CallApp marries your social life to caller ID


A new interesting app has hit the Google Play Store that aims to help enhance your social life. Its name is CallApp, and it’s an incoming call app that’ll give you updates from the social networking profiles of whoever’s calling you at that time. You can pull info from the likes of LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and more, and it goes beyond just telling you the caller’s most recent status message.

For instance, you’ll get the person’s occupation from LinkedIn, the next event from their Facebook calendar, and the latest email they’ve sent to you at a glance. The app goes beyond just setting up social networking hooks. You can setup meetings, reminders, write notes, and more while on a call and have it automatically associated with that contact.

I’m not one to replace my stock caller ID experience, but CallApp certainly makes me want to. When you factor in the ease of setup — your friends don’t have to use CallApp at all — you’ll probably look to try it, too.

It’s a free download from the Google Play Store, and judging by the glowing reviews it has it looks like it won’t disappoint. Go ahead and give it a shot following a brief 3.7MB download.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. IIRC I think this app was already release in the Android Market about 1 year ago but was then pulled-down because of privacy concerns…

  2. I have been using Current Caller ID by WhitePages which is very good too. Thought I’d put in a word for them in this relevant article.

    1. I’ve been using this too for the last month or so and it has been decent so far. I’m not into social networking much, so I think it would work better for me than the one in this article.

    2. I also use Current Caller ID by White Pages and see no real reason to switch to CallApp.

    3. I used it for quite a while, does deliver some accurate information. I also like that it can be moved while a phone is ringing.

  3. I used CCID (WhitePages) and had hangups, fc and stuff. I went using CallApp, and even if the interface is still debatable, it’s surprisingly good, reactive, and accurate. I live in France, and most infos are retrieved between the first and second ring. Facebook and Twitter and stuff need HaxSync and FContactsSync to work around aliases and stuff.

  4. awesome, now I can opt-in to have my friends push content they’re probably calling to tell me about anyway. Can’t wait to see all the stuff nobody cares about.

  5. I was using this app a while back on a Galaxy Nexus and in my experience, it was very slow and caused problems with screen on/off during calls. I was also having problems with call waiting.

  6. Does anyone really care to see all of this during an incoming call? The feature is cool but it seems like over kill… Do I need to see what u posted last on FB before answering ur call?

    1. Well if they post something like “I’m so depressed, I need to talk to somebody!” You will know to reject the call.

      1. Lmao… U win

  7. Aren’t there already apps that do this?

  8. … Now all the Facebook junkies can see the last time people ate/slept/worked/dumped when they call!

    Maybe I’m just getting old and ornery, but I think this application is as useless as teats on a bull.

  9. It says my device isn’t compatible. :(

    Samsung Infuse
    Mind of Mac 1.4

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