Report: Google and LG to jointly announce next Nexus device at end of month


After new rumors surfaced today all but solidifying the details of the next Nexus device to be launched jointly by Google and LG, CNET is reporting that we can expect an announcement at the end of the month. The new wrinkle follows suit with what we have been hearing. The phone is rumored to launch on the retail level during mid-November, which times well with a late October unveiling.

While many expect the phone to be called the LG Optimus Nexus, the final name has yet to be decided. As we learned earlier, the device should launch as a modified version of LG’s flagship Optimus G handset running a stock version of the latest version of Android.

[via CNET]

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  1. Nexus phones do not have SD slots.

    1. yeah Google hates us. I guess I’m more of an Android OEM fan than a Google fan.

      1. I am going from Galaxy Nexus, to the Note 2. After playing with it, I don’t care about the size.


      1. Ummm no they do not. I work in a cell phone store, and I own a Galaxy Nexus. Nexus devices do not have SD slots.

        1. yea nexus devices never have sd slots

  2. I wonder how many people will not buy a nexus now because it will be LG making it. I know i will potentially be buying one for i don’t think of LG in a negative light. My G2X was crap after the Gingerbread update, but it showed it’s strengths.

    1. Lg’s only problem is their software. Being a nexus solves this. I personally plan to buy one. Epic camera, epic SOC (CPU/GPU), tons of ram, an epic screen.

      What else do you want, a kickstand? Yeah me too.

      1. Lolol. I just want an android phone that glitches less.

        1. G2X was a bad egg hopefully this isn’t.

          1. Oh it won’t be. I just upgraded a friend’s LG Nitro HD to 4.0.4 and it is flawless.

      2. shame the rumor now has the camera down to 8 mp instead of one of the 13mp Sony cams

      3. Epic camera? Nokias excluded, the i4S, i5 and S3 are the only acceptable cameras with the 4S being my fav. Anything less won’t be in my pocket.

        1. Its epic enough for drunken bar photos, what else do you really need it for?

        2. The One X camera should be in that line up.

          1. Sorry, but there are plenty of side by sides shots out there that show the one x can’t keep up with the 4S, 5 or S3.

      4. What else you say? How about expandable storage and a removable battery.

  3. I am a sales rep for Verizon. You DON’T want LGs. LGs will have monster specs for ex. the Spectrum but the execution is piss poor. LGs have the highest return rate because of issues in my observation. I’ve been using the G-Nex since day 1 of release. If there is no Nexus from Samsung or HTC, I am giving the 920 a trial run until the S4 is out next year.

  4. NO NO NO! I’m sobbing right now. Please not LG, anybody but LG!


    1. Don’t say anybody! It could have been a Kyocera Nexus! Lol

  5. I’d be interested by a Nexus similar to the build on lineage of the Galaxy Nexus or HTC One S… dunno about LG.

  6. Hopefully if it is an LG Nexus, there is no issues. I’ve worked in cell phone sales for 5 years now and LG has the highest rate of return for any manufacturer for hardware defects. Maybe Google having their hand in it will help out.

  7. I’m a Nexus fan, so! whoever make it, I’m getting it……. when the Next NEXUS phone hit the PlayStore that phone will replace my GNEX

    1. but it only have 16GB it will sucks if u can’t expand it just on the memory card side

  8. No sd card, fine if they don’t put the reader we’re screwed. But 8 or 16 giga bites come on !!! WTF don’t be evil !! With hd videos and camera, music player and some games from 1 to 4 gigabites it is just a big joke… Need to be 32 or 64g not under.
    I had nexus one, change to razr and regret it. I definitely want to go back to a nexus, but I really hope that, if there’s a nexus programm launched for every manufacturer, the no sd card reader won’t be into the specification asked by google.
    Seriously data mandatory to listen to music in the cloud ? There are people taking the tube !!!

  9. You could’ve predicted an LG Nexus as soon as LG released the Optimus G, it needed to move its flag ship device before releasing Google’s rebranded flag ship device if it wanted to receive sales. As it is, if LG releases a 4.7inch phone with capacitive buttons or 5inch phone with onscreen buttons it’ll be difficult to justify the Nexus device over the LG device, because this next iteration of Android’s OS is going to be minor and not having a 64gb SD card slot is a serious hardware problem.

  10. The G2X worked great if you used custom ROMs, the hardware was great it was the software that was bad. This being a nexus solves that so people complaining just have no idea what they are talking about.

  11. Whelp I don’t have to think twice about what phone I’m getting now… Note II wins by disqualification for being made by LG. :p

  12. Oh no! Not LG! Well with Google in charge maybe it won’t go to badly.


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