Oct 18th, 2012 publishUpdated   Dec 6th, 2012, 5:33 pm

When apps get updated to conform to Android’s new design guidelines I always get a little giddy inside. After all, consistency is key and everyone knows that’s one of the main problems with the collection of apps currently available in the Google Play Store. While I’m no java nut I was happy to see that Starbucks updated its application to bring the Holo UI into the mix.

You’ll get swiping action, the action bar, crisp controls and a more smooth experience to feed your unhealthy addiction, but that’s not all we’re getting in this update.

Starbucks has also brought the ability to view your My Starbucks Rewards information to see how close you are to getting that next quad half caf venti 3 pump vanilla 3 pump hazelnut soy extra hot no foam with whip and cinnamon sprinkles latte.

Aside from all of that, general performance improvements and bug fixes have made their way into this delicious package. And you still retain the ability to locate your nearest shop on a map and reload your Starbucks card.

The app is visually rich so all the resources inside make up for a seemingly steep 6.1MB download, but you coffee fiends are likely to justify the download even if you had absolutely no space or bandwidth  to accommodate it. Get your download in the Google Play Store.

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