Bad Piggies-inspired Angry Birds update brings 15 new levels


Ready for yet another Angry Birds upgrade? This time, Rovio’s core game — simply dubbed Angry Birds — is getting itself 15 new levels. This one isn’t related to any upcoming season or holiday (though it would appear Rovio will have something up its sleeves for either Halloween, Thanksgiving, or Christmas), but it actually brings another one of Rovio’s titles into the mix.

This update actually brings some pig-themed flavor as Rovio celebrates the success of Bad Piggies. If you don’t remember, Bad Piggies is a game which lets you construct unique vehicles which you can use to transport them. We’d hoped these vehicles could be used in some sort of counterattack on the birds, but perhaps we were thinking a bit too far ahead.

Regardless, the “piggest levels ever” can be had as a free download in the Google Play Store right now. It’s a 24MB update so turn that WiFi on and get going.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Make sure you get this off the play store. There is some bad piggies malware going around from third party app sites.

    1. What kind of malware exactly?

    2. I don’t even go to the mall, let alone clothe myself especially for it.

  2. I like Angry Birds, but found Bad Piggies really annoying. I guess I like destroying stuff more than building it.

    1. I find it interesting, but not compelling.
      To be honest it’s been all about Horn lately. Wow.

      1. Horn?

        1. Horn.

          1. What is that D:

          2. Look up in Play Store or Youtube.

          3. This is the internet. Welcome.
            Use it.

      2. I just heard on TWIT that Horn is great, and meant to check it out – thanks for the reminder!

  3. I like Angry Birds , Bad Piggies is not bad too,Both adult and kids like to play Angry birds ,now a new puzzle games called Hi Billy will be lanuched from newspaper where i got it .

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