French outlet says LG Nexus coming October 29th


October 29th has been an interesting date to keep an eye on. It’s rumored as the launch date for the LG Nexus, and there hasn’t been nothing too concrete to keep faith in it. But a French media outlet seems to confirm that October 29th is, in fact, the launch date for the Nexus 7.

The translation is a tad rough, as usual, but they claim to have gotten the information from inside sources. If this thing really is scheduled to come out by the end of this month we’re going an awful long time without any news regarding a press event.

It’s possible Google and LG won’t even bother with all of that, though, so it’s tough to say that means anything. Time tends to inch by slowly when you’re waiting for something so it’ll be a long half two and a half weeks to see if this turns out to be true. [Thanks to everyone who sent this in!]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. With that much bezel, 8 gigs of storage, and an 8 mp camera, I’ll pass

    1. I agree. Missed opportunity here. With no SDcard capability, anything less than 16GB is a fail. 32GB is what it really should be with the price of memory being so low. They also made it look like the Nexus from last year which I was not a fan of. Too much wasted space on the front. Would be nice if Google made them step their game up and make the phone out of something other than plastic, even thought I know it makes it very light and durable.

      1. It will come in variants larger than 8gb… There are screenshots already that show 16gb. They wouldn’t make a test phone with 32gb, no point really.

    2. 8GB is not enough storage. Especially since you really would get like 6GB of actual storage.

    3. I don’t think there’s any chance they’ll ship with 8 GB as the only storage option. I’m still pissed about the non-removable battery, though.

      1. Why does non-removable battery bother you? How often do you here about people returning their phones because their battery died?

        And if it’s related to battery drain and having a spare battery, you can pick you up a battery charger. Phandroid posted one on sell for $20. It was a 5000mA battery charger with a 1mA and 2.1mA port and I shole did get that mofo.

        Oh, and battery pull can be done by holding the power button for like 5 seconds. Like I don’t know why people still don’t know that yet.

        Well that’s my list of alternatives. Though there are some that just prefer swapping batteries or buying larger batteries, which is still understandable.

        1. I like carrying around multiple batteries when I’m out for a while. Also batteries deteriorate,

          1. get a external battery charger you can get them on amazon for 20-30 bucks and you can get 3-4 full charges out of them, and they will last for up to a year and a half. beats carrying around a few extra battery packs.

    4. First world problem lmao..

      1. smh yup…

    5. The gnex was so awesome for its time last year. This year I felt we hyped ourselves up too much. I think we were all wanting something like the galaxy s3 but with aosp and the s4 pro and a big battery but we didn’t realize those phones are expensive and get subsidized in America. Google seems to want to fight the carriers this year around so in a lot of ways it seems they took a step back in certain aspects of the phone to sell this nexus for cheap off contract. At least in my eyes the bezel seems way too large, the storage space is really limited, there’s no sd card, no lte, no removable battery, and it’s not any thinner than last year’s gnex. Though I don’t mind the thickness of my gnex, all the current superphones have improved in all the areas I just mentioned since last year’s gnex so I think we all expected the same for the next nexus

    6. I’m not enthusiastic about this phone. While the bezel does look big, it doesn’t look any bigger than the Gnex to me.

      1. yea i thought the same but at the bottom it is a few cm bigger not that it makes a huge difference or anything considering the screen is also 4.7 instead of 4.65 on the Gnex we have now.

    7. It will have more than 8 gigs. It probably has 8 because it’s not a final build. what would be the point?

    8. how do you know that it won’t have 16 GB or even 32 GB of storage, the device hasn’t even been released yet, 8 mp camera? every high end phone has an 8 mp camera what did you expect 100 mp ?

    9. 8gbs i understand, but whats the fuss about the camera? ip5/SGS3 are both 8mp and shyt on every camera phone out. (with exception to the wp8 phone which is arguably the best ive read)

  2. nice! can’t wait :)

  3. Specs point to 199.99 off contract

    1. If so, I’m buying it in 2 seconds.

      1. They will not do that, but, that would be about what I would be willing to pay, and then maybe $99 on contract.

    2. I’d say more like $299 but I do fully expect the price to be disruptive.

  4. looks exactly like the galaxy nexus on the front

    1. Yeah, taking a quick glance at a poor quality zoomed out image, from a distance, it looks quite like it.
      But if you open the photo and look at it more closely, you’ll notice that the edges are totally different, let alone if you saw it on a video or had it in your hands.

      Oh, look… a Galaxy Nexus! ;)


  6. Why does the article above say October 29th is the launch date of the Nexus 7?

    1. because the author is inconsistent.

    2. Maybe it’s the launch date of the Nexus 7 32GB made by LG this time…
      I’m sorry. I tried to give him some justice for his error. =.S

    3. Well it’s either an error, or they are referring to the Nexus 7 32GB.

      Regardless it doesn’t matter anyway because it’s all rumors and Google hasn’t announced anything.

