Acer Iconia Tab A110 coming to North America October 30th for $230


As much as we talk about the Nexus 7 and Amazon Kindle Fire it can be easy to forget that Acer is also trying to break into the affordable tablet games. Acer has actually been doing it for quite some time, but it seems these new devices have pressured the OEM to introduce its tablets at more attractive price points. Acer’s pricing has never been too bad relatively speaking, but having even more affordable products only makes us more excited.

Acer’s latest 7-inch wonder — the Acer Iconia Tab A110 — looks to make some waves when it comes to North America October 30th. The tablet, which will cost $230, runs Android 4.1 Jelly Bean out of the box and gives you ample power with 1GB of RAM and NVIDIA’s quad-core Tegra 3 processor. You’ll get 8GB of internal storage, but unlike some of these other affordable tablets you’ll also get the option of expanding your storage by up to 32GB via a microSD card slot — kudos, Acer!

Unfortunately it seems Acer wasn’t in position to take a loss on the tablet like Google and Amazon, and had to cut corners in a couple of different places. For starters, the display is not full HD. Instead you’ll be getting a 1024×600 configuration. It’s a tad disconcerting knowing that my smartphone has a higher screen resolution than my tablet, but my smartphone also costs $600 off contract so perhaps I should be too surprised.

We still have some pretty nice features to sweeten the deal, though, including a micro HDMI port. It will all come down to whether or not you can get jiggy with that display — if you can’t, and if none of the added connectivity options are a concern for you, then there are other mouth-watering options that will cost you even less. Look for these to be available at retailers like Best Buy and Amazon when it ships at the end of this month.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. For the price & features (JELLY BEAN, HDMI, expandable memory,Quad-Core, etc…) I could overlook the sub-HD display.
    A nice option to the NEXUS 7.

    1. Not only is it sub-HD, but it is also not IPS and suffers abysmal battery life in comparison just like the original A100 which has some of the worst battery life of any Android tablet ever made by a major manufacturer.

      1. “and suffers abysmal battery life”

        I’m curious how you could possibly know this…?

  2. To be fair, at that screen size full HD isn’t really that big of a deal outside of the placebo effect. I’d much rather have a device to load up with movies for a long car trip and then be able to plug it into the TV when I get to my destination. A lot of rental houses don’t spend money on internet access and only provide local channels.

    1. Wow, you really need to have your eyes checked.

      1. No, it’s biology

  3. Finally! A manufacturer that gets it! Sd cards are a must in tablets…

  4. The big plus for me is that the Nexus 7 has GPS.

  5. Nice product at a good price.
    Acer makes great products and they have good customer service. They should start making some serious high end Android Superphones, maybe an Acer Nexus even.

    1. Although I wouldn’t classify lying to your customers and saying that your A100 and A500 tablets won’t be receiving Jelly Bean due to hardware/performance isn’t the epitome of “good customer service”

  6. I was going to hold out for the 32GB nexus 7 but this is more attractive with expandable memory and hdmi

  7. Android tablets are lackluster tho… I don’t see myself buying one anytime soon. They’re just not exciting

  8. Fail. you gotta be at least 1080p to play in this pool as competitor to the Nexus tablet.

  9. i have a dell streak 7 (i believe having a 800×480?) and have no complaints with the display resolution…so 1024×600 would be an upgrade to something that is already pleasant to my eyes.

    i’ll get this, but if something else comes up that equals or betters this acer 110 in the same price range (give or take 20.00), then i’ll go that direction

    1. Umm, it is called the Nexus 7. And it is better in every way unless you absolutely require micro-hdmi or micro-sd

      1. Yea, the Nexus 7 needs MHL support (or micro HDMI) for me to be interested.

  10. As I was reading and saw SD storage was was thinking this could be good, until…yes the screen. When will they all realize that the screen is what you first look at, obviously and if the screen isn’t up to snuff, sales will suffer. Prime example, take a look at the Lenovo 2109. They should NEVER skimp on the screen specs, find something else to save costs.

    1. You can’t market something at this price and not make tradeoffs, especially when you don’t have contents sales to offset losses on the device.

  11. I liked my A500. It was a great tablet and still is for my bro-in-law.
    I ditched the nexus 7, but will still eye up the smaller screens for now.

  12. Google’s new Chromebook @ $250 would be a better choice.

  13. The HDMI is great. One of the reasons I haven’t considered a Nexus 7 (well i can’t see a use for any tablet actually) is that it doesn’t have MHL support. That screen just sounds like too much of a compromise though.

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