comScore: Not much has changed, Android still top smartphone platform in the US


Since comScore’s last report on platform market share, not a whole lot has changed. The top two mobile operating systems in the US continue to lead by a wide margin, and have only gained small ground at the expense of RIM, Microsoft, and Symbian. Android continues to hold its top position, claiming stake to over 52.6 percent of all smartphone subscribers. The number is a marginal increase 1.7 percentage points from May.

Apple saw the most growth, but it still amounted to an increase of only 2.4 points to reach 34.4 percent penetration. Surprisingly (or maybe not), the Windows Phone OS that many experts predict to come on as a viable contender over the next couple of years actually saw a decrease in market share, dropping to 3.6 percent. RIM continues its downward trend towards irrelevancy. Check out the full report at the link below.

[via comScore]

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  1. I would like to know the same stats for the UK. Does this exist?

  2. come on RIM!!! YOU CAN DO IT!!!!

  3. Poor RIM, they aren’t as arrogant as Apple, yet they failed…..

    1. I like Rim better than the Flat and Boring Wp

      1. Yes, agreed.

        1. A WP fan is lurking out there downvoting our comments..

          1. It’s ok…look at WP market share, they’re going down…..Numbers don’t lie

          2. If Windows Phone looked more like Windows 7, I would probably have one, despite my avatar. They had a real winner and they decided to go with the losing look of Zune.

    2. RIM must not have had the “enablility” to change. I mean friggin a look where things are today and they still are not even close to desirable.

      For that matter as far as I know they have not made a lick of notable, relevant-to-today progress since the inception of iOS or Android.

      1. Their new BB10 looks good, and has big screen, but it’s too little too late i think.

  4. Samsung Moment is the equivalent of the iPhone 5

  5. And yet, companies still release an app for iOS before they release one for Android because “Everyone has an iPhone” lol.

    1. It’s also because Apple users still have the reputation for being more willing to throw disposable income away: they’ll overpay for both the iphone and the apps.

  6. I remember watching Android’s accent. * a moment of silence please*


    I always knew Android was going to be big. Even before I knew much about Google, then again Google was not talked about nearly as much as it is now with Android and all. It is good to know that Google is doing what they are doing though. Makes me smilie face right there.

  7. Does anyone think that there will ever be a mass=switching from Android to iOS or visa versa? What do you think would cause this?

  8. Nokia and windows should start releasing their flagship devices on all major carriers and not just at&t. They’ve got a lot of potential but the support is lacking.

  9. I’m not surprised by Windows Phone. White icons just don’t sell a phone. It’s the first thing people see and it doesn’t show off the power of the hardware at all.

  10. Mass switch from ios to android because Apple Maps BLOWS!!! and apples hardware is light years behind.

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