DROID RAZR HD screen protectors arriving at Verizon Stores


You’re usually close to a device launch when official accessories begin to roll into corporate stores, and that is exactly what has happened with the Motorola DROID RAZR HD. Droid-Life has received images of a pack of screen protectors sitting inside a Verizon store for the device.

We’re still in the dark regarding a solid launch date from Verizon but recent rumors suggest October 18th will be the landing date for it, and possibly for the battery-heavy RAZR MAXX HD.

Verizon seems to have a lot on their plate for the holiday season so it wouldn’t surprise us to see this coming sooner rather than later as they find the need to spread launches out. Is anyone holding out for this or will you spring for other exciting options such as the upcoming Galaxy Note 2?

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. The Galaxy Note 2 and the LG Optimus G! I’m getting both… The Note will be my work phone, and the Optimus for personal. These two devices are looking quite great.

  2. I am 88% sure I will get this over the S3, possibly the Razr MAXX HD, leave my love hate relationship with my S2 : / Its a tough call. I don’t do much on smartphones just basic stuff so the Note might be too much for me to handle.

  3. It’s such a hard decision between this and one of the Nexi.

    Wait…what if this really was a Motorola Nexus device? :O

  4. Not getting any, still on contract. More importantly i don’t get why people buy screen protectors for phones with gorilla glass displays

    1. Because they still scratch…

      1. If there is something sharp/hard enough in your day to day life to scratch a gorilla glass screen, a stick on screen protector isn’t going to help you. screen protectors have a purpose on screens that are easy to scratch, but this is not one of those screens.

        1. Not true, screen protectors protect screens from dust and debris, sand can scratch glass. I’ve yet to have a gorilla glass or gorilla glass two device make it more than a week without scratching. I’ve had phones with screen protectors on them last years without a scratch.

          1. Alright fair enough in your case. I’ve had screws, nails, keys, folding knives etc in the same pocket as my phone and not one of them has managed to put a single scratch on it yet. So for the vast, overwhelming majority of us, these displays are never at risk.

          2. My OG Droid, which I retired just this May this year (for a GNex, no less), had chips and cracks on the corners but the screen was flawless.

    2. Every gorilla glass phone I’ve had has scratched within days of owning it

      1. then you must like playing with shrapnel or something silly like that

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