VOTE 2012: Obama vs. Romney… the Android Outcome


It’s an election year and tonight Democrat Barack Obama and Republican Mitt Romney will duke it out in their 2nd debate tonight, on the way to deciding the next President of the United States of America. We won’t pick sides ourselves, but we want to know: if only Android users could vote, which candidate would win the election?

That’s the exact question VOTE 2012 by intends to answer.

It’s simple:

  • Download the app
  • Pick your candidate
  • Enter a comment and additional info (optional)
  • See the results!

While the app will display the complete breakdown with filterable results, you’ll have to visit the website to see the full range of comments offered by voters/participatns. Comments are tied to a selectable user name and device ID, but keep it clean or your comments/votes will be permanently deleted! And for those curious,your device ID is used ONLY to ensure each person can vote once and only once (but you can change your vote and edit your comment/info).

Can VOTE 2012 accurately predict the outcome of the election? Four years ago, VOTE 2008 launched and accurately predicted Obama would be victorious over John McCain. One could argue that the results are misleading: afterall, demographics of Android users don’t perfectly reflect the demographics of the voting public? Probably. Since they own a smartphone and were able to track down the app in the first place, they’re likely more wealthy and either more tech savvy or politically inclined than the average user.

But still, Android users make up over 50% of the American smartphone users, so the app has a pretty good shot at being somewhat predictive/accurate. And for the sake of interest, users can filter results to see differences by State, Gender, Income, Education, and more. Keep in mind this is only available for download in the United States, for fairly obvious reasons.

VOTE 2012 isn’t meant to be scientific… it’s meant to be a fun and engaging way to extend the political discussion while playfully predicting the winner. Whether you’re die-hard Obama, rooting for Romney, dislike both, or think they’re equally awesome, chances are you have some sort of opinion. We hope you’ll download VOTE 2012 by and share your opinion!

While the app (and comments below) are sure to generate their fair share of across the aisle arguments, we hope you can ALL agree that we want the same outcome: a better America. So for that, we hope you’ll at least join together in rating the app 5-stars on the Google Play Store and urging other people to vote, both in this VOTE 2012 app and in the actual election.

Rob Jackson
I'm an Android and Tech lover, but first and foremost I consider myself a creative thinker and entrepreneurial spirit with a passion for ideas of all sizes. I'm a sports lover who cheers for the Orange (College), Ravens (NFL), (Orioles), and Yankees (long story). I live in Baltimore and wear it on my sleeve, with an Under Armour logo. I also love traveling... where do you want to go?

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  1. wheres my option for Gary Johnson?

    1. Beat me to it! I don’t think “other/independent” is fair in the slightest. Gary Johnson has all the requirements to win (if only mathematically) and should be an actual choice on the app.

      1. Hate to be that guy, but a vote for Johnson is just another vote for Obama
        As much as I’d like to vote for Johnson, I won’t risk another Obama term to prove a point

        1. Yup I’m on the same boat! In favor for Mitt over Obama.

        2. Who’s that? The guy that plays right into the two-party BS and refuses to even try to change?

          1. By believing and independent even has a chance you are fooling yourself.

          2. That’s exactly what the Republicrats want you to think! Sounds like you’re the one that’s been fooled.

          3. No, I’m not the fool, I learn from history and because of history I know that no other party can/will be elected in the corrupt system we have.

          4. That’s only true because people like you refuse to vote for a third party. Saying “I won’t vote for a third party because they can’t win” is a self-fulfilling prophecy. Don’t blame that on history.

          5. didn’t we try “change” the last 4 years?

          6. Switching from Republican to Democrat isn’t much of a change these days…

        3. The same tired old argument that has got us where we are today…

        4. Let me fix that for you “a vote for Johnson is just another vote for Moderate Mitt”. No worries, I got you.

        5. I’m not voting for the lesser of two evils; i’m not even sure which is the lesser. Besides, a vote for romney means no chance for a real candidate in 2016.

    2. He’s on the Ballot in 48 states plus DC. There is no reason not to include him in this free little app. From what I can tell, “other/independent” votes go into a black hole.

    3. Yeah, wish he would have been a choice in the app. The app was probably created by repub/demo agreement to reinforce the fable that there are only 2 parties.

    4. The way that most work is they have to have at least 15% of the popular electorate. Gary Johnson is a huge candidate but the problem is out of the total percentage of potential voters he’s not even going to get 3%. He’s not at the popular level of a Ross Perot.

  2. I’m voting for the president. I really don’t think Romney has the balls to say no to a republican Congress that has gone off the deep end.

    1. Are you kidding me? Obama doesn’t even have the balls to stand up to countries that are killing American citizens.

      1. Bin Laden disagrees with you.

        1. That operation was started WAY before Obama was elected my friend. Check your facts.

          1. Bush had seven years to get him and failed. Obama got him.

          2. obama didn’t get anyone, our troops and inteligence, regardless of party, got him. they worked 10 hard years to get that bastard and came through, don’t demine their accomplishment by giving credit to a president.

            that is whats wrong with peoples perspective, anything that happens during a term, good or bad is automatically credited to the president, whether he had anything to do with it or not.

            give credit to those that made it happen, obama had nothing to do with it and if you know the depth of the story behind what happened obamas would have hindered us getting him when we did if what he wanted to happen happened.

