Report: Sprint ready to engage with T-Mobile in bidding war for MetroPCS


Just over a day after MetroPCS and T-Mobile announced an agreement for the former to be acquired by the latter, it looks like Sprint might attempt to intervene before the ink settles. According to a report by Business Week, Sprint is prepared to offer MetroPCS a better offer than Magenta’s following the conclusion of their revaluation.

T-Mobile would be buying MetroPCS for $1.5 billion as it stands, and there are penalty clauses for either party backing out. We imagine Sprint will keep those penalties in mind when revaluing the company, though there’s no way to know what number they’re thinking about at this time.

On the flip side of things, T-Mobile is also reportedly not backing down — they’re also said to be prepared to best any offer Sprint brings to the table should the Now Network decide to go through with the war.

The last time Sprint proposed to take over MetroPCS — about the beginning of this year — the decision was blocked by the board, but at that point their offer reportedly transcended $8 billion. If the board thought those figure were too high then they may be more open to the acquisition at the much lower figure MetroPCS is currently willing to accept from T-Mobile.

We’ve been looking for some juicy industry happenings (well, that didn’t involve Apple, Microsoft, Samsung, Motorola, et al suing the pants off each other) since the T-Mobile and AT&T merger failed, and this could very well end up being a very exciting development. [via Business Week]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Sprint, you had your chance. You failed. Quit trying to jack the price up.

  2. From the maps posted yesterday it seemed that metros coverage was pretty tiny. Do they own a large amount of spectrum?

    1. They own some LTE spectrum I don’t know how much but from what I have read that appears to be more what it’s about than coverage.

    2. They have LTE up and running, i see this as an LTE boost in major cities.

    3. Yes, they only own spectrum that T-Mobile also uses. With Metro, T-Mobile can build out 20x20mhz of LTE-advanced in many big cities. Something that simply is not possible by At&t, Sprint, and Verizon with their current spectrum.

      The 20x20mhz implementation will be at least twice as fast as Verizon LTE.

  3. Let’s go Sprint!! We need this!!! Metro is a better fit for Sprint anyways, especially since they are both CDMA/LTE

    1. disagree. worse fit. Metro’s entire PCS holdings are in about 4 cities where bands line up with T-Mo. Metro’s LTE is on AWS… which T-Mo owns nationally. Sprint forfeited their AWS… which Verizon now owns after buying it from the cable cos.

      That leaves Sprint picking up what to benefit themselves? AWS holdings they’ll never use… non-matching PCS bands in a region they’re rich in spectrum… when they are the exclusive owners of nationwide 800 mhz and 2.6 GHz…

      All this would do is confirm what everyone has thought all along… that Sprint is a glorified spectrum-squatter.

  4. I wouldn’t even give metro 100 million for the crappy service they provide

  5. If sprints gets MetriPCS, then what? Continue giving their paying customers the slowest 3g, and ghost 4G; for regular price?… No thanks

    1. The door is always open, friend.

  6. woot sprint using money it doesn’t have to buy stuff it dont need to be when it should using that fix the network

    1. Do you think that networks build themselves overnight? If so, please inform me on how that happens. You seem overly concerned about Sprint’s financials. Do you work for them? If not, STFU. Thanks.

      1. How about you shut the fk up, you’re pathetic! You’re here bashing people because they’re critiquing a carrier that you in no way are affiliated with. How sad.

        1. Just tired of all the whining around here. People expect miracles to happen overnight. If you don’t like something, change it. It’s really that simple. By the way, cry more.

          1. Why are you even on here then if all you hear is whining? Basically you look like your trolling this article! No one expects Sprint to build up their network overnight but they’ve had years to do so, instead of making their 3g network up to par with the rest of the carriers they rushed to be the first with a shitty version of 4g LTE, and now both are possibly the worst around. This is why i’m for T-mobile acquisition of MetroPcs because at least they don’t have a track record of being a douche company

          2. “Just tired of all the whining around here.” Then leave. In your own words “If you don’t like something, change it. It’s really that simple.” And since you can’t really change people, the only other options left to you are to suck it up, or leave. Simple enough for you?

