New Casio G’zOne phone on the way, shows up at FCC


Verizon’s Casio G’zOne Commando wasn’t exactly the phone of the year, but for what it was — a ruggedized Android device with a fair bit of power — you couldn’t ask for much more. So we’re more than intrigued by a recent FCC filing that reveals a followup to the handset, a new Gz’One-branded handset listed as the Casio C811.

The new Gz’One phone looks to continue the tradition of combining a rugged exterior with a properly-specced smartphone, and upgrades the previous model with such features as Verizon LTE connectivity and NFC. It also carrier GSM worldphone, which could come in handy for your next globe-trotting spelunking excursion.

There is no word on exactly what spec the phone carries in terms of resistance to shock/heat/water/dust/etc., but we assume it will at least match that of previous Gz’One handsets. From the sketch accompanying the FCC documents, the aesthetics of the device look to remain the same, at least. We haven’t heard anything from inside Verizon to suggest a possible launch date for the handset, but given that the phone is already making a trip to the FCC it could hit shelves by the end of the year.

[via Engadget]

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  1. why doesn’t someone just come out with an ANDROID flip phone that uses google’s address book?

    1. the japenese already have them…. we never get the cool/clever/unique/innovative stuff….

  2. The new Motorola iphone looks better to me.

  3. Casio? the calculator manufacturer? :O

  4. Shouldn’t this phone be called the G’zTwo?

    1. It’d be G’z 3 or 4 now. There were one or two G’z flip phones previously.

  5. Oh damn I really wanted a gzone when they came out. I’ll be watching this very closely. Just might not be saving up for a razor is jazz after all

  6. Hopefully these work longer than a year before they short out and malfunction. Of the 5 in our company 4 have had to be exchanged and two of those have had multiple exchanges.

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