          3. I think the Obama administration deserves more credit than you’re given them. Bush was more interested in Iraq than Afghanistan and his focus wasn’t on Bin Laden. Bin Laden become a focus when Obama took over.

          4. Had Bush not turned our security over to War Lords in Afghanistan and sent the troops in to begin with, we would have had him long ago

          5. You’re such an idiot. Obama didn’t do anything except say “Go get him.” All of the intelligence was gathered DURING the Bush Presidency.

          6. So you’re saying Bush gathered all the intelligence but for some reason failed to get him in 7 years. What do you think the problem was?

          7. The intelligence came from Guantanamo Bay. Once again DURING the Bush Presidency. Also, the way the Osama shit happened cost us a powerful ally, Pakistan. Who has Nukes. Good going Obama.

          8. Again, why didn’t Bush get him if he had the intelligence? And if Pakistan doesn’t want to be our friend, it’s their lost.

          9. One reason may have been the loss of Pakistan as an ally. I’m not Bush nor a member of the Bush administration. However the loss of Pakistan as an ally is more harmful than you seem to realize.

            One example would be how Obama is reducing our weapons (a lot of Nukes included.) A great move after you pissed off a country whose Nuclear program is only growing.

          10. So you let the orchestrator of the attack that killed 3000 Americans go because it would hurt Pakistan’s feelings? I don’t think so.

            And you’re over exaggerating the riff between the US and Pakistan. They’ll get over it.

            And the only country that has a nuclear arsenal anywhere close to ours is Russia.

          11. Also, do remember that Obama wanted to shut down Gbay.

          12. You need Congressional approval to do that. Secondly I’m not tooconcerned about it not being shut down.

          13. So why didn’t Bush get him??? The bad thing if he was caught on Bush’s watch you would be singing his praise. However Bush’s fixation on Iraq allowed Bin Laden to get away, where Obama held the course til the job was done

          14. The job will never be “done.” Bin Laden didn’t plan and carry out the attacks by himself, until his entire organization is gone its not done. Its not over until both sides say its over and they will not end this war until every westerner is dead (hint: your a westerner, and they want you dead)

          15. You might as well give Tim Cook complete credit for the iPhone while you’re at it.

          16. Cook gets credit. He was at the helm.

          17. Obama didn’t get him, our brave soldiers got him with the help of the intellegence community. All Obama did was sign off on the operation.

        2. We have not seen Bin Laden’s body, so lets be fair……

          1. We have, so let’s not lie.

          2. Have you though? Link or it didn’t happen.


            I wouldn’t want to give you a handout and make you lazy.

          4. WOW you just failed at your LMGTFY attempt. Have you even looked at the links? In all the articles out since the alleged killing, there has not been 1 photo. Only that horrible Photoshop job.
            PRO TIP: When using LMGTFY, make sure you do your reserach first, so that you don’t make yourself look stupid and ignorant.

          5. Yep, I’m definitely stupid and ignorant. Good catch.

        3. Bush started that operation but even he doesn’t deserve credit, the operators in the field and the intellegence community are the ones who got Bin Laden.

        4. Bin Laden doesn’t disagree with anyone any more.

      2. The disagrees are from people who either don’t have a clue about whats going on or think Obama can do no wrong.

        1. True that.

    2. Romney is so much closer to the center than Obama. If you think otherwise, you are far from the center.

      1. Maybe a decade ago but not now. He has kowtowed to a republican base that has gone off the deep end.

      2. they are both off center now romney is closer in my opinion but not by much, i’d rather have paul ryan the head of the ticket over romney but mehhh

        1. How would you know, he changes his stance in front of every crowd

          1. it what politicians do, don’t buy into the obama campaign that obama is all richous and never changes news. Obama switches sides just as frequently as ryan and romney do. like i said, its apart the game, ALL politicians do it. to figure where actually stand you have to do your own research, you can’t just listen to adds and speaches

  3. @loonz123…ARepublican congress gone off the deep end? Are you kidding? Who he’ll both houses during Bush’s entire presidency and through the first two of Obama’s. Do you even know what’s going on? Oh, and Democrats still own the Senate who by and large make most all of the decisions. Maybe you need to reevaluate your way of thinking…or you’re just a pure Liberal who will tale that info and vote Democrat anyway.

    1. I’m glad there are still some people with sense. Gives me hope.

    2. It’s sad how right you are. Senate is in Jeopardy of being lost by the dems too.States that have been blue for decades are toss ups now (Connecticut if you can believe it)

    3. I’m not sure where you’re getting your info from. The Dems were in charge of the Senate (not the House) when Bush took office in 2001 and they lost that in 2003. They regained control of both chambers in 2007 and they gained a filibuster proof majority in 2009 when Arlen Specter switched party. A little more than a year later they lost it when Ted Kennedy died. From that point on the president couldn’t get anything passed without 60 votes. Sixty votes is what is needed to move any legislation in the Senate. The republicans are blocking at an historic pace legislation presented by the Democrats and blocking judges that the president has nominated.

