ASUS Padfone 2 revealed in first-look video


Buried towards the tail-end of this look at a couple Windows 8 devices from ASUS is our first look at the Padfone 2, a device that ASUS will formally unveil at the beginning of next week. While the phone itself looks similar to the first iteration of the device (save for a slightly larger 4.7-inch HD display), the tablet dock has been tweaked, with the phone now mounting in a more direct fashion, which should better position the combo’s camera. Otherwise, the experience looks to remain relatively the same. We’ll be hearing plenty more about the Padfone 2 come next week.

[via YouTube | Thanks, Micha!]

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  1. Mmmm looks good.

  2. Want.

  3. Cool stuff there. Still laptops are on the way out.

    1. Dockable laptops are on the way in!

  4. Wow, very nice. If Ubuntu for Android can run on this, it could probably replace my laptop. Very tempting…

  5. Hahaha, Windows 8 is terrible. And this dude’s accent make me want to vomit

    1. Not a Big Bang Theory fan, huh?
      He kinda sounds like sounds like Coothera…Kufrepol…the Indian guy.

        1. LOL he does

        2. Rajesh that is.

        3. Thank you!

    2. Who’s stopping you from vomiting? Better get used to it, Indians are almost omnipresent and this accent is going to be more and more common. Although his accent was probably a bit too thick, I’ve heard MUCH worse from Indians, Asians & Europeans.

    3. your posts are miserable to read. kill yourself.

      1. suck my d-ck and ill think about it

  6. This is the one piece (or pieces) of technology that could get me to give up my Nexus phone. Just give me this and a good keyboard dock and I’d be willing to pay a decent amount.

  7. The sliding dock mechanism looks amazing!

  8. Yes.
    I would like one please….now.
    It’s not here yet!
    In all seriousness this is something that is a sure fire lock for me if it comes to Verizon.

  9. I’ll take the Taichi please!!!

  10. WOW! I am so excited about this device! The only thing that could possibly make it better is if they made a Nexus version. But hey, Asus already keeps it really close to Vanilla.

    1. Keeps it close to vanilla AND is really fast with updates!

      1. Yeah this is what I’d like to see more of.

        1. Does anyone know if any US Carriers are planning to sell this?

          1. I haven’t seen any FCC docs or anything so I doubt there’s much out there so far. Is there a release date for overseas yet?

  11. I like the new way the phone slides into the tablet, but I liked the compartment idea of the previous as well.
    I kinda don’t like how there is no door/cover protecting the backside of the phone when docked.
    I still want one… lol
    Please be available with ATT compatible bands. 3G/HSPA+ at the least.

    1. Personally I want T-Mobile bands on this sucker. So that I get true unlimited 4g for $30 a month that will be perfect with a 3 in 1 device like this. No need for a separate tablet plan with this.

      1. How about they make it pentaband? ;)

        1. It most probably is pentaband.

          1. Everything should be pentaband.

          2. Hear hear

          3. I sure hope so, but that’s what many were expecting of the first Padfone as well and we know how that turned out.
            Hopefully Asus learned from that mistake.

  12. Now that’s pretty sexy

  13. Sold, i’m getting it.

  14. I have been waiting for a T-Mobile compatible Padfone since the original. This is the only phone I have considered buying off contract because of its versatility. Ultimate…geek…gadget.

  15. It finally looks close to something I would buy and not be ashamed of.

  16. I think the reason I really want the Galaxy Note 2 is because of how excited I was about the original Padfone, and seeing that American cell companies didn’t want it made me realize that they may never warm up to the idea. Better to have a phone I know I can get then waiting for something that may never happen.

  17. One thing I would like to know is, if it can be placed on a table, without tilting when you tap the sides of the screen. The bulge in the middle (that is the phone) looks like it would cause just this problem.

  18. Asus is getting it man, that laptop was awesome

  19. Asked my boss yesterday for a new windows 8 tablet and it was approved. oh yeah

  20. That is moist definitely my next new “Toy”!

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