Google Wallet update will introduce physical credit card, sending/receiving money, and more [LEAK]


When Google had us signing up for an upcoming Google Wallet update (you can request an invite here) we knew we knew they were planning something big… but not this big. Looks like Google is getting ready to turn the financial world upside down when they introduce their very own physical Google Wallet card — one card to rule them all.

Google’s not stupid. They know the biggest hurdle they’ve faced in getting Google Wallet up and running has always been slow NFC or Paypass adoption. As much as you’d like to use your Android device loaded up with all your credit cards to make hassle-free NFC payments, it’s simply not accepted everywhere. But you know what is? The credit card.

Revealed in a leaked version of the Google Wallet app was the ability for users to sign up and receive a physical Google Wallet card. Now, whenever you are purchasing something from a merchant that doesn’t have a Paypass enabled register, simply whip out you’re Google Wallet card and you’re good to go. We assume it will be similar to a debit card — where a user will have to enter their pin — but that’s not entirely clear at the moment. Oh, and it isn’t just credit cards either. Users will be able to load up their transit cards onto Google Wallet, and even send/receive funds ala Paypal or Square.

The benefits are numerous. You no longer have to carry around a George Castanza wallet (guilty!), they will all be consolidated into one Google Wallet card. What’s more, if you ever lose your wallet or card, all those individual credit cards will remain safe, tucked away in Google’s cloud. Phone low on battery or dead altogether? No worries. The physical card makes a great backup.

You can just smell the innovation pouring out of Google HQ. Those guys are onto something BIG and we can’t wait.

[via Android Police]

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  1. looks like t-mobile is going verizons route with their nexus lineup. here is my conversation with t-mobile on g+

    1. You are the only one who can view that

  2. Love this!! I signed up for this new program awhile back not knowing but now that I have a better idea I’d love to get in on this and il def be signing up for a google wallet card since paypass isnt available in to many places around me :(

  3. ISIS promised to be here late summer, failed to deliver. Google Wallet is still blocked on my stock GS3. When I had my R&R G-Nex, I was able to pay with Google Wallet, and I loved every minute of it. Regress I say

  4. This is great! I’ve just started using Gwallet on my Sprint GS3 and I’m hooked!! It is SO Awesome paying with my phone. I’m always bummed when a merchant doesn’t support tap to pay :(…
    This is a cool solution in the interim. If Google brings this out then count me in!!
    Go Google!!!!

  5. Bad… Azz…

  6. Wow. Bury them google. Ill be there to pile on the dirt.

  7. While this is amazing, I have but one inquiry (of the 500lb Gorilla type)….how do choose from one physical card (GWallet) which card to select? In other words, you have one Google wallet card (awesome) three or four different debit and credit cards. When you show up to purchase and whip out that GW card which card will it use? Roulette payment….awesome

    1. You pick your card before hand…through the app. kind of makes sense

    2. Good Inquiry. Probably have a preferred option that will select first choice, followed by others.

    3. Yeah I was thinking what Alberto said. You’ll have a default card that it’ll go to, but you can change it through the app while you’re waiting in line or something.

    4. I’d love to see it pool your credit and debit into a big lump, then within a time frame after the payment you have to assign it to an actual card with that room on it (or even break the payment up across cards!), else it defaults to your default card. Might be a little advanced out the gate, but you basically have the “default card” option you guys are talking about with room to grow.

  8. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… I LOVE GOOGLE!

    1. God, I love being a turtle! Wait- what?

  9. Brilliant! I’m sold! now I don’t have to carry around 6 credit cards.

  10. I wish Ma Bell wouldn’t block Google wallet so I could use this on my GS3!!!

  11. So let’s say I have 2 credit cards registered with my Google Wallet account. I pay somewhere by swiping by Google card. How do I pick which credit card gets charged?

    1. i would assume that whichever one you have selected as the default card, so if you need to switch them you would need to log in and change it.

  12. Not interested unless I can fund a payment or transfer with Google Play Store credit.

  13. Google should team up with the airlines that didn’t team up with the so called iPhone wallet which by the way that craapple wallet is a joke. Google wallet is far more superior and light years ahead of crapple.

  14. When I can install this from the Play Store directly to my VZW GNex, I’ll be impressed.

  15. Makes me more and more angry that ISIS somehow swayed more carriers than Google. ISIS has been pretty much nonexistent so far.

  16. while this is cool, nowhere around me has tap to pay and I only have 2 cards so not very useful for me -_-

  17. While carrying just 1 card wouldn’t be bad, I believe this card won’t be of great use to people (like me) who select cards based on purchase category to receive maximum cashback: 5% CB on gas by PenFed Cash Rewards, 5% CB on rotating categories by Chase Freedom/Discover, regular 2% and 1% CB cards.

    It would be great if Google would transfer the purchase category to the card, and allow on the fly destination card switch using the Wallet app. But still that solution seems impractical.

  18. so I wonder how you choose which card it charges when you have multiple associated, different pins for different cards? Pretty freakin awesome in general though.

  19. It would be nice if all reward cards could also be added

  20. Does anyone know if the physical card will have NFC or the system MasterCard uses? I have an HTC Rezound and it obviously doesn’t have NFC capabilities. I would like to use the tap to pay feature at restaurants and whatnot. So, anyone have any word on this?

  21. When are google gonna introduce paying for apps with network airtime money??? Whatever app your buying gets added to the phone or it comes directly of your airtime??

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