      1. nothing wrong with blocking everything that comes through as garbage, sure they are blocking a lot but are you even aware of what the dems are trying to put through???? there is so much pork in EVERYTHING they put through its rediculous! not to mention it’s all one party ideas, they are not consulting republicans on anything, i say block it all until this government can figure out how to TALK about issues and SOLVE problems TOGETHER. until then i don’t want a single bill or piece of legislation passed by EITHER party

        1. What pork are they trying to get through?

          And frankly the republicans don’t want to talk to the Dems unless they’re passing a republican agenda.

          1. neither party wants to talk, im not taking sides on this issue im just saying im totally okay with blocking all the BS until we can learn to come up with REAL solutions that has everyone’s input

      2. Actually, the Democrats only had a filibuster proof majority for NOT EVEN TWO months. Arlen Specter became a Democrat, again, on April 28, 2009. Al Franken finally took his seat July 7, 2009 and Ted Kennedy died August 25, 2009.

        1. You’re right.

          Another correction to my post – The Dems didn’t have control of Senate when Bush took office in 2001. They got control in the middle of 2001 when Jim Jeffords of Vermont switched from Republican to Independent.

    4. who held both houses during Bush? republicans did, until 2006. Thanks for trying.

      Who held both houses during Obama’s first 2 years? A D house, and a record-setting filibustering Republican Senate because D’s *not for one day* had a super majority to bring cloture. Al Franken – the 60th Democrat – wasn’t seated until July 9, 2009 after a series of lawsuits. Ted Kennedy’s last day as a voting member of the Senate before hospitalization prior to his death was April 27, 2009… leaving only 58 until Franken was seated. Republican obstructionism and extremism is keeping the economic growth slow. Thanks for trying again.

  4. Time to update your graphic. Romney is winning. As has been the case with every poll recently. Landslide baby.

    1. Not in all the polls, there are many out there that are liberal biased, but your right that the fair polls or conservative biased polls has Mitt ahead.

      1. Gallup:

        University of Colorado:
        Those are the ones that matter to me. I feel like they are some of the only respectable ones (with big enough sample sizes) out there. I’m always open to seeing more.

        1. whats amazing is that most of those polls over-sample Dems.

          1. That they do. That’s why I like it every better. Gallup has recently changed to likely voters which shows the huge skew towards Romney. I like those polls because I’d much rather undershoot than get excited at the polls only to be let down on election day.

          2. i’d rather the polls show 50/50 so that people assume its a close race and actually believe their vote counts and go out and actually vote! im scared that with all the polls showing romney with a big lead will get people thinking we are in the safe zone and therefore they don’t feel the need to go out and vote……. scary though

    2. Do my eyes deceive me? there are actual Conservatives here, now I have a little more hope for my Android brothers and sisters I thought I was alone in a room full of tight jeaned, venti latte sucking, generation X euro worshiping hipsters. In the words of a good man, we need the “Paul and Paulette Reveres” of the android base to get out and vote this “anti-colonialist” out.

      1. I feel like iOS users are more liberal: Ignorant and blind. Android users should be more conservative by nature as they are more aware of whats going on. All goes to back to why we chose our phones!


      2. I’m actually surprised to see conservatives here. You wouldn’t think that techies would vote for a party that is anti-science.

        1. no your thinking of an apple based sight lol, us androids are common sensed folk.

  5. The fact that we have to choose between these two is pathetic. I’ll be voting for Gary Johnson.

    1. so one more vote for the statist Obama, nice to know you care more about party ideology than getting this creep out. Thank you NOT

      1. actually, from what we’re seeing more users who identify themselves as independents are more likely to vote for Romney than Obama by quite a large margin.

        1. right, except they are wasting their votes on the independent party instead of voting for the actual two candidates who are in the race. a vote for ‘I’ is a wasted vote, if they align more with romney they should vote romney because the race is only between obama and romney

          1. I will not cast a vote for either of the scumbags running for office. Principal over party.

          2. you should vote for the lesser of two evils , at least pick the better outcome, whatever you view that to be don’t waist you right to vote to prove a point. what are trying to do and are actually doing don’t agree with each other, we have no great leaders to vote for anymore and i don’t see it getting any better anytime soon but you have to at least pick the outcome that is LESS harmful,

            seriously just think about it, I don’t care if you vote for my guy or not but i HIGHLY encourage you to at least get out and vote

          3. The “lesser of two evils” is what got us into this mess in the first place. I cannot justifiably support either of the two evil candidates. In my eyes, they are equally evil.

