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It’s an election year and tonight Democrat Barack Obama and Republican Mitt Romney will duke it out in their 2nd debate tonight, on the way to deciding the next President of the United States of America. We won’t pick sides ourselves, but we want to know: if only Android users could vote, which candidate would win the election?

That’s the exact question VOTE 2012 by VoteBot.com intends to answer.

It’s simple:

  • Download the app
  • Pick your candidate
  • Enter a comment and additional info (optional)
  • See the results!

While the app will display the complete breakdown with filterable results, you’ll have to visit the website to see the full range of comments offered by voters/participatns. Comments are tied to a selectable user name and device ID, but keep it clean or your comments/votes will be permanently deleted! And for those curious,your device ID is used ONLY to ensure each person can vote once and only once (but you can change your vote and edit your comment/info).

Can VOTE 2012 accurately predict the outcome of the election? Four years ago, VOTE 2008 launched and accurately predicted Obama would be victorious over John McCain. One could argue that the results are misleading: afterall, demographics of Android users don’t perfectly reflect the demographics of the voting public? Probably. Since they own a smartphone and were able to track down the app in the first place, they’re likely more wealthy and either more tech savvy or politically inclined than the average user.

But still, Android users make up over 50% of the American smartphone users, so the app has a pretty good shot at being somewhat predictive/accurate. And for the sake of interest, users can filter results to see differences by State, Gender, Income, Education, and more. Keep in mind this is only available for download in the United States, for fairly obvious reasons.

VOTE 2012 isn’t meant to be scientific… it’s meant to be a fun and engaging way to extend the political discussion while playfully predicting the winner. Whether you’re die-hard Obama, rooting for Romney, dislike both, or think they’re equally awesome, chances are you have some sort of opinion. We hope you’ll download VOTE 2012 by VoteBot.com and share your opinion!

While the app (and comments below) are sure to generate their fair share of across the aisle arguments, we hope you can ALL agree that we want the same outcome: a better America. So for that, we hope you’ll at least join together in rating the app 5-stars on the Google Play Store and urging other people to vote, both in this VOTE 2012 app and in the actual election.

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