Ice Cream Sandwich Now On 23.7% of Android Devices, Jelly Bean Climbs To 1.8%


Google has officially updated their Android distribution chart, giving us some new figures on the progress of the ever looming “fragmentation” issue. Last month, we found 21% of devices tapping into the Google Play Store running Ice Cream Sandwich, and today that number has jumped up a few tenths of a percentage jsust barely shy of 24%. We’re nearing the point where almost every new device will launch out of the box with ICS, so we expect that number to continue rising rapidly.

Jelly Bean hasn’t been fairing too well, up now to 1.8%, a slight climb from last months 1.2%. Wont be until later this year/early next that we’ll start seeing some Android heavy weights updated to Jelly Bean, so we expect that number to rise slowly until then.

Gingerbread’s number has been shrinking, now down to 55.8% from last month’s 57.5%. Keep in mind many Gingerbread devices are the ones being upgraded to ICS, which is the reason for it’s platform version decline.

[Android Developers]

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  1. It’s a damn shame that the MyTouch 4G Slide is never going to get updated to ICS, but the Sensation 4G did…

  2. The only people who have Jelly Bean are those running Roms or are Using a Nexus, I don’t believe anyone besides Samsung has Jelly bean officially.

    1. Asus? :)

      1. Ah.. yeah for some reason I thought N7 was made by Samsung LOL whoops, I totally forgot Samsung wasn’t the only manufacturer making nexus devices now.. I did know about Asus N7 just slipped my mind

        1. All their high-end tablets got Jelly Bean. They didn’t sell too great, but we should see that 1.8% jump up a lot more by next month.

  3. My wife’s Droid 4 has had official ICS for a while. My Bionic has had unofficial ICS via a leak – solves lots of issues with the device, YMMV, at your own risk, etc.

    JB seems way off, especially given Motorola’s pathetic history of updating phones. Maybe the new management will help.

    1. mmm. Moto recently said that 3 of the planned ICS scheduled updates for Q3 are cancelled (Included the Atrix and Proton, 2 powefull enough devices). Instead they will give $100 to buy a new Moto phone in those cases… Not looking good the MotoGoogle new management.

  4. Haha suckers. Still on cupcake rarest version by far.

    1. Someone def needs to release a cupcake rom for the Galaxy Nexus and N7.

      That’d be like, so… epic.


      Damn…need to get me some tacos…

  5. God I forgot that I used to run Froyo & Gingerbread.. Looking back , Android has become much better.. I havnt seen anything lower then 3.1 in a long time. Its hard to think that most people are still not even on ICS yet..

    Hell I havnt even been been on anything lower then 4.0 in a long time.. My GNex and TF101 have been loving life on JB for a while now..

    1. We’re like the same person!

  6. with gs3 jb rolling out those numbers will change soon enough…

  7. After using JB + ICS, I feel embarrassed when someone pulls out an Android using anything lower. But then again, when I go to work I log into a PC running XP.

  8. when jellybean hits all of the gs3 that number will chance dramatically

  9. From a non-technical person…I have no idea what any of this means. I literally thought we were talking about ice cream sandwiches and I was really confused. Is this like snow leopard and tiger that I’ve heard some of my tech friends talk about? Please explain to a noob!

    1. In the nicest possible way, why are you here?

      Edit: Also, yes. These are just nicknames for different android versions.