          4. you get that one vote every 4 years to voice your opinion, don’t just waste it…

            but if you insist then i would like to use your vote for Romney so we can at least fix this economy

      2. If you were even mildly intelligent, with a simple Google search you would see that in states where Gary Johnson is included in the polls (i.e. Nevada), he actually takes votes away from Obama. I guess I’m expecting too much. People that think that Obama and Romney are even mildly different probably aren’t very intelligent anyways :

        1. Also, if the American people are idiotic enough to have these two people running for President of the United States, I really don’t give a crap which one gets elected…both of them are hastening the collapse of this country.

          1. i blame the media, no good man wants to run for president now a days because your entire life will be dragged through the media circus and EVERY thing you EVER did will be scrutinized and torn apart. politics are too dirty to have the right people involved anymore, its a dirty mans game for dirty men and good honest men can’t compete with that

        2. Thank you for showing us all how ignorant you are. Again you will be voting for Obama this time aroundwe get that and as such you are part of the problem. Spare me your libertarian bullcrap please. You want a third party? get out from behind your damn chair and get involved in politics, write your Congressman to petition congress to institute one, otherwise close your mouth as no one likes the smell of manure.

          1. Love the ad hominem attacks, you reek of education and intelligence. I’m voting for Gary Johnson, not Obama, so get your facts straight. Please demonstrate (through factual evidence – not media or personal rhetoric) how Obama and Romney are different?

            There is a third party. There’s actually more than three parties. I will be voting for one of them. I strongly align with the libertarian party, and am somewhere near 96% agreeable with Gary Johnson, so I will be voting for him. If there was someone in another party with similar views, I’d consider them too. Obama and Romney present no real choice.

  6. So at the time of that screenshot there were 3 votes cast. Only one for Romney and you have to vote to view the results. Hmmmm…..

    1. you can view the results at, but in the app, yes you have to vote first.

      1. I was just joking about the 66% probability that this Phandroid writer voted Obama.

  7. I don’t like either of these candidates, but if i had to choose between the 2 i would choose Obama, im a student and some of his plans favor me although i don’t think hes going to help the economy much since his whole tactic revolves around burning cash to provide more jobs but Romney isn’t going to be that much different in that aspect either, he can claim to be a business man all he wants but outsourcing his bank accounts doesn’t make him a business man, just another american trying to beat the system for profits.

    1. If you are a student your number one concern should be the economy. That’s the long term policy that effects you. And the choice is obvious. Even more obvious once you start paying taxes in a good job that requires a college degree.

      1. And I don’t see anything Romney has offered will fix the economy. His plan is to cut taxes for the rich and magically jobs will appear. The key ingredient to job creation is demand and he has offered nothing that will increase demand.

        1. Stop getting your facts from pro-Obama advertisements as they are far from facts. Start here: But do your own research too. Don’t ever trust any politicians.

        2. ? it starts with tax REFORM not the same as tax cuts, and yes he does. when small buisnesses are able to keep more of their income guess what! that means than can afford to do what they need to and HIRE more people. hiring people = more jobs. obama on the other hand thinks that because Joe makes 1,000,000 from his small buisness that he needs to be taxed the same as Donald trump. when in reality Joe puts 90% of that back into his buisness to hire more people and pay the bills. but obama doesn’t care, he see’s a man with a pot of gold and drains it, not realizing that it is necessary to have a large profit to run a buisness. obama is the end of small buisness as we know it, your either a cooporation or an employee in obama’s eyes

          1. Its all about small business! They are they drivers of the economy. You are exactly right. I could not have said this better myself.

          2. whats sad is that liberals actually believe the government knows how to better spend our money than the hard working citizens that EARN their money. I think its sad that once we work our way up to being highly successfull and PROVE we know how to handle money that the government then treats us as if we are LESS educated and takes MORE of OUR money to spend on what THEY think is right.

            the governments job should be to tax ONLY what is necessary for necessary public programs and the military. and then they should HIGHLY encourage the wealthy to donate to causes of their choice, we should have benefits for giving back to the community on our own instead of just being robbed so they can distribute our money to various organizations that we have no idea what they even do. I honestly hope i never make more than 250,000 as an engineer / future businessman because the truth is i won’t be able to afford to make more than that. and i think THAT is what is so sad, that i have to cap my dreams because i don’t want to go broke off of MY success because the government recognizes i have worked harder than others.

            people don’t earn millions by being lazy and just wishing it, they become wealthy through hard work and determination, that should be the goal of every human on this earth but sadly we are discouraged from doing so because our government will rape us of our success if we cross that boundary.

          3. Since income inequality is exploding,
            the only place where the government can raise revenue for
            infrastructure, education, police security and programs for
            struggling Americans is from the rich. It’s not about the government
            knowing how to spend money better than you; they just go where the
            money is.

            For some reason you think the rich
            especially those in the business community actually want to help
            their fellow Americans. A lot of them are truly selfish and if we
            relied on their benevolence the country would fall apart.

            And you’re stupid if you don’t want to
            make more than 250K. You always take home more no matter how much
            money you make so why purposefully make yourself poorer?

            A lot of people making millions are
            lazy individuals. Look at Romney. He says he unemployed and yet he
            makes millions every year. Too bad all of us can’t do that.

