Google Now now tracks the distance you walk, bike or travel in a month


Sometimes it’s almost scary to think about the sheer amount of information Google has on you. Well, aside from what websites you visit, where you’re at, and the what you’re talking about, Google now knows the last time your lazy ass has gotten off the couch. Yesterday we told you guys about a Google Search/Google Now update that, among other things, introduced a new set of cards to Google’s behind the scenes monitoring and notification system. But it seems there were a few surprises still in store for us…

Once the clock struck midnight last night, many Jelly Bean users around the world were presented with the total amount of miles they’ve traveled in the month of October via walking, bicycling, or other. Looks like Google has officially upgraded your phone into a snazzy pedometer. Neato.

Thanks, Thomas, Justin, and everyone who sent this in!

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. That’s alright, I trust Good Guy Google.
    “Don’t Be Evil” -Google Motto

    1. not anymore, google took “do no evil” OUT of its mission statement

      1. Nope —

        #6 – You can make money without doing evil.

  2. Since I dont take my phone everywhere I go, I can only assume this isnt very accurate. But, alas, I know why Im American and sit behind a PC for work since last month was only 6 miles. FML!

  3. Lol Google is off the chain…

    1. awesome.. people still say off the chain!!!!

      1. Word :p

  4. mine says i byked lile 5kms, and i haven’t gone near a bike in years

    1. have you used public transit or anything, cause it records biking, walking or running depending on the speed you are traveling, so if you are traveling like under 20 mph it will record it as biking.

      1. That could be it (i would expect more than 5km tho :P )

        1. maybe google is urging you to spell “bike” instead of “byke” by giving you 5km for free.

  5. Now that’s just unnecessary.

  6. That`s good for who is have the JB on his phone only, not good for everyone yet.

  7. How does one turn this on or off?

    1. Google Now Settings.

      1. lol how do you get the pedometer, I ran 4 miles today trying to get it to show up but still nothing? is their like a certain amount of miles you have to travel before it appears ?

        1. I think its once a month. Your phone/tablet now has a period 0.o

  8. I was looking for a more specific answer. I already took a quick glance and nothing jumped out and said pedometer

  9. 72 miles walking sounds about right for me since my campus is really big. :(. Also, apparently I own a bicycle. lol

  10. Twisted anonymous hacker will now hate Google for making their OS secure and the play store with malware scanner. I can trust Google but not some sick psycho hacker.

    1. you did it for the lulz?

  11. You need to walk more.

  12. I found out about this feature today, and I must say I like it.

  13. How did it know I was on my stationary bike?

    1. gps derps

  14. this didn’t show up in my Google NOW. Wonder why.

    1. it’ll show up LATER

    2. Me either. Hopefully soon so I can see how much of a loaf I am.

  15. Do you have to update google search manually, or is it in a specific region only? Or do you have to install the apk?
    Anyway, for now it doesn’t work on my phone – sgs2, cm10, Europe

  16. I saw this a couple of days back, its neat I think but thats cause ive started a diet last month and this information helps me. Now I can track my walk for November. Does my GPS have to be switched on for this? cause at times i turn off wife, gps, mobile data to conserve battery and thats usually something I do while walking – Dont Walk and Text !!

    1. Having the option to turn off “wife” is definitely a plus, and will conserve your wallet as well as your battery.

      1. xD beat me to it!

  17. Great! Now it can tell me just how much I DON’T walk.

  18. Next Google will track how long I sit on the toilet and play with my android lololol

  19. I wonder if Google Now tracks how much time I’m sitting on the pooper … Reading Phandroid of course. (Seriously.) (No, SERIOUSLY!!!)

  20. Wow, they have electricity for charging phones in Cle Elum?

    (I kid because, hey, Cle Elum.)

  21. Mine hasn’t displayed anything new.. Maybe it knows I didn’t walk or bike anywhere haha

  22. I don’t know if it is accurate…Mine said 7 miles in October and I walk more than that in like 2 days on campus.

  23. I totally saw this the other day and am a big fan of it. It would be nice to have a progess bar or site where it keeps tabs on this info instead of just telling you once a month.

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