T-Mobile’s Galaxy Note 2 Pictured In The Wild – Is That A Branded Home Button? [Update: Nope]


Nah, it’s not — I think my eyes were just playing tricks on me. You wont be finding any Verizon-esque branded home buttons on this big fella. What we do get to see is a couple of blurry cam shots of the Titan Grey Samsung Galaxy Note pictured in the wild. Word on a recent FCC filing is that the device will come complete with future-proof’d T-Mobile LTE bands, and a much less horrid Pentile arrangement on its display. Both are completely welcomed specs to a device that’s sure to take the world by storm. Seeing as how I’ll be stuck with a T-Mobile for a few more months, I figure I’ll ride this thing out with the world’s biggest smartphone. Who knows, maybe I’ll stick around for another year.


Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. Chris, stawp it! You scared us with the branded home button!

    1. Trick or treat. O_o

      1. HUH??!! WHAT??!! Chris you have candy??!!


        1. Noooooo, it’s mine!

          1. @nycplayboy78:disqus @Pkmmte:disqus

            Stop it you two. There’s plenty for everyone. Just step inside my van…

          2. And that right there folks is why i love phandroid. Chris is a boss. And the creepy old guy from southpark in disguise with great hair.

          3. … South park???

            Or family guy???

  2. Wait, so you’re saying it will come with pentile?? O.O

    1. Is that a good thing or bad?

      1. Bad

    2. Everything I’ve read about it says it will have a Super AMOLED HD Plus.

      1. Samsung galaxy s 2 skyrocket. juuuuust about the same amount of letters.

      2. from what I’ve read, It has a totally different Pixel arrangement than Pentile and regular RGB. But it’s supposed to be closer to (or better?) than RGB (which is Super Amoled Plus)

  3. That’s *REALLY* that important?

    If one of the buttons on a device does (or doesn’t) have a certain word printed on it???


    Who could POSSIBLY care?
    Who could POSSIBLY decide to buy (or avoid a device) based on that?

    What about the 200+ actual *IMPORTANT* features instead?

    1. Because it’s fugly, why else?

      1. lol, so true

  4. I saw this on tmonews and was happy not to see any branding on the home button. then I saw this article. instant mini heart attack

  5. Leave T-MOBILE, w/their unlimited data?
    Network problems in your area Chris?

    1. Yeah, I live in Rancho Cucamonga. Basically the boonies. Lol

      1. new merger might help?

        1. Nah, MetroPCS is balls. It’s only covers major cities like LA and San Diego =/

          1. Chris, just curious, who’d you’d leave for? My contract is up soon, and depending on the phone options, may make the jump myself (waiting until the Nexus announcement)

  6. Sounds fantastic, especially if it ships with TMO LTE bands.

  7. i will finally jump ship from htc after 4 years …this will be my next phone

    1. Me too, G1 to G2 to this.

      1. me too, so sad

        1. T-Mobile should have keep the g line I loved the whole vanilla android with slide out keyboards and amazing specs

          1. Yeah but I guess stylus is the way to go. One phone for the entire world means you get updates. Also, typing too much=carpal tunnel syndrome

          2. But that “pen” is amazing!

        2. If it makes you feel any better, Im sad to leave HTC too. Theyve been doing a lot of things lately that I dont like.

      2. I had the g1 to g2 but tmobile had no more models for RMA so they gave a a choice of a new sensation @ ics 4.0 but it still lags ( without new contract).

  8. hspa42 and LTE ??!?!?! WOW cant lose

    1. unless it has a branded home button……

      1. very true ! lol

  9. WHEW, got me…..

  10. Lte for T-Mobile one more reason for me to want this beast

  11. Alright Chris your going to be in line with big bird if you keep pulling stuff like that! Lol

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