          4. under a flat tax rate yes i would always take home more but when i only pay say 30% at 250k i take home 175k every year, BUT if i make 251k every year and pay 50% taxes i only bring home 125.5k every year thats a lot less for making “more’ as you put it

          5. I can see by your response you have no idea how our tax code works. You should try reading up on it. If you make 251K you’re still paying 30% on 250K and on the 1K you’ll pay 50%. You’ll take home 175.5K.

          6. lol nottttttttt how it works at all

          7. Ignorance is bliss. You have just proved at least that point.

          8. You should read up on it. You’re grossly misinformed. Our wages are taxed on a tiered basis. Start with this site:


          9. Yes because all that money they’re hoarding now is really going back into them hiring more people, increasing wages, and promoting within. Keep sipping on that Koolaid.

          10. You’re right. They are holding it because they are afraid of what Obama will do if re-elected. They are afraid of new taxes. Afraid of new regulations. Afraid of new costs with doing business. The flood gates will open once we have a President committed to helping the economy in much a less intrusive (And failing) way.

          11. Nonsense. Businesses hire based on
            demand and not by the amount of money they have in their pockets.
            Businesses will go into debt or take out loans if it means more
            profit in the end. For some reason conservatives think businesses
            will hire simply because they’re taxes are lower but it makes no to
            do that if they can’t make a profit that offsets the cost of the
            employee and more. If a business is complaining about taxes why
            would they hire people at a lost?

            Secondly, businesses can deduct the
            entire cost of an employee so taxes don’t come into pay when hiring.
            The only thing taxes effect is dividend payouts.

          12. right but they are LIMITED by funds. most small businesses in america today have a higher DEMAND than they can MEET because they don’t have the FUNDS to hire the appropriate staff, thank you for proving my point. small businesses are failing today because they CAN’T meet demand because they CAN’T afford more people. seems to me they need to be able to keep more of their profit to turn around and invest back in their buisness

          13. Nonsense. The No smart business would miss out on profits to enrich themselves further simply because of limited funds. They would take out loans in order to meet demand or someone else will come in and pick up the slack.

            Christmas season is coming up and there’s going to be a lot of consumer demand. Do you think businesses while to sit idly by and watch all that potential profit pass them?

          14. small businesses have a really hard time getting repeated loans, you make the world sound so simple

          15. They don’t have to get loans repeatedly. It’s not like they’re paying an employees entire salary at one time. Let’s say you hire two new employees and you pay them weekly. If they’re weekly salaries total $1000 and the business makes $1200 more in profit because of the employees than you really have no problems at all.

      2. Neither of them know what the hell they are doing in that regard though. i don’t think were going to see much progress in the economy with either of these choices. they both have a different route in fixing the economy. We all know trickle down economics doesn’t work, those multi millionaire CEO’s aren’t wasting their profits on providing more jobs, their using it to buy themselves jets and other luxury’s, if it comes down to cutting jobs or their luxurious lifestyle’s their always going to choose the later, and Obama’s plan isn’t really working out. Either way were just rolling the dice.

        1. And whom exactly do you think design, build and test these jets and luxuries? The american economy runs on consumers. Luxury goods provide many excellent mid level jobs. So does building and furnishing their houses. All creating jobs along the way.

          1. Lets be serious now. Those jets and luxuries aren’t mass produced. That’s why they are luxuries. They aren’t creating that many jobs.

          2. Who are you to judge what “that many” is. Its probably more than you can say. Certainly more than Obama can say. You are ignorant.

          3. Common damn sense fool. I’ve worked in aerospace. Its one thing to keep rolling 787s off the line for airlines around the world. Its another thing to roll a smaller number of Gulf streams off the line. Just like money in the hands of people that will buy up Chevys will create more jobs than a few Ferraris being produced. What the hell does any of this common sense have to do with Obama or Romney. Some of you idiots have it completely backwards. Instead of reasoning out what makes sense and listening to who most closely follows that reason you look at this like a football game and back whatever the home team says. Completely stupid.

            Sent via Android.

          4. @storm14k First class and business class demand plays a huge roll in airlines profit. No wealthy/big business travelers, no new demand for new planes. It’s all about consumer demand. This country runs on it. The wealthy have more of it to spend creating jobs like yours (and mine)

          5. 1. Don’t try to change from personal luxuries to upgraded travel.

            2. Take all the coach folks off of every flight and see how long those airline jobs last.

            No two ways about it. The middle class is the economy. Not saying the rich don’t add to it but they don’t drive it. How do you think many of them get rich? By selling products to the middle class or to another company selling products to the middle class.

            Sent via Android.

