Did Google accidentally ship a 32GB Nexus 7 to a Japanese customer?


With more and more evidence suggesting a 32GB Nexus 7 unit is on the way it seems at least one customer may have proof of that straight from Google. A consumer in Japan reportedly ordered a 16GB Nexus 7. There was only one problem (or joyous occasion, depending on who you are): it wasn’t a 16GB Nexus 7. Instead, it seems to be a 32GB version.

If you don’t recall, Google was originally rumored to be making a Nexus 7 with 32GB of storage when the device was first announced. A bit of time went on before we ever heard anything concrete, but inventory systems have shown it, resellers seem to have it in stock, and we’ve since had a possible launch date to look forward to: October 24th! (Incidentally, that’s the same day Samsung will unveil the Galaxy Note 2 in the US, but that doesn’t mean much here.)

With Google’s initiative to step into a cloud-based ecosystem it’s become important for users to get at least 32GB inside their tablets. That’s the main reason a lot of people haven’t sprung for the Nexus 7, but that should all be eradicated with this release. Yea, most of you would still rather have 32GB of storage with more expansion options, but if having a pure Google tablet is important to you then this is the best route to take. We’ll keep our eyes to the digital street for more. [via Notebook Italia]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Wait, what is the connection between cloud based services and needing more device storage? The entire point of cloud services is that they exist on the internet or a private network instead of using local storage.

    1. people are more inclined to use cloud based services if the device has more storage on it. they think wow i can fit all my stuff on it, and also mad space on the cloud. Otherwise they are like oh damn i cant even fit my usual stuff on it. wth.>_< – The camping in the backyard commercial for the nexus 7 for example. if that thing had 32gb on board from the start, people could jam it full of movies and music and take off. being without a wifi connect gets old fast in the woods for the city folks like myself. dont get me wrong i love my 16gb nexus 7 but do i bring it anywhere i know wont have a wifi connect? nope. cant fit more then a few movies on it due to large file sizes (blu ray or gtfo).

      1. Why would you put blu ray rips on a device with a 1280×800 resolution? You are just wasting space. Get a proper handbrake profile for the nexus 7 and you will be able to fit more videos on your N7

    2. My take on it was since there isn’t any expandable storage because of Google’s thoughts towards the cloud, it’s important to get as much as possible inside the device.

    3. Because due to Googlea focus on cloud storage they have removed the option of adding and swapping of micro SD cards so users like myself will require more onboard storage to compensate for the loss. Its a WiFi only device so no wifi= no cloud services. The world isn’t covered in an omnipresent free WiFi signal. ;)

      16gb of on boards storage is minuscule when I look on my desk and see an unused 64gb card that couldve been used as additional storage, but Google said no, not on their Nexus line..

    4. I thought that as well, Seemed a bit off… usually it’s one or the other not both?

  2. I hate this cloud based storage stuff. How can I put music on my Google Drive on shuffle?
    Doesn’t even let you download things properly, it encodes things to “be available offline”

    1. I hate that as well, and after you do that you can’t access those files in other programs. like alarms, ringtones, and astro file manager

    2. Just hit shuffle? I use it all the time

      1. I must be missing something…

        1. You’re missing Google Music
          Music in drive….how droll

          1. Oh crap, you all think I’m stupid now. I’m from the UK, we don’t have Google Music

          2. Oh lol no worries it isn’t a labeled button so it’s not a big deal but I didn’t know you guys didn’t have play music! That sucks I loooove play music. but no worries I am sure you will get it soon!

          3. I still use my 7yr old iPod with 60GB :)
            IMHO a tablet is not an optimal form factor for an mp3 player.

            I agree with your problems, but unfortunately/fortunately their products are primarily designed by Americans for Americans. It can’t really be their primary concern that bandwidth speeds suck in country X or there is no WiFi in shop Y or business Z. Living in a metro area of the USA my 3G/4G speeds are zipping, there’s wifi available in every home and coffee shop, and most employers offer wifi for employee devices.

            More importantly, you can look at the iPad. The 64GB model does NOT sell very well. Many stores don’t even carry it and require you to buy it online or on the phone. For the *average* person these are simply surfing tools and photo albums. Yes, you can easily have more than 32GB of photos, but this is why Google Drive/Picasa, Dropbox, Facebook, and other are all competing for your online storage.

          4. I’m from the Netherlands, I have Google Music (even when it isn’t yet available to the Dutch people officialy)

            I’m sure you could use a US proxy to sign up for google music and then access it anywhere without the proxy…but that is what I heard works.,…I am not saying that is how I did it :D

    3. Cloud storage is useful for some things but it’s impractical most of the time for real storage needs. And apps! Most devices require LOTS of space for apps, especially if you download a lot, and get apps that have a large footprint. Nothing sucks more than running into low space problems. So beefing up the storage is not only a wise move, it’s a necessary move.

  3. Hell if he doesn’t want it, I’ll take it. lol

  4. You know how much he could flip that for on Ebay? Whaaaa?? $,$$$.$$

  5. Hey if it goes for $200 I might just HAVE to get one of these things! More likely that it’ll go for a higher price but a man can dream.

  6. 16 gigs is doing fine with my N7 i dont see how you need uch more for a tab that OTG cant offer

    just my .02

    1. Some people take long car trips with kids who need to be kept entertained else they drive their parents crazy. Having plenty of movies available helps alleviate the “nothing to do” syndrome and having a tablet means a driver doesn’t have to fiddle with DVD’s.

      1. i guess thats smart but if its a low to mid res video it shouldnt take much my dad has a 32 gig iPad woth 4 movies a crap load of songs and apps and he only has 15 gigs used

  7. I think we can all agree that person is really lucky

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