Oct 26th, 2012 publishUpdated   Dec 4th, 2012, 5:44 pm

Mobile technology has come a long way, hasn’t it? In the smartphone sector alone we’ve gone from phones that were as small as 2.8 inches that were black and white and had no touchscreen all the way to beautiful 5.5 inch displays with resolutions which mirrored HD televisions. We’ve gone from MHz to Gigahertz, single-core to quad-core, MB to GB of RAM and beyond.

HTC wanted to go back and reflect on the smartphone world, and they did it that with an “Evolution of the Smartphone” infographic posted over at its blog. The infographic reminds us how interesting hindsight is. Just what was Android when Google purchased it back in 2005?

And was it Andy Rubin’s genius prediction that phones would become location aware that made Google want a piece of whatever it is he had a hand in? Oh, and apparently 97% of new smartphone owners in 2010 said they only wanted a smartphone so that they could play Angry Birds… yea, pretty sad tidbit there.

But HTC also cleverly took a couple of shots at Apple in this long crumb trail. They jokingly mentioned that Apple’s maps couldn’t take you to Dulles Airport, but it could take you to Dulles Airport Taxi. Oh, and that the iPhone 5 is almost as big as the HTC One X.

They aren’t side-splitting jokes but it did garner a decent chuckle out of me, and kudos for doing it inside of an infographic like this instead of making the mistake of placing it inside of a newspaper ad somewhere. But even without the funnies embedded inside this long-winding trail it’s still an interesting read so go ahead and jump to HTC’s site if you’re interested.

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