          6. I understand that, but giving a break to those bigger business who are just pocketing most of their profits and not giving anything back isn’t a solution, just look at all the job cuts this year alone, every other day we hear _________ has cut 1-15k jobs today and so on. I think we should base the amount of taxes by the number of Jobs that company is providing for, the more workers the less taxes they will have to pay, that will at least motivate them to hire more. And also pay employees based on their experience level and education, I live in Tampa and we have 16 year olds getting payed like 8-9 dollars an hour and they aren’t even close to being as sufficient as a worker who has worked their for 2 years, yet they are getting payed nearly the same. My dad owns a few auto repair shops and hes not a millionaire either. he has 12-13 mechanics working for him. 3 weeks ago he hired a newbie, the guy was making like 1k a week as his starting weekly salary and he had basically no idea what he was doing, it took him 2 hours just to change the breaks. my dad had to fire him after he had positioned a 05 corvette the wrong way on the lift causing the corvette to fall from 10 ft completely damaging the driver side fenders. my dad had to pay 5k just get that fixed. we need more than just reforming taxes, we need a complete overhaul, were burning so much cash that taxes alone aren’t going to fix.

          7. Big companies are not pocketing it! They are afraid to spend it. They are afraid of what might happen in the next four years if Obama wins. They are afraid they will have to pay more taxes and more in benefits. They are afraid of new regulations. I’m experiencing it first hand. We need the help but refuse to hire right now. Companies are cutting because demand is gone. Again it all goes back to consumer demand. And consumer are like companies. Afraid to spend and for all the same reasons.

          8. This has been going on for a while we have seen a decline for the past 10 years, it dint start when Obama became a candidate or even president 4 years ago so we cant blame all this on fear of Obama’s future policies .Like i said before, I don’t like either of our option’s. Neither of them will do much to help the economy and we have no proof that they’re even going to accomplish anything, at the moment these guys are just trying to win our vote and they will say anything to do that, actions speak louder than words since words are too easy to manipulate. When we look at what they have done, Obama has barely done anything and Romney keeps flip flopping all over the place, one minute hes saying one thing the next hes against it.

    2. why are you thinking so short sighted? as a student the economy is #1 to you if you ever hope of getting a job when you graduate. you can’t be that short sighted can you?


        Last 4 years of Bush: -0.84%
        Under Obama: +0.97%

        Average Republican last 50 years: +1.18%
        Average Democrat last 50 years: +2.38%

        Yah, Republicans are awesome at job creation. Where do people get these ideas that somehow Mitt will fix the economy? He has no actual plan. You can’t be that short sighted can you?

        1. What’s short sighted is trying to correlate 50 years of economic history based solely on which president happened to be in power

          1. Burn.

          2. point and case, presidents can affect the economy but they are by no means the only driving force

          3. I’m not going to deny there aren’t other factors, but when the argument is about which of these two people if president will create more jobs, the data shows Democrats do it better.

          4. your reading the data the way you want. the way i look at is is that it shows that both parties have similar history with the marginal difference minimal, and what is even more funny is that when you look at 50 years of democrats, MOST of those years would be considered REPUBLICAN now a days, so if your going to give a democratic president props for job creation 50 years ago that point actually goes to the republican party because modern day republican party aligns more with historical democratic party than democrats today do….. win for R

          5. Except that’s what was being debated. Of course there are other factors, but the parent is insinuating that the only way to get a job is if Mitt wins.

        2. You couldn’t have been as short sighted to overlook an entire section in the link entitled “Controversy” which details many reasons why these numbers could be VERY far off from reality.

          1. As opposed to your amazing stats on the issue. I’m trying to bring something in to the discussion and all you’re trying to do is tear it down, rather than provide other facts that dispute my evidence.

        3. lol yea dems are too aren’t they :rollseyes: obama has created jobs but what he fails to admit is that he has destroyed more than he has created. thats HORRIBLE

          1. how exactly has he destroyed jobs?

          2. please read more news from BOTH sides and not just the liberal agenda

        4. Now, try checking out the economy of Bush’s predecessor, Clinton, when he left office, and compare it to the first four years of Bush. Finally, look at what cause the crisis. Fiscally unsound banks and securities, largely caused by poor mortgage origination. Now, finish off that though by finding out who caused the mortgage crisis. A Democrat named Clinton. Bush was largely left holding an economic bag left to him by a man who believed that everyone should own a home, even those too irresponsible to pay/plan/manage it.

          Now, look at how much was SPENT to manage that less than 1% improvement in job creation. 4 BILLION per day equals over 5 TRILLION in 4 years. Now, here’s what that looks like:

          Now, I’m in favor of Goode for President, but at least the Republicans aren’t so bad at math that they think a 5 Trillion dollar increase to the deficit isn’t worth less than 1% point in job creation. Better to let the market take care of itself.

          Ultimately, here’s the facts: America’s economic system got a broken leg from poor management. You don’t just put in painkillers and a stimulant and tell the system to keep moving. You have to let it heal. We didn’t. We haven’t healed. We’re just making the problem worse by pushing it. It would have been hard in the short term, but much better in the long run to let the market recover naturally. Americans need to lose their fixation on credit. If you can only spend what you can afford, you can afford to spend more.

  8. well, we at least know which platform Mitt prefers. Does Obama still use that old Blackberry?

    1. i hear he uses an iPhone now, but when someone handed them a 4s he had no idea what the hell he was looking at , can never tell with lying politicians.


