LG Nexus prototype gets reviewed, verdict still out


If you are anything like us, you have been salivating with each new detail revealed about the upcoming LG Nexus phone. Now we might just have the motherlode of all leaks, as the same site that provided us with a clear first look at the handset has provided a full review of the prototype in their hands. The final verdict, as you might expect, was open-ended, with the folks at Onliner pointing out the rather buggy nature of the pre-release device and its early software build of Android 4.1.2. Sans final optimizations, performance was said to be subpar for a device sporting a quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro CPU and 2GB RAM.

A few more details are revealed, including a multi-colored notification light not unlike that of the Galaxy Nexus and the presence of a microSIM slot near the volume rocker thanks to the phone’s non-removable battery. The handset comes in slightly larger than the Galaxy Nexus in both with and thickness, and the patterned rear of the device is said to be crafted of a smooth glossy material that might be a scratch-resistant glass. Head on over to the link below for a few more images.

[via Onliner]

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  1. In other news, my nexus 7 for 4.1.2 today!

    1. your nexus for 4.1.2? Did it have a birthday? Did you sell it for $4.12? I’m not sure I understand your other news

    2. My Inc2 got 4.1.2 yesterday ;) Of course, in a slightly buggy build of CM10.

    3. my Galaxy S3 got an awesomely stable monthly build of 4.1.2 yesterday. :)

  2. I need 16gb memory at least. Prefer 16gb + memory card or 32gb if no memory card. Come on LG!!!

  3. I’m sorry but some no name online blog from Belarusia is reviewing a prototype and we’re supposed to take even 1 sentence of it seriously? That’s like hearing from one of the clowns who left the iphone at the bar about the next iphone.

  4. thank goodness for the multi-colored notification light!

    1. if it doesnt have capacitive buttons . but onscreen touch buttons like previous galaxy nexus wudnt that keep the screen on all the time and affect battery ?

      1. The buttons are displayed on the screen. When the screen is off the buttons are off.

  5. iPhone 5 gets around 550mflops Linpack… I wonder what the S4 Pro gets. More importantly, how will the battery life do?

    1. Based on linpack scores for a dual core s4, I’d expect quad core to get 300-350mflops on linpack.

      1. I get 544MFLOPS regularly with an S4 pro dev tab with fairly buggy software.

        1. Excellent, that’s iPhone 5 territory. Hopefully the battery life is good too.

    2. I have an S4 pro dev tablet and I can get a regular score of 544 MFLOPS and to be honest I find the software somewhat buggy and it still scores that good. I have gotten results above 600 but they weren’t “precision” results.

      1. Wow, that’s surprising given that a 1,5ghz dual core s4 gets only 150-180mflops on linpack from what I’ve seen. I wouldn’t think doubling cores would more than double performance. what clock speed does your dev tablet run at? Also is there any chance I could ask for some glbenchmark test results? Some of the s4 pro results seem to match or best the iphone 5, but on average a lot still seem to end up below it. If your tablet isn’t set to clock higher or do anything a phone couldn’t do, then I’d love to see some results from it.

        1. Its set at 1.5ghz. It also has the Adreno 320 GPU. (Although I don’t know if that plays a role in linpack) I actually won the tablet. I dont dev or anything and I don’t have a 64 bit PC to try building some better SW for it. It took me weeks of back and forth email with bsquare just to get the stock images and a tool for flashing them so I would feel safe tinkering around.

          Anyway I got 4519 on Egypt HD c24z16 onscreen, 6529 on Egypt classic, and 875360960 texels/sec on fill rate.

  6. The 8gb is due to it being a prototype probably, and all the low benchmarks and whatever is because it’s still in the works. What actually did surprise me was camera quality, pretty good for software that isn’t finalized. Nexus devices have never had the best cameras.

  7. Not digging the greyish on-screen buttons. AMOLED does a much better job with the perfect blacks for that.

  8. thicker than GalNex?!?!?! no thanx, ill pass…

    1. But this phone is flat, the gnex had a bump that actually made it way thicker. You’re such a tool

  9. “in both width and thickness” – FTFY

  10. I think the back of the phone looks horrible. For starters why would it say “With Google” if its a Nexus? Why does it have all that FCC and other stuff under the LG logo? The Camera and the flash look so out of place. If Google wants to go down the Apple route of keeping their flagship phone looking the same then why is the back different? Should have kept it the same as the Galaxy Nexus and just changed the Samsung Logo to an LG one (Obviously) and kept it just as “Google” or even like the Nexus 7 and have “Nexus” on the back
    (Sorry for the rant)

    1. Hmm? It has all that fcc stuff on the logo because it meets the certification…. Its HIGHLY unlikely that it will actually be on the device’s visible back. The back is nice sans the glass…. Does it really matter if its google or with google? people will still know ts backed by El Goog

      1. All the FCC stuff is on the back because it does not have a removable battery cover to hide it behind. It will be on the final build as well because it has to be on the device. Maybe they make it a removable sticker on the final build tho.

