Galaxy Note 2 code hits Samsung’s Open Source Release Center


Heads up modders and devs of the Android world, Samsung has just released the source code for the newly minted Galaxy Note 2. While the phone hasn’t hit the streets in many regions around the world (the US included), those folks need not apply anyway as the code found at Samsung’s Open Source Release Center is catered toward the GT-N7100 version of the phone. The code should be enough to get interested parties started down the path toward custom ROMs for the 5.5-inch “phablet.” Search the aforementioned model number at the source link below to find it.

[via Samsung]

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  1. Sammy making a good move again.

  2. This, for me is why Samsung are better than HTC who take forever to release their source.
    It’s why my next phone will not be HTC (unless it’s an HTC nexus with sd and removable battery).

  3. Samsung aren’t releasing important parts of code, only what they have to. Because of this developers have left the project to move to other devices which have full support.

    Non Samsung roms won’t have smooth animation s and will have other issues because of this. Only Exynos4 devices are affected.

    This is a non article and embarrassing reporting on the say so of Samsung PR.

    1. Agreed. Samsung is just releasing what they are forced to release under the GPL license. Nothing special to see here, and they are still keeping important stuff for themselves. The only thing they should be praised for is that they are releasing this on the day of the phone’s launch or so, rather than 3 months later like HTC does it.

    2. Reason why I won’t buy a Note 2. I was so tempted to pick one up, but I’m done buying phones that will have weak dev support.

  4. If you are thinking of buying a note 2 to run a non stock rom forget it.

    If you are staying stock you shouldn’t have read this article anyway. It’s not for you.

    1. Hopefully that will mean it will hit other carriers (Specifically Verizon) at or around the same time, like they did with the SGS3.

  5. That is incredibly cool.
    I wish other manufacturers would follow suit.

  6. Doesn’t matter without the exynos source codes. PR stunt from Samsung.. nothing else.

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