. :)

  7. by all rights they should be removing their apps from phones too. If you don’t have a store to support your apps, you shoudln’t have any loaded on phones.

  8. wait, why is that RAZR running HTC Sense??? lol

    1. Good catch!

  9. Good riddance, bloatware

  10. Awesome, now get VZ Navigator off my phone, and all other VZW Bloatware off my phone.

    1. WTH??!?! I love my VZ Navigator and Bing! Oh yeah baby! Bring on the Bing! ;)

  11. I’ve had a Droid Incredible, Droid Incredible 2, and a Galaxy Nexus (current phone) all on Verizon, and I never had any damn clue that they had their own app store… probably because I didn’t care. Good riddance.

  12. I knew about the Verizon App Store, but I never used it because I see all the bloatware they out on their phones, so I didn’t trust any of their Appstore to be free of bloatware or tracking stuff or whatever.

  13. Na Na Na Na…Hey Hey Hey…Goodbye!

  14. Good. Hope they don’t stop there. Verizon has many more they can remove.

  15. Everyone here knows its just bloatware, but I work with a couple of non-tech guys who have verizon and actually didn’t know about the google play store because of the wording. One actually deleted google play because he didn’t want games on his phone. But all of them thought the verizon app store was the only place they could download apps. I got suspicious when they could never find an app I was telling them about and when one told me it cost extra for navigation. So I’m actually suprised verizon wasn’t making good money off of that scam.

    1. Yeah my Dad was the same way, had only used the Verizon apps store, which I’m sure Verizon was hoping would happen.

  16. Now if they’ll only get rid of the rest of their bloatware and weight throwing tactics we’ll be all set.

  17. Now will they get their shitty bloatware off my Razr Maxx HD?

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