Oct 6th, 2012 publishUpdated   Dec 11th, 2012, 5:49 pm

Nexus rumors were taking a bit to get here, but the mill has started rolling and now nothing can stop it. We can all agree that many of these rumors are crazy, exciting, hard to believe and many times contradictory. One only has to wonder how it must be for Google employees to know all the details and see these rumors sprouting across the internet (probably like a parent looking at kids searching for easter eggs).

Well, Google’s Dan Morrill works with the Android team, and he has a bunch to say about all these rumors. The best part? He does it with very few words:

“Reading rumor sites…. LOL.” -Dan Morrill

After a sudden flux of comments, all Morrill could do is have more fun and avoid commenting on anything. We just have to wonder which rumors are true or fake. We know at least one of them is worth a good LOL. Could it be the change in the Nexus program, which would allow for multiple Nexus devices from different manufacturers? Maybe Project Roadrunner? We sure hope that one is real, but we can only wait and see. Which rumors do you call “BS” on?

[Source: Dan Morrill (Google+)]

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