  7. Colors look so pale compared to that of the amoled screen on the samsung galaxy nexus. Yep ill b skipping on this phone.

    1. Wait, wait… that’s a bad thing? G’nex has horrible color reproduction. Waay too over-saturated.

      1. I prefer samoled

        1. I do too, especially for the black levels… but I’ve about major burn-in issues with Galaxy nexus

  8. In the article they don’t claim to have gotten the information from inside sources.
    All they say about that is “Le Nexus 4 sera lancé le 29 octobre, a appris Le Figaro” which means “The 4th Nexus will be announced on october 29th, Le Figaro heard.”
    Actually, the article is just a synthesis of most tangible rumors.

  9. Colors look so pale compared to the amoled screen on the samsung galaxy nexus. Yep ill b skipping on this phone!

    1. this is a picture. get with the times, perez hilton!

  10. With a paltry 8gb of internal storage, dumbed down 8MP camera and likely lame battery, I don’t blame them for being ashamed of announcing it.

    Despite the obvious opportunity to knock this one out of the park, Google & LG have decided to do their very best and beyond to fail at all costs!

    All they should have done to have a best seller – 32gb and 64gb, 3300mAh battery & 13MP camera, but no, they came together and said “what can we do to ensure we miss the mark?” and then they did it!

    Good luck selling 8 units of your 8gb POS!

    1. Too quick. I bet you by the announcement it will have 16GB on board or they will have variations, 8, 16, 32, and could be in line with the rumor of several releases of different. Nexys handsets.

    2. Maybe it’s Motorola that has the 3000+mA battery making ability. I mean did you ever notice that no other phone came out that is as slim as the Droid Razr Maxx? I mean really, how many people actually complain about their iPhone battery needing to be replaced?

      Though this isn’t the main focus of your comment. So I guess it really doesn’t matter that I said all that. LoL!!

      1. Samsung knows how to do the battery trick also! The Note 2 has a 3100 mA battery and is still sexy slim. Just saying, ;-)

        1. Hmm… Then why Samsung holding out? LoL!!

          1. Because Cripple didn’t do it yet! Lol

    3. I’m pretty sure we are all disappointed because we wanted an aosp superphone again like last year’s gnex. But Google seems to wanna only sell this phone for cheap off contract and that’s why we r seeing the same phone as last year but with bigger bezel, smaller storage, no lte, non removable battery, non samoled(I know some prefer it). It’s just an upgraded processor and camera. To get all the good features I think we will be forced to buy non aosp phones for the foreseeable future

  11. For God’s sake @google @googlenexus and @Android, DO NOT GO FOR LG (Optimus), having @HTC One X+

  12. that’s one small nexus 7

  13. I hope that this is also true for North America.

  14. Why people hating on Bezel? I don’t mind it at all. It aids with Landscape viewing, although it does hinder typing in landscape.

    I’m going to wait until this comes out. People are saying the things sux, but do they really? Although 8GB with no external memory is dumb.

    1. bezel blows, enough said

  15. GET OVER THE 8GB (for now), THERE ARE SCREENSHOTS OF BENCHMARKS DISPLAYING 16GB, this phone isn’t a final build. So there would be no point to make it in a larger size. Sure, 8gb may happen, but there WILL be larger variants.

  16. 8gb is for the prototype model….. lets wait for the official announcement

  17. I don’t understand why everyone is making such a big deal over non removable batteries

  18. SD card is the cutoff point for me.
    I’ll vote with my wallet.

  19. Some people just dont get it though. Not everyone wants to carry a bunch of charging crap around for extended battery life when I can just put a spare battery in my pocket for when I run out.

    Taking user options away is a step backwards..

    8gigs????? Are you fricking kidding me!!! I don’t even play games and probably only have like 300-400 songs on my sdcard and I barely have 2 gigs left of my 16gig my phone came with. So if I want any movies etc I might as well forget it for this phone..

    Games?? Might as well forget that too since I’ll only have the space to maybe fit one.

    Don’t give me cloud crap cause I don’t want to stream my music from anywhere when I can just play it directly from my sdcard..

    I dunno who’s in charge of making these hardware decisions but all I can do is hope another Nexus is announced that has a removable battery and storage space that meets 2012 demands.

  20. i really seriously doubt the only size will be 8gb. i mean granted the nexus 7 released with a 8gb model but thaz a wifi tablet. this is a LTE phone. there has gotta be a 8-16-32 variants also. otherwise its a downgrade. hell does the iphone even come less than 16 anymore? if not then im sticking with my g-nex which is 32gb and HW is plenty capable to hold me over til the next nexus model

  21. 8gb…thank god I’m not so mobile and still use laptops with external HDD :)

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