Samsung Galaxy Camera available November 7th in the UK


Samsung’s Android-powered Galaxy Camera will hit UK retailers this week. First unveiled at IFA in Berlin earlier this year, the Android 4.1 point-and-shoot will go on sale November 7th. Samsung will celebrate the 5PM launch of the smart camera with champagne receptions at their flagship stores. The device will also be available from Carphone Warehouse, Phones 4u, and Jessops. Retailer Clove has confirmed the device will be available from November 8th for £399.00 after VAT.

The Galaxy Camera boasts all the power of Samsung’s flagship series of smartphones, including a 1.4GHz quad-core processor and 8GB of internal storage. The cellular radios are dropped, while the image element is, naturally, enhanced. The Galaxy Camera boasts a 16.3MP array with 21x optical zoom and f2.8 lens.

Samsung did not announce plans for a US launch, but the Galaxy Camera is expected to be available from AT&T later this year.

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  1. Sorry, but If I’m going to spend over 600 U.S. dollars on a non-phone camera, it’s going to be a DSLR.

    1. Sony Alpha Nex-5N costs around 600 bucks lol, and that thing has a DSLR sensor

    2. Currency conversion has little to do with pricing of tech. Most devices that are $400 dollars end up around £400 in the UK so I would expect it to work the other way around and the US version will likely be around $400 which seems pretty good for a camera of these specs.

  2. The price is way too much for point-and-shoot camera. I’m out! :-)

  3. Very nice specs even as a phone + you get a real digital camera. phones by itself costs like 6-700 dollars so i’d say this is a decent deal.

    1. It’s not a phone

  4. Considering this is an actual camera, I would’ve expected the sensor to be at least as big as the one in PureView 808, not half its size.

    1. higher mp doesn’t mean bigger sensor, the pure view although it has over 40+ mp is pretty much worthless considering the sensor is so small it limits light availability, its only marginally better than a galaxy s3, HTC one x or a iPhone 5, you really won’t notice the difference, digital cameras have 4 times the size of the sensors in any phone and DSLR’s are even bigger.

  5. $637? no thanks.

  6. Can see this being a huge flop, the ‘appeal’ of the galaxy line isn’t going to make any difference as top of the range Smartphones here are free on 2yr contracts [totally free] but this is £400 full price and I cannot see it appealing to the kind of enthusiasts that pay top dollar for specialist camera.

  7. I honestly just don’t know about this. I was looking forward to it, but now especially with that price point not so much. Do I really need a smart camera? Rather keep my smart device separate and my camera being a simple camera. Imagine trying to tak a shot and it takes too long to load up? Forget it

    1. It would be nice to have a full featured point and shoot from which you could directly upload pictures to any web site via WiFi, but that’s just too expensive for that class of camera.

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