Oct 4th, 2012 publishUpdated   Dec 18th, 2012, 7:01 pm

Just because they’re not the most valuable company in history doesn’t mean that Samsung hasn’t been living the Gangnam life. In fact, their expected $7.3 billion record earnings for Q3 is the 4th straight quarter things will be on the up-and-up for Sammy. This is mostly due to Samsung’s Galaxy smartphone sales which accounted for 2/3rds of the company’s record profits. Of course, you could also attribute just a little bit of Samsung’s success on Google’s Android operating system, which transformed Samsung into a global player in the smartphone market. (Hey, Samsung — keep those firmware updates coming).

For those keeping track, Samsung raked in $4.46 billion in Q1, and $5.9 billion in Q2. Unfortunately, things wont come so easily for Samsung in Q4, where they’re expected to dish out, not just performance related payouts to employees, but that $1 billion to Apple (providing that appeal doesn’t work out for them). Also, Samsung’s battle with the iPhone 5 will result in more costs, thanks to the money they’ve spent on fighting the i5 with marketing.

Samsung has shipped a total of 18-20 million Galaxy S3’s of which one landed in my possession yesterday. This should hold me over until the Galaxy Note 2 ships on every carrier under the sun later this year, asserting Samsung’s dominance as the world’s top selling Android OEM.


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