  10. All it needs is a built in “random who’s fault is it” generator…

  11. Obama, Obama…time to blow up that Congress which is willing to shut down the government…in the middle of two wars???

  12. Just voted, and I gotta say, I am liking the results so far. Although there are only 450 votes so far.

    1. well, we have almost as many as GoPollGo’s votes from the vice-presidential debates, despite no airtime to publicise it, though an extra hour of voting.

  13. And Romney in a strong lead

  14. Obama had his chance to fix this country…so far, only a minute percentage of people got jobs, while there’s still a staggering percent of people unemployed… (I think it is 7.8%?).. Also, Obama’s foreign policy is way too laid back.. He’s not that strong as a president in that sense… Gov. Romney isn’t much better imo, but I would rather have him in office than Obama.. time for CHNAGE!… lol

    BTW, I like how we talk about politics in an Android forum… lol

    1. 7.8% is the government’s adjusted unemployment. Try looking up labor force participation rate trends and underemployment rates. Then it gets scary.

      1. Exactly… Obama can’t really expect to believe that pushing more money into the market will somehow fix the situation.. It’s proven to not be effective… Romney can probably fix the economy better than Obama… I just don’t Romney/Ryan as a person, but if they can do their job, then I don’t care.

    2. i love how people think that everything is going to change and be better in 4 years. even if Obama wins and serves another 4 years, it will take more time before the change that we’re looking for actually hits our daily lives. that’s the problem with America these days . . . no patience, no vision for the long game . . . :-(

  15. Obama is a failure and his record shows it and that’s why he will end up like Jimmy Carter.

  16. Why do I need a phone id to vote with this app, they say I don’t id to vote in the real election. not that it.matters either way, the votes are cooked ahead of time. the country’s headed for socialism, it just one wants to take us there faster than the other

  17. phandroid. you have NO business posting political nonsense such as this gtfo yourselves.

  18. Why did you guys have to post a political article?

  19. People that claim Romney is a moderate/close to center are probably the same people that call Obama a socialist. Romney is nowhere near center. The only way you would think so is if you watched the last debate and spent the rest of your life under a rock.
    I refuse to vote for a person that wants to push his religious views and make them law.
    I refuse to vote for someone that refuses to acknowledge that all people are equal and want to deny people their rights.
    I refuse to vote for someone that screams that the government is too big/invasive, but wants to regulate what a woman can do with her body.
    I refuse to vote for someone that is so much of a hypocrite that he turns his back on a healthcare law that is based off the one he passed in Massachusetts while Governor.
    I refuse to vote for someone that can’t make up his mind on where he stands and constantly flip flops.
    I refuse to vote for someone that wants to start another war in the middle east, this time with Iran.
    I refuse to vote for someone that claims he knows how to create jobs, but only creates them overseas.
    I refuse to vote for someone that has no clue how a majority of us live.
    I refuse to vote for someone that forces his way into a a soup kitchen for a fake photo op.
    I refuse to for a party that claims bipartisanship while refusing to do anything other than complain because they aren’t in control.

    1. How is Obama NOT a socialist? It’s recorded fact that he has stated multiple times that he is in favor of redistributing wealth in this nation. Hell, just look at how many times he says the rich should “pay their fare share” when the wealth in this nation pay the VAST majority of all taxes.

      [I refuse to vote for a person that wants to push his religious views and make them law.]

      Romney hasn’t done that. Although, Obama does often quote the Quran and say things like “The future does not belong to those who insult islam”

      [I refuse to vote for someone that refuses to acknowledge that all people are equal and want to deny people their rights.]

      Romney has never said or alluded that all people aren’t created equal. And what “rights” has he denied?

      [I refuse to vote for someone that screams that the government is too big/invasive, but wants to regulate what a woman can do with her body. ]

      Oh you mean write laws that women cannot kill their unborn children? When a woman is pregnant, it’s no longer only hey body, she is SHARING it with another life. Nice spin, nice try, but no cigar.

      [I refuse to vote for someone that is so much of a hypocrite that he turns his back on a healthcare law that is based off the one he passed in Massachusetts while Governor. ]

      States are given the right to create such things; the federal government does NOT. That is the HUGE difference between the two plans. If you don’t like Romneycare, move out of the state… if you don’t like Obama care… well then either pay the fine/tax (or whatever they are manipulating the name to make it seem legal now) or be put in jail. Or move out of the country. Seems kinda harsh now, right?

      [I refuse to vote for someone that can’t make up his mind on where he stands and constantly flip flops.]

      Then don’t vote for Obama, as his view are, by his own words, evolving. In the flip/flop war, Obama is just as bad as every other politician. Nice try.

      [I refuse to vote for someone that wants to start another war in the middle east, this time with Iran.]

      Romney never said anything about going to war with Iran. Are you that ignorant, or just willingly brainwashed?

      [I refuse to vote for someone that claims he knows how to create jobs, but only creates them overseas.]

      Romney has a PROVEN record as a businessman on the small, medium, corporate, and international level. Obama has proven that he knows absolutely nothing about how the real world economy works. Romney is the only one who knows that GOVERNMENT DOES NOT CREATE JOBS.