          3. Touche sir, touche.

          4. dis niqqa got told

          5. He’s right though. Not like anything you said made any sense. Go back to whatever rock you crawled out from under. Mobb Deep hasn’t been good in over a decade, clown.

          6. Don’t like it? Don’t effing read it you tool.

  7. sprint should just merge with tmobile

    1. That makes no sense.

  8. From a network perspective, it makes more sense for Sprint. Both Sprint and T-Mobile are trying to expand their LTE networks, but while T-Mobile has a GSM network, Sprint has a CDMA network like MetroPCS.

    1. TMo aquiring MetroPCS actually makes just as much sense as Sprint. Technically only tmobile’s 2G (Edge/GPRS) is GSM, which they are already in the process of refarming for 3G. Their 3G/4G is UMTS and HSPA(+) which are WCDMA based.

      So basically TMo would acquire LTE from MetroPCS, and convert all the existing CDMA towers to WCDMA

      1. I think you mean Tmobile is GSM and HSPA+, not Sprint.

        1. that is what I mean *ninja edit*

      2. You don’t have an understanding of what’s going on here.

        T-Mobile isn’t getting rid of 2G GSM and WCDMA has NOTHING to do with cdma.

        T-Mobile runs gsm on PCS spectrum and HSPA+ on AWS spectrum.

        With their new network plans T-Mobile is refarming excess PCS spectrum to HSPA+ so the iPhone and other unlocked phones get HSPA+ data speeds. T-Mobile is taking their excess AWS and using that for LTE.

        Now, they are going to buy Metro, which happens to have a bunch of PCS, which they are running their CDMA network on, and LTE through AWS..

  9. Sprint won’t fix it’s own network, what makes it think it can fix another one clashing with its own when purchasing it?

  10. The one I’d *really* like to see buy MetroPCS is US Cellular. Both CDMA and virtually no overlap in their coverage. It’d give both carriers a lot more native territory.

  11. Sprint should follow this up with a purchase of US Cellular

  12. Would would be hilarious is if T-Mobile and MetroPCS have a plan together, And Sprint throws out a ridiculous offer out assuming T-Mobile will beat it. Then T-Mobile doesn’t counter offer and let’s Sprint buy the company with T-Mobile getting a kickback out of the deal.

  13. Sprint’s like a little brat. AT&T tries to buyout and merge with T-Mobile, Sprint cries its “not fair”. T-Mobile trying yo merge with MetroPCS, Sprint tries to buy it at a higher price. Come on Sprint, like bmg314 said, YOU HAD YOUR CHANCE! Now back off and take it because your network sucks!

  14. Seems odd that T-Mobile would bid on Metro. T-Mo is GSM and Metro is CDMA right? Just seems like mixing apples and oranges.

  15. I think Sprints just doing this because if T-Mo get Metro Sprint might lose there number 3 spot in a couple years

  16. Do some of you read your own comments? Bashing people because Sprint is a complete epic failure in there area? Sprint sucks in my area and dumped them for At&t… What Att sucks blah blah …quit queefing on the keyboards with your vag, go get yourself laid, and dont be a sorry excuse as a member of society

  17. I think this could really get Sprint on track… A few good towers can go a long way!

  18. Move along sprint. You also thought wiimax was a good idea.

  19. why don’t you all let Sprint make their own decisions? Sprint isn’t forcing anyone to have their service. ATT, Verizon T mobile Sprint and even little fish are trying to get as much money out people by providing the least service for the highest possible price. I have had all the carriers and they all have their crappy issues. I had sprint the longest and was happy with them in Northern and Southern Calif. Now I have Virgin Mobile and I get WIMAX almost every where I go in bay area and I am gladly paying $35 for my service. WIMAX hits 4 Mbps to 8 Mbps generally.

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