    2. Don’t know if I’m the only one but does this With Google on the back thing not hint to others that it could be the multi Nexus plan we’ve been seeing rumoured? Instead of a single Google Nexus instead we’ll see the multiple manufacturers producing a Nexus type device that must run stock Android and receive updates from Google themselves. Thus is made “with Google” not “by Google” (with them stipulating design/hardware etc).

  11. So it will be in similar design as the Galaxy Nexus? Aw… I was hoping for something more square than rounded. Oh well. Can’t wait. Don’t know if I should try and get this or Galaxy Note 2. Which ever has the better holiday sells.

  12. I love my Nexus 7 and Vanilla Android but untill Sony release a Nexus Phone than the tablet space is were im going to injury vanilla Android

  13. Original article says its 0.3mm (9.2mm total) THICKER than the GSM GNex. Those dimensions are moving in the wrong direction. not impressed.

    1. 0.3mm and your fucking crying about it? Go jump in front of a car you fucking idiot

      1. Did @adam hurt your feelings? It’s about the bejeweled backplate isn’t it? Go on /b if you want to spend your Friday night trolling instead of losing your virginity.

    2. They can make it 2mm thicker if my battery lasts all day with heavy use.

      Also, I think it is shorter than the gnex.

      1. Yea but it’s also wider, the exact opposite of what makes it easier to hold.

    3. Meanwhile the iPhone 5 is 7.6mm. Not at all impressed with this shitty Android phablet hardware anymore.

      1. That makes it a way better phone, right?

  14. No micro sd card no sale. I think even if it had one at only 8gb internal storage I’d still go with something else.

    1. Nexus devices haven’t had Sd cards and its at El Googs discretion.. the real thing to be mad about is that back cover and non-removable battery door

  15. Only 8Gb, no external memory, no removable battery, no LTE, even with the quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro CPU and 2GB RAM, it’s a definitive NO NO for me. I would rather go for the real LG with the same spec and let the devs give us the AOSP for it, since it is almost the same hardware except for 32GB+, external SD, removable battery and LTE the custom roms should not be long to follow any update by Google.

    1. Couldn’t read the link, but no lte can’t be right. Can it?

      1. I would assume that the s4 pro has lte built in actually.. That’s one of the primary reasons its sales are so high. The s4 has lte baked in also.

    2. The “Real” LG as you call it the Optimus G also has a non-removable battery and every model except the ATT version has no microSD card slot. But both have LTE. So either way you are getting no removable battery and microSD card slot. If Sprints version had the microSD I probably would have gotten it but not now.

  16. The review copy of an LG device was somewhat buggy? Never would have seen that coming!

  17. This phone, if leaks are true and finalized, seems like a disappointment already. It doesn’t have a lot going for it, and doesn’t seem worthy of the Nexus title.

    1. I think since Google wants to fight carriers, the new news us standard is a phone with a good processor and ram and hd display but everything else just acceptable to make it xheap

  18. I honestly think this phone will make Google rethink its design strategies…..I wanted a new looking phone not a replica of the other one.

  19. Wait…what? What is it people always trash about the iPhone again? Oh, that’s right, 3 of this phone’s specs! Non-expandable storage? Check (though forgiven for it being a Nexus.) Non-removable battery? Check (though, again, forgiven because it’s a Nexus.) Glass rear panel? Quite possibly. If, however, this is the case, I refuse to forgive it. It was a bad idea on the iPhone and it’s a bad idea on a Nexus. Not to mention, wholly unnecessary. There are plenty of materials out there that aren’t glass. Pick one.

    1. What about gorilla glass?

      1. Gorilla Glass is scratch resistant, not unbreakable. Glass (of any kind) should only be used where it’s necessary. All else is just asking for trouble.

    2. Valid points. It’s also bigger, thicker, heavier, built with cheaper materials, and probably worse battery life than the iPhone 5. This is no hardware prodigy by any means.

