Galaxy Note 2 release nears as multiple variants stroll through FCC (Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile)


The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has placed itself among the most anticipated devices of the year. This is despite its different, larger form-factor, which manufacturers tried to introduce before, but failed to do so right. Of course, the announcement invitations are enough proof that the device is coming to the US soon, but here is a bit more to get excited about – FCC filings.

There are 3 versions of the “phablet” strolling through the Federal Communications Commission, all headed to their relative major carrier – AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile. We have the SGH-i317 for AT&T, the SCH-i605 for Verizon and the SGH-T889 for Verizon. All come with LTE-compatible radios. Even the T-Mobile version, which hasn’t yet launched its upcoming LTE network (some good future-proofing).

There is a bit of bad news attached to this FCC filing, though. Samsung made it seem like they were finally improving their strategy with the faster and headache-less Galaxy S3 release, but it seems we are back to the older ways. All carriers have the same Galaxy S3 variant with identical specs (except radios), which was not the case with the Galaxy S and S2.

Yes, there seem to be completely different versions of the Galaxy Note 2 coming to the states. Internals should be relatively similar, but differences in aesthetics can bring many issues. For one, it creates major compatibility issues with accessories. One may also not be satisfied with the variant dedicated to one’s carrier, making us go through the hassle of switching carriers (or conforming with a “lesser” variant).

Well, at least it looks like this release will be much speedier. This was our major grunt about multiple device variants – it usually causes device releases to be delayed. Everything seems to be going smoothly this time, so let’s wait until October 24th for the official announcement and see what Sammy has for us.

[Source: FCC 1,2,3 Via: Engadget]

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  1. Bring it On!!!

  2. C’mon Sprint! How can you let an awesome phone like this slip away?

    1. sprints is coming to probobly passing through FCC a bit later

      1. or already did. but it’s definitely coming and unlike these weird devices, it’s the spitting image of the international edition and has no carrier branding, period. Not even on the back!

        1. haha, shut up fanboy

        2. That was just an early version. Sprint’s SGS2 was exactly the same before it launched.

      2. i hope so

    2. Sprint is launching a Galaxy Note II to their customers about a month behind the big three mentioned. 3rd or 4th week of November I believe, maybe Black Friday?

  3. What a bummer. Not only do people see android as fragmented but now there is device fragmentation. Why cant they release the same phone with different radios. Bull….

    1. Unfortunately hardware fragmentation has been a big deal since the old days too. I remember when the same phones would have multiple names and different features. Like how my Galaxy S (Epic) on Sprint had a keyboard but none of the others did…

  4. They don’t have the clout like Apple. No one touches the iPhone design. Apple’s way or the highway!

    1. Keep thinking that.

    2. Get lost! With Apple maps :)

      1. LOL!!!!!!

    3. iPhone sucks! Why are you here? The site is called Phandroid as in Fans of Android, not Phapple. If your so happy with your low tech Crapple device then be gone. Come back when you escape the walled garden.

  5. I said no more non-Nexus device before. But Samsung Galaxy Note II on T-Mobile with LTE capability for next year’s roll-out? Yes please.

    1. Yup. I’ve been holding onto my upgrade until something compatible with T-Mo’s LTE network came out. Looks like I won’t have to wait all that long.

      1. 42 works just as good by me there would b no difference

        1. Yeah pretty much. What is really exciting for me is HSPA+ 42 on 1900 which will hopefully rollout to their rural edge only areas.

        2. Great! I’ll just pull out my device and get on the 42 network… hey! Wait! That’s right. We don’t have 42 here because TMo put a halt on that to concentrate on installing LTE here instead. Like I said, I’ll hold onto my upgrade to get a LTE device when they come out. Because 42 doesn’t work so great here. ;)

    2. Same here bro. They gotta announce a new nexus (and ON TMOBILE) soon or im going for this

  6. I hate variants. The AT&T S2 looked like garbage in my opinion. I can only hope this time around, all variants have the same quality

  7. Those images from the label location drawing look like there’s a big difference in size and possibly aspect ratio, but according to the dimensions in the RF test reports these devices, from left to right, are 80X151, 80.5X151, 77X146mm.

    1. To me, it looks as though the one on the far right (TMO’s variant I believe) looks to be the same height as the other two but a tiny bit wider and not as rounded off on the ends.

  8. I am worried about the size of this thing and battery life etc. But I think I can use it for work much better than my current device. I will try it from gizmotakeout or rentacell before I commit.

    1. Sooo, how much do those companies pay you? O.o

  9. Was thinking about getting this until I found out that each carrier is getting their own version. So sick of this. That means there will be little aftermarket accessory support. They probably all have different processors/internals too, which will make updates that much more of a pain in the butt.

    1. Accessories are made according to popularity of a device regardless of variant. Despite this fact though, Samsung has already announced a bevy of accessories to support the Galaxy Note II in all markets. Some of the best accessories I have for my Galaxy Note come straight from Samsung and the rest are from the Asian markets through Amazon. e.g. USB OTG and Micro USB spliiter both for $1.

      1. Incorrect. If all three have the same body design, it will be much easier to get cases, etc. If they are all different, it will be easier to get things for one version, but not another because it will not fit all. Make one version and everything works for everybody and production costs will be much less. Example? The US versions of the Galaxy S2. Many companies do not make accessories for the T-Mobile version, even though the S2, as a whole, is a very popular phone.

  10. Shocking! Phone service providers monkey with manufacturers original all the time. They are try to make it harder to leave them if you wanna check out. My Advice, go month to month, buy yourself an unlocked phone that hasn’t been “Doctored” with.

  11. I really like the idea of the gs3 being the same for all carriers. To me that’s a plus so we all will have a better after market stuff to buy, kinda like iPhone.. there are a ton of accessiories I would love to have for android, from car audio, to phone cases, etc. Android period is to hard to make stuff for due to every manufacturer making a few flag ship device a yr. MOTO is a great example of that..

    1. This is the point of using a Micro USB adapter. What I use on my S3 I can use on my Note and my buddies Motorola. Of course the phone case issue will remain but it does look like 2 of the variants are identical.

  12. I WANT!!

  13. They actually look different from carrier to carrier? It they were going to change anything about the Tmobile variant, the only thing I’d want to see removed is that stupid center button and replace it with a virtual button

  14. Guys, for the benefit of such as myself and others outside the US – can you explain why each of your different Networks has to have a different model of a phone – I find it really puzzling that the manufacturer allows/gives in to this – surely this must add extra cost to your device ?

    1. They use it as a selling point. They are like children and have to be different. “No, no! Ours is better! See! It looks different from theirs and has a different processor!”

      1. This must affect the end price from a manufacturing point of view. Also it must affect the number of end units sold as one is going to be ‘better than the other’. Also I’m guessing that this is not the case with the iphone ? Surely the success of the Iphone proves that if a phone is good enough it will sell anyway.

  15. Don’t know if I need a “phablet”, but the Note 2 looks like an awesome piece of technology. Maybe next school year I will get one.

  16. Looks like a typo in the first paragraph. “and the SGH-T889 for Verizon” should probably be “and the SGH-T889 for T-Mobile”

  17. Hopefully the Note 2 gets through fast. I have been waiting for it for a
    long time. T-Mobile is the only provider to offer an unlimited data plan and in
    most cases is faster than one of my DISH coworker’s Galaxy SIII on Verizon’s
    LTE network. We use the DISH Remote Access app on our phones to stream live and
    recorded TV using the Sling Adapter that’s connected to our receivers. With how
    much his phone buffers, I can’t see the benefit in paying more. Its nice being
    able to stream when and what I want without having to worry about hitting a

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