      [I refuse to vote for someone that has no clue how a majority of us live.]

      Are you openly admitting that you have a problem with people who have worked and earned their wealth? Jealousy is a very nasty habit. Romney gives more to charity than you will ever make in your entire life. How about you go out and pay your fair share?

      [I refuse to vote for someone that forces his way into a a soup kitchen for a fake photo op.]

      I refuse to take someone seriously who posts a link to a known biased website. Might as well been huffington post or lol!

      [I refuse to for a party that claims bipartisanship while refusing to do anything other than complain because they aren’t in control.]

      You’re right, the Democrats are perfect little angels that never engage in the same crap as anyone else.

      I feel like this country is already a lost cause because people like you can’t think for themselves, and most of the nation is brainwashed on either side. Just what their goal is, to pit one side against the other and then destroy our freedom and republic from behind closed doors.

      George Washington was very wise in his statements about the dangers of political parties, and you are living proof of that.

    2. Translation:

      “I refuse to vote with someone who has morals”
      “I refuse to vote for someone who doesn’t think I should get free money for nothing”
      “I refuse to vote for someone who says we shouldn’t kill babies”
      “I refuse to vote for someone that doesn’t destroy healthcare”
      “I refuse to vote for someone who makes clear and concise points, yet I lie about it because the current president is doing the opposite”
      “I refuse to vote for someone who calls acts of terrorism, acts of terrorism. Unlike our current president”
      “I refuse to vote for someone who will actually create jobs in America, and not just create more taxes, like our current president”
      “I refuse to vote for someone who has been successful in life, because I’m not and that’s not fair”
      “I refuse to vote for someone who supposedly took a fake photo, while ignoring the fact that our president faked his entire birth certificate and isn’t even a U.S. Citizen;
      “I refuse to vote for someone from a different party, since the current party of the president has been doing so well the past 4 years increasing welfare, debt, and foodstamp users”.

      1. you had me actually laughing at “isn’t even a U.S. Citizen”
        you don’t gain credibility by prostelytizing birtherism.

  20. i vote for Obama, i dont like rich people.

    1. You realize Obama is in the top 1% of earners right? You also realize that most republicans are for lower tax rates right? Or do you hate rich people so much that you want poor and middle class people to pay higher taxes just so that rich people have to pay higher taxes as well? No matter what happens the rich will still be able to live luxurious lives, its the middle class that really suffers in times of high taxes and/or bad economic situations.

      1. comparing obama with romney, obama is nothing.

      I saw an article today from Rumpney. Get this: it said He needs help overturning “Obamacare” then asks for $5 donations!. What a mahroon! Rumpney asking for donations. Let him fund his OWN hate.

  21. Untill we have a plan to actually eliminate the deficit spending and pay off our debt the economy is not going to improve. The president already told us he was going to run up the debt to 22 trillion.

  22. Romney is way too religion based. Religion has no place in the white house. Plus the fact that he is loaded and doesn’t have a clue how the average middle class works.

  23. Just watched the debate. I’m glad you know who got exposed for his lies and flip flopping


  25. I thought Android users were smarter than that…

  26. I had no idea that phandroids were so right-wing. I’ve never felt so alienated on my own site, before.

  27. here’s the thing that gets me. People want to say “I refuse to vote for a person that wants to push his religious views and make them law.”, but isn’t it “a lack of religious view points” still a religious view? So its ok for someone who places religious view points as not important to share that as his religious view, but if someone who has a passionate religious view voices his view then its wrong?

    1. The important thing is “…and make them law”. I.e. if you ban abortion because your religious view you will restrict the freedom of people who do not share your view. Who gives you the right for that?
      I do not really see the opposite happening, meaning people with a “lack of religious view points” passing laws which restrict the freedom of people with religious views.

  28. I’m not installing an app just to vote in some poll.

  29. When is romney going to release his REAL birth certificate, pretty odvious this guy is not one of us.

    1. nice name

  30. You should’ve ended this article with FLAME ON.

  31. I really like the idea. It’s good that the app is available in the US only, otherwise the result would be completely different. However since the US presidency is viewed and followed by the while world, there should be an international lite version that allows to see then polling results, without giving people the option to vote. Or better, let everyone vote, but sort the voting results by country, or by world overall. This would make it even more interesting to see.

  32. This is probably due to… smug, smug, smug smug, smuggggggggggggggg.

  33. My mother was a 21 y/o girl in 1960 who made a mistake & became pregnant. My father was a very abusive man but she was forced to marry him as that was ‘how they did things’ & she had no choice. It was very unpleasant for her & a nightmare for the child.. I’ve thanked God many times that my daughter will never find herself in my mothers position.. Or will she? Keep government & Mitt Romney Out of women’s healthcare…It’s not fair to impose 1 group’s religious convictions on an entire nation..

  34. I vote to give Rumpney the finger.

  35. How about Gary Johnson the only logical Choice on taxes, IRS , ending the wars, cutting regulation, and finally fixing are biggest problem the National Debt before We become greece .

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