  20. Its still a 6 month old prototype device who knows if its still going to look like this when its revealed.

    1. Valid point. This could also just be the “test” casing for the internals, ala the GS3 before that device launched. Excellent theory, sir.

  21. Lets just hope that htc or samsung or even sony, makes a nexus too. This phone isn’t very appealing because 1.Its like a clone of the galaxy nexus and 2. it looks kinda very thick. Please google, dont take the same path apple is..dont keep making a phone that is identical to its predecessor…

  22. internet thugs.. and then you see them in real life haha

    1. stfu and smd

  23. Honestly I think the galaxy s III is too thin and would like a phone in the 10mm range.

    1. I’d put the ideal phone around 125 x 64 x 9 mm

  24. I can pretty much tell you right now that the buggyness will not be fixed. This is typical LG.

    Also, this is not a Nexus device. If you think back, Google had different levels of allowing Android onto phones. If it has “With Google” on the phone, it has to meet certain criteria.
    That’s how it used to be anyway. Maybe something has changed.
    No Nexus device has had “With Google” on it. It has had Google’s logo.

    This is probably one of the reasons Dan Morrill from Google made the tweet he did.

    If anything, this is probably nothing more than a “stock experience” phone, like the G2x, that has “With Google” on the back of it also. It’s already proving to be just as buggy, it seems.

    1. My Sprint Galaxy Nexus doesnt have Google or “with Google” on the back. Just SAMSUNG and the Sprint logo. Actually, there isnt anything on it that says Google.

      1. If you do an image search, if they have something on the back, it’s only the Google logo.
        It seems the only exceptions have been the Nexus devices released on Verizon and Sprint. Those carriers also have their hands all over the updates.


        The last post in that thread describes it better than I did.

  25. The non-removable battery is only acceptable if its something silly like the Razr Maxx. Otherwise I gotta have my battery. I am prone to killing a battery when traveling and need to be able to swap another back in.


    1. You must have missed the memo from many months ago where Google basically said that they have absolutely no interest in having SD slots in Nexus devices because they use MTP and essentially dont want the user to always be asked if they want something saved on internal memory or an external micro-SD card. There simply won’t be any Nexus devices with SD cards, period. If you absolutely have to have an SDcard slot (and I too am one of those people that prefers them), then don’t buy a Nexus, or buy the largest capacity Nexus you can. 16GB should be the absolute bare minimum. Fortunately this device is just a prototype and hopefully it will at least come in 16gb and 32gb models and not just an 8gb model.

    2. Yeah, I’m with you 100%. Looks like I’ll have to go with another up-n-coming device such as the Optimus G (AT&T version will supposedly have an SD slot + 16GB internal) or the Note 2, and just root a nexus rom on there. Makes no sense for me to have to abandon my 64GB microSD filled with my favorite movies and MAME ROMs.

    3. Google for some reason doesn’t want an sd card its not specifically LG’s fault

  27. wth is everyone talking about the Galaxy Nexus has less bezel then this LG device? look at the comparison pic i added, The LG nexus not only has a smaller top bezel but look at the sides of the device and the bottom bezel is barely any different.

  28. Seems like the Nexus series consist mostly of ‘lite’ versions of devices.
    None of the device makers are giving it all for Google :P

    Or Google has weird expectations for Nexus like no SD card slot (but I understand Google’s stand from Tyler’s post).
    MTP is buggy, I haven’t got it to access the files of my Nexus 7. Tried USB debugging on and off, Uninstalling and reinstalling driver. USB Mass Storage is more predictable and reliable.
    With that Nexus reminds me of the Chrome desktop web browser which lacks many options that IE and Firefox has.

    Google likes minimal and having more control?

  29. I read that it has a non removable battery (instant deal killer no matter how big the battery is), no SD slot and only 8 GB memory (the last bit is pretty hard to believe). All of that coupled with the micro-SIM which I just read here about make it a POS to be avoided at all costs.

  30. micro SIM? no removable memory? And it looks like the gn?

    I am glad LG is making something worth buying but I usually skip a generation of phone before I buy another and it is sad that finally when LG makes something good I will probably not be testing it.

    I am a little iffy on the micro SIM and no removable memory as well. Bit then again Google’s cloud services are pretty decent.

  31. Hey Kevin, don’t mean to be a jerk but it’s width not “with”. The sentence should read, The handset comes in slightly larger than the Galaxy Nexus in both width and thickness.

  32. Well , for the benefit of everyone here , I’d like to share this page , which has talked about everything about the LG Nexus – http://esponential.com/2012/10/13/the-lg-nexus-the-complete-roundup/

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