Zaxxon Escape Now Available For Android – But Can It Beat The Play Store’s 15 Minute Return Window? [Video]


We showed you guys the teaser trailer a few days ago, and now Sega has officially dropped Zaxxon Escape into the Google Play Store. This definitely ain’t your grandpappy’s Zaxxon. Not merely an HD remake, Sega has completely transformed the game with gameplay that’s a mishmash of current mobile hits like Temple Run, other than the top down, isometric view of the original. That’s not to say it’s bad, by any means. It’s just that fans of the original (are there any still around?) may find themselves lost in space.

Zaxxon Escape now utilizes your phone or tablets gyro-sensor to guide your speeding ship throughout a maze tunnels and corridors, and escape the steel fortress to safety. You can earn “Z” coins throughout the level that you can use to power-up your ship, and if you’re skills aren’t up to snuff, you can use real monies to purchase in-game items. Zaxxon Escape is only $.99 cents in the Google Play Store, but is it worth a McDouble? Well, you can watch my quick hands-on video and see if was able to last the Play Store’s 15 minute return window (the ultimate test). Have at it.

[Play Store Link]


Chris Chavez
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  1. I actually laughed out loud during this

  2. Must be a model. What do u model? GLOVES?!

  3. should lock your doors and windows before playing the game, so you don’t get mugged

  4. “Just like the ladies” Somehow, I knew you were going to say that XD

    1. I really am that predictable, aren’t I? =/

  5. looks awesome, like getting out of the Death Star

  6. Phandroid – still the only site on the web that provides an absolutely miserable mobile experience. I mean, some sites look bad. But this one really distinguishes itself by being as difficult to view as a Flash site, without actually being based on Flash.

    Your coders must evil geniuses to eff up basic site-building so completely. Kudos!

    1. Works quick and fast on my GS3. *shrugs* There’s always our app for, you know, Android devices.

      1. Maybe he uses an iPhone…

        1. maybe knitting and crochet is more his speed or he’s looking for the next best thing…already.

          1. The next best thing is already here… O_o

    2. Your OS6 doesn’t play well with Android.

  7. Why oh! Why? In app purchases for games, easily accessible to kids ? Window of refund only a few minutes ? My son four years of age made a purchase of 15 dollars, I asked for a refund, did not get any reply to my email, uninstalled the game and made me wish I had not set up my Google wallet account, so for me whenever I read reviews and find any game with in app purchases I uninstall it even if I had paid for it previously. I would rather pay upfront for a decent game maybe even up to 10 dollars than install DYW ( drain on your wallet ) games.

  8. Looks like a crappy version of Descent, one of my favorite games of all time.

    1. Oooooh.. If it was actually an updated Descent, that’d be sick. Unfortunately, it’s a sci-fi Temple Run in space =/

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