Oct 3rd, 2012 publishUpdated   Dec 19th, 2012, 2:14 pm

Never one to rest on their laurels, Glu Mobile has uploaded a trailer for an all new gamed titled “Death Dome.” The video on YouTube shows us exactly what it wold look like Infinity Blade, Borderlands 2 and Rage all climbed into bed with each other and 9 months later… Okay, weird analogy. Just picture a post-apocalyptic setting similar to Rage, combined with the cell shaded visuals of Borderlands 2, and the gesture-based combat o Infinity Blade and — BOOM: Death Dome. Here’s a quick intro to the story:

“No one really remembers where it all started…but before long…it was everywhere. The “M” virus… Most people who showed symptoms were dead within days…but others weren’t so lucky. Mutations were showing up all over the city. The infected were quarantined in a bio-dome force field that encased the city of Palamira. Some called it a “safe zone”, but most know it as the Death Dome. The M virus grew stronger inside the Death Dome and eventually became strong enough to live on its own without a host. Strong enough to become…The Behemoths!

The only name I know is Phoenix, I have no recollection of who I was before…The one thing I do know is that they will never dismantle the dome while the behemoths are still alive so I must take them all down….myself!”

The game will feature light RPG elements used for building up your character’s skill set, with enemies who grow stronger the further you progress. Speaking of enemies, some will have vulnerabilities to specific elements, so equipping the correct elemental weapons and armor will be crucial for staying alive. But enough jibber jabbering, check out the trailer and make sure to let me know what you guys think.

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