Samsung Kies Update Brings UI Changes For Windows and OSX, Now Compatible With Mountain Lion


Can’t say I’m too familiar with Samsung Kies (I’ve tried to avoid using it) but from what I’ve read, it’s Samsung’s version of iTunes used for syncing media to your desktop, and updating the software of Samsung devices via a handy desktop interface. That interface was given an overhaul in the latest update ( and besides a sprucing up of the UI, Kies is now finally compatible with Mountain Lion. Now that I have this shiny new Galaxy S3 (stubborn kid voice) I guess I’ll give it go… Hmph. For those wanting to give Kies a try for the first time, here’s the download links from Samsung:

Samsung Kies: Windows | Mac

After installation, you’ll be prompted for the update.

And then… updated Kies!


Chris Chavez
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  1. Unless Samsung overhauled it, it sucks and is slower tham molasses

    1. So is itunes. I think it might just be all sync programs

      1. I LOATH iTunes. Haven’t opened it once on my Mac. I refuse.

        1. Eww.. you own a mac.. lol.

          Did you know that Apple intentionally implemented slowdowns in the Windows version of iTunes? So when you click something, it lags for like a second before responding.

          1. Good. That makes it less likely for Windows users to want an iThingy

          2. To go further on this, iTunes under Windows is emulated in Apple’s software layer — I forget that exact name for it. None of their APIS are native, because Apple is too lazy to do things right. The same is true for Safari for Windows — not sure if it’s even still around?

            Another example of Apple’s massive hypocrisy.

        2. Mac? ewwww :)

          1. I need the gestures :c

      2. I’m surprised Apple didn’t patent crap, bloated, slow, buggy software (even though Norton invented the genre) as Kies matches it so much in those areas there wouldn’t have been any argument in the courts.

        1. and Apple did try to sue Samsung over Kies but it got rejected in some foreign court

  2. One of the worst pieces of software I’ve ever used

    1. So it copies iTunes quiet well in that regard too!

      1. good reply, but I think you meant “quite” not “quiet”

    2. I’m not happy with it either. I really wish I could just connect my Note 10.1 via USB and use Android File Transfer like my other Android tablets. If not for the SD car and email, I’d have gone crazy.

      But, I still hold Sony’s stupid music software that was needed to connect to my Clié as the worst abomination I’ve encountered.

      Anyways, going to try it out this new version.

  3. Of course Kies is used to update to new firmware too.

  4. Pretty much every vendors firmware flasher sucks. I flash a lot of ROMs on many different devices and avoid Windows whenever possible.

    The Mobile Odin app flashes many Samsung phones from the phone itself.

    I also use heimdall from the Linux command line.

  5. KIES is such a dissapointment, the Samsung Android machinery deserves much better. If you can get it to work you are in the distinct minority.

  6. While you might not like iTunes, compared to Kies it’s a masterpiece of coding. Kies is just unbelievably crappy. Despite trying MANY different laptops, operating systems and versions of Kies and Android, not even ONCE did it manage to recognize my Galaxy S i9000 (and that’s not exactly some obscure model is it?). It’s also slow and buggy. Geez, Samsung. Just hire good programmers and write the damn software anew. Instead, you’re beating a dead horse. And this horse has been dead, rotten and smelly for many years.

  7. After the update I noticed the icon in the taskbar says that I now have
    Kies Air, which is the “light” version of Kies. My Samsung smartphone
    won’t connect to the software anymore too now… it’s nearly
    unbelievable that such a poor software fills up a lot of space on a
    harddrive. I also much more preferred the brownish colours of the old

  8. gave up on Kies when it wouldn’t recognize my S3 with Kyan ROM

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