Logitech Bluetooth Android keyboard only $10 – Better hurry [DEALS]


With less than 4 hours left before it expires, the Logitech Bluetooth Keyboard Case for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 (and other Android devices) is one helluva deal. Part protective case and part bluetooth keyboard, the Zagg-designed (caseboard? keycase?) is being offered at a staggering low $10 on 1SaleADay — but only for the next few hours.

I happened to purchase this a few weeks back on another daily deals site for around $15 and absolutely love it. It charges via micro USB (same as your phone), and works beautifully on my Samsung Galaxy S3. Yes, I know this was made specifically for the Galaxy Tab, but it can prop up most small devices and tablets with little fuss. Great for meetings, notes, or messing around. And for $10, you can’t go wrong. Better hurry!

[1SaleADay Wireless]

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. Do you think the Note II will sit well on it?

    1. Y the hell would u want a damn phone on th… U know what never mind.

      1. It’s a phablet. Not a phone. Know the difference. LoL!! Maybe there are times when they’re using that tablet side of their phablet. I mean it is a hybrid. =.3

    2. That’s tough to say. I think the Note 2’s thickness is about the same, if not smaller than the Galaxy Tab. If so, it should slip in fine. It’s the thicker devices you gotta worry about..

  2. This is a horrible deal, it doesn’t come with a naked elderly woman.

    1. Wait- why would you want a… you know what. Never mind.

      1. LoL its funny because I did the same thing

  3. I’m all set on TV dinner trays actually…

  4. Will this support something as big as the nexus 10?

    1. More than likely no. Well, not in landscape mode anyway. Doesn’t fit my Transformer Pad in landscape, but portrait is just fine.

      1. Ok then, how about the key size? Right now I have been given a crappy netbook for school; bigger keys than that? Smaller? More cramped?

        1. Actually, they’re fairly decent. A tad smaller than my Macbook Air but still usable.

          I have the Transformer Pad with keyboard dock and that dang thing is unusable. Waaaaaay too small. The Logitech one is bigger than that. :)

          1. Macbook Air? See…I knew you played both sides of the fence. Living in your parents basement should have been a giveaway, but….

          2. Lololololmfao

          3. I just needed the portability :c

          4. ultrabooks my friend, ultrabooks. no need to go to the dark side.

          5. Chris, there’s a joke somewhere regarding how many devices you have, but I can’t find it… °_°

          6. I think it has me compensating for something? O_o

  5. Think the Nexus 10 would fit in there? (I know I know, that’s what she said)

    1. Should fit just fine. I have a Transformer Pad and it fits nicely in portrait (too long for landscape).

  6. Just bought one.

  7. will it work on a nexus 7?

    1. I hope so… I bought one to go with mine.

  8. No thanks, it says its 10.3″ long total, so the keyboard is 9″ something. My keyboard is 11″. So, too small. I think I’ll just buy at some point.

    1. I have that one too. It’s nice but you can’t use the keyboard/tablet while it’s on your lap. This is different. And it doesn’t take batteries :)

    2. I stand behind this keyboard as well. I paid $80 a while back and use it on my Xoom all the time. Works great. I do have to keep batteries on hand while traveling. the only gripe I have is more bluetooth related – I alwaysl seem to have to re-connect the devices.

  9. Thanks for the tip, a nice purchase.

  10. 7-10 business days?!? Wtf

    1. Yeah, delivery typically takes about 2 weeks. Lol

      1. Amazon has spoiled me :/

  11. Do they ship outside the US?

  12. Do you think it’ll work with an Acer Iconia A500?

    1. Im temped to get one for my a200, I know the case part wont work, but I cant find any onscreen keyboards that I dont hate.

  13. 50% of the product cost for shipping makes me sad :(

  14. Wow glad I saw this! just picked one up with 26 seconds to spare…thanks Chris!

  15. If anyone is interested its on BensOutlet for $14.99.

    1. That’s actually where I bought mine a few weeks ago. Thanks :)

  16. we use these for the ipads at work.
    It works ok with my transformer prime, but sometimes it just loses complete control and they keys open up shortcuts that I don’t want.

  17. Anyone else having their Avast go crazy when they opened this site?

  18. Dammit, is this still going?

    1. No :/ They have ’em on Amazon for $20 though..


  20. deal expired! I is a sad panda!

  21. Argh!! Missed the sale. =.[

  22. Great Deal. Picked one up for my tab 10.1. Hopefully this will revive my love for my tab, cuz lately its been sitting unused.

  23. Awe I just missed the sale.

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