T-Mobile plans October 29 press event, could have Nexus implications


October 29th is getting pretty crowded on the calendar’s of tech bloggers like myself. Our attention is turned towards Google’s event taking place that morning, where we fully expect to be introduced to at least one new Nexus device (along with a sneak peak at the latest changes to the Android ecosystem). Then, of course, there Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 event also scheduled for that morning. As if that wasn’t enough, T-Mobile has just started reaching out to press about an event of their own to take place later that day.

Given the proximity to the other two events along with no clear indication of a manufacturer partner, it is likely T-Mobile will be showing us something relating to whatever is unveiled earlier in the day. This could mean Windows Phone 8 devices. It could also mean another look at the new Nexus phone(s) Google is expected to show off. It could be neither.

It does seem odd that T-Mobile would plan an their own announcement on the same day as Microsoft’s and Google’s rather than simply joining those companies on stage at their own events, but there are few other big announcements looming. T-Mobile’s eagerness could also signal that if the Nexus is in their plans it could launch relatively close to its official unveiling.

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  1. Maybe, but considering that the Galaxy Note II is suppose to be coming out or be announced around that time my money is on the Note II

  2. tmobile, google, my body is ready

    1. tmobile + google + CryptoNoel = wobbly H?

  3. Maybe google will finally buy the new MetroTMoble monster and do away with manufacture skins….. hahahahaha.. I know ..but man.. seriously.. Do it google.

    1. YES!!! That is my dream. Tmobile could then be a all stock android carrier

    2. While I think Google buying T-Mobile would be a great idea (Google Wireless to complement Google Fiber anyone?), right now I think Google should buy TI’s smartphone chip business since they’re getting out of the game.

      Amazon has been rumored to be courting the business, but I think Google should take it. Think about it, they can bake in superior Android support and even offer AOSP updates for TI devices, taking the burden off of the manufacturers to update the devices. It would be similar to Nexus devices where manufacturers essentially just design the shell and market the device.

      The only problem would be that it would threaten other chip manufacturers, but if Google prevented manufacturers from putting skins on TI devices, it would give manufacturers and chip makers a chance to “differentiate” as they like to say.

  4. It’s a stretch, I know, but the news from last week that showed Tmobile stopping all iPhone advertising could mean a huge Google Nexus push on the carrier. A man can dream, right?

    1. You can already get a great deal on a Nexus for T-Mobile. Galaxy Nexus through Google Play for $349 and T-Mobile Unlimited plan for $69.99/month. I’m honestly surprised T-Mobile hasn’t tried to market this even a little given how aggressively they’re trying to target iPhone buyers. I know there’s a lot more iPhone buyers out there than Nexus buyers, but it’s like the Google Play Galaxy Nexus and T-Mobile are the world’s best kept secret. Plus, the GSM Nexus is actually compatible with T-Mobile’s network unlike the iPhone.

      1. This is exactly what I a doing. I love my GNex and my unlimited plan.

  5. They’re resurrecting the Samsung clamshell flip phone and Motorola RAZR. :P (Seriously though, Tmo, don’t make this lame.)

  6. No. stop this carrier exclusive BS. All carriers at once or GTFO

    1. T-Mobile is GSM, maybe they’ll just sell the device

    2. Agreed. Unless it’s Tmobile getting the exclusivity. °o°

      Seriously, though, GO TIGERS!!!!!!!!!

    3. 100% agree. If Apple and Samsung can do it, then there is absolutely no reason or excuse why Google can’t.

  7. if tmobile is going to talk about android as well as Windows 8 it would make sense to hold their own event.

    1. That is what I was thinking. They may want to talk about both camps and that is why there are at neither one.

    2. Valid.

  8. It’s just an early Halloween party.

  9. Likely more Windows Phone related than Nexus related. That’s the big launch day for WP8, and T-Mobile is likely just gearing up to show the nation their Fall/Holiday lineup, which will include the Lumia 810 and maybe the 8x and 8S, alongside the Note 2 and whatever other devices they have lined up. The whole event probably revolves around getting hands on time with the lineup.

  10. it certainly would make sense if this is HSPA+ only…

  11. Internal sources at LG claiming Google Nexus 4 ( by LG) on -tmobile network confirmed with Android 4.2!!!!

    1. link?

  12. All I can say is Google better not be going back to T-mobile exclusive in the US. I’ll abandon Android if I have to out of spite.

  13. this could just be their holiday lineup including windows phone and android

  14. My guess is the LG Nexus 4 will come to Tmo, but will also like to see it on all the major carriers. Most ppl will not change their carrier cuz of a device..therefore makes sense to bring the device to their Network. This is something HTC is guilty of…devices like the One X+ and The 1080P HD screen J Butterfly/DLX should be on all major carriers just like Samsung has the GS3 and Note 2 on all carriers. Smart OEMs like Sammy and Apple are moving away from exclusives and the huge sales are a testament to this model. Struggling OEMs like HTC and Nokia keep shooting themselves in the foot with these nonsensical exclusives, instead of unleashing their flagship devices to the masses by way of all the major carriers.

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