Google Play Music, Movies, and TV Shows now available on Google TV; new developer features


Well it’s about time, Google. The Mountain View company announced the availability of Google Play Music, Movies, and TV shows for devices running Google TV. It’s a natural fit for those who’ve enjoyed life with Android on the big screen, and while this doesn’t bring over books and magazines (would you really want them to?) it’s nice progress in an otherwise stagnant experience.

Users can either buy content right from the device, or access the content they’ve bought on other devices via the cloud. That’s not the only thing in this upgrade, though. Google has announced new features for developers such as automatic updates, in-app subscription billing, and smart updates.

The features will be coming to you via an upgrade. Google didn’t state whether or not this would be a hot update (where an app silently updates without prompting the user) but we should know in due time. Let us know when you start to see the new features as you use your Google TV devices in the comments section below. [via GTV Source]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. this is good news, I might actually consider a cheap googletv box like the visio one that just came out or better yet maybe google play can just come to the PS3, though I doubt sony will let that happen.

    1. From what I’m hearing, the Vizio is a piece of crap. You may want to rethink it.

    2. Its happening on PS4

  2. I think it’s ABOUT TIME! I’ve got both the sony blueray box, and the logitech and that’s one of my biggest gripes, is not being able to rent movies from google play. I’ve got to connect my computer in order to play my movies, which seems ridiculous considering I’ve got a google TV box. I’m glad they finally are filling in this gap in the users experience, now I’m just left wondering, A: when will I get it, and B: will I ever get it (on the logitech GTV I’ve got since logitech has apparently written off their GTV) :-(

    1. Actually, my purchased movies show up in the GTV YouTube app under subscriptions or purchases, at which point they can be played on my revue. Not exactly ideal but it works.

      1. Great quality compared to Amazon.

      2. really?!? I didn’t know that, thanks for telling me, I’ll have to try that. Although it would still be a MUCH smoother experience just being able to both browse, purchase and watch using the Google Play Store. :-)

  3. Don’t really care, even though the content that Google offers has improved over the last year it is still not up to par to Amazon and other services.

  4. Still waiting for Google to start unlimited streaming, so I can dump Netflix and Hulu

  5. now plz fix chrome for Google TV. Worst browser EVER! At least on my Sony Blu Ray………

    1. No…the worst would be the browser on the Playstation 3. You can’t do anything with it!

  6. Sony new Google TV is going for 179 at best buy

  7. I’d possibly read magazines on my Revue. Books? Probably not.

  8. Wow… they finally remembered about us……

  9. I got a refurbished Sony blue ray google tv 2 weeks ago and it had google music and movies when I first hooked it up. I figured it was always there. Once I added my google account all my music was there and I could watch the Transformer movie I got with the nexus 7.

  10. Next we’ll hear that the Nexus Q will be GTV Nexus and the Q will be a novel idea that never took flight. I’m sure the Q functionality can be rolled up into GTV.

  11. Can’t wait for that PS4 now

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