Googler goes on the record about Nexus rumors… without saying a thing


Nexus rumors were taking a bit to get here, but the mill has started rolling and now nothing can stop it. We can all agree that many of these rumors are crazy, exciting, hard to believe and many times contradictory. One only has to wonder how it must be for Google employees to know all the details and see these rumors sprouting across the internet (probably like a parent looking at kids searching for easter eggs).

Well, Google’s Dan Morrill works with the Android team, and he has a bunch to say about all these rumors. The best part? He does it with very few words:

“Reading rumor sites…. LOL.” -Dan Morrill

After a sudden flux of comments, all Morrill could do is have more fun and avoid commenting on anything. We just have to wonder which rumors are true or fake. We know at least one of them is worth a good LOL. Could it be the change in the Nexus program, which would allow for multiple Nexus devices from different manufacturers? Maybe Project Roadrunner? We sure hope that one is real, but we can only wait and see. Which rumors do you call “BS” on?

[Source: Dan Morrill (Google+)]

Edgar Cervantes

Android 4.2 rumors heat up, already running on Motorola devices? [UPDATED]

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  1. We like/love/want the stupid things.
    We don’t know what’s coming so we speculate to pass the time.

    I’d be amused too if I was in the catbird’s seat watching all this! ;)

  2. LOL = they’re right on the money?


    LOL = these guys haven’t the slightest clue what we’re about to drop on ’em?

    1. You dropped a bomb on me, baby!

    2. I think one Nexus this year. LG. And then opening up the Nexus program next year so they can put pure Google software on Moto phones without giving them an “unfair advantage”.

      1. Except the reports all year about multiple nexus devices…are we to believe that really only meant the Nexus 7, Nexus Q ball, and now the LG Optimus Nexus Prime 4G? O.o

    3. Should I get the current GNexus or the Xperia S or wait for a new Nexus? plus any idea if its gonna be low-priced like the Nexus 7? :((((

      1. You are close enough now where it would probably be in your best interest to wait and see. Nothing wrong at all with the Galaxy Nexus, even almost a year old, but if an affordable brand new Nexus comes out next month, you can make your choice then.

      2. It seems like a no-brainer to wait a month.

    4. Hopefully the latter, I don’t want 50 nexus phones, I just want one extremely good refresh of the Galaxy Nexus for all carriers sold on the Play store.

      1. Would you be okay with 3 or 4 Nexus phones? Cause that was the rumor…not 50.

  3. Am I the only one who doesnt want 5 nexus phones released at once?

    1. You would orgasm so hard if there were 5 iPhones released at the same time though

      1. IPhone users don’t want choice.

        1. Yes they do. They want lots of different cases.

        2. What does choice get you? Fragmentation, difficulty building ROMS and more underpowered phones than good ones. Yup, choice is good.

      2. Id probably orgasm on your face if you sucked it hard enough. Seriously why bring up the iphone you noob

    2. Agreed, but i’d rather 5 Nexus devices than 1 LG Nexus. An LG Nexus might as well be an entire year of no Nexus, they make garbage.

  4. Well, since he inserted a period after the LOL, I’d say it was a sarcastic LOL.

    1. Ding!

      A “lol” with a period after is oftentimes sarcastic.

  5. Is that Yao Ming?

    1. YEP! lol

      1. Thought it was Tony Danza xD

    1. it haz cookies??! (::) <(O_o<) …omygawd best phone

    2. Only 1 gig of ram? What a joke.

  6. I agree…5 at one time seems a little overkill. Makes it seem a little less special imo.

    1. How? Then it is about specs and design… and choice!

    2. Better than just 1 LG.

  7. Hope it’s not true, that would mess up Nexus brand entirely. Honestly I want my Motorola RAZR Nexus. FTW!!

  8. The likelihood of Google maintaining firmware updates for multiple nexi is just ludicrous.

    1. No it is not. If they all share the same hardware or have similar hardware then it will be very easy. Only difference would be drivers if devices did not share hardware…

    2. Cyanogenmod can do it, why not Google?

  9. Project roadrunner is needed, but the name is kinda stupid – it implies speed, not endurance. It should be called project energizerbunny instead.

    1. Roadrunner can “run down the road all day” on nothing but the occasional bird seed.

      That’s speed with high efficiency of power source.

  10. All those rumours are good for Google, as long as they are not cresting the Apple effect, meaning over hyping specs and features that won’t be possible to deliver by Google and the manufacturer. Overall though rumours about Nexus devices mean that the Nexus name has finally established itself in the market.

    1. Yes, but with all these rumors out there many will postpone making a purchase hoping that the next release will do everything the rumors say…

  11. Should I get the current GNexus or the Xperia S or wait for a new Nexus? plus any idea if its gonna be low-priced like the Nexus 7? :(((

  12. Maybe Apple is working an a new Nexus phone called Apple iNexus?

  13. Why would he bother commenting like that? UNLESS…everything so far is spot on and he wants to throw people off.


    He is trying to distract us from gaining information on the pending Nexus Note.


    1. Nexus Note…. *orgasms*

      1. Um…wow? O.o

  14. I wouldn’t take an LG Nexus for free.

    1. K can I have yours, then? :)

  15. No SD
    No removable battery

    Commence bashing. At this point I guess I’m stuck with one x+ since manufacturers don’t care about these anymore.

    1. sounds like a pretty good phone to be stuck with

  16. He’s laughing because Google is now officially better at keeping secrets about phone releases than Apple. Way to double down on secrecy, Tim.

  17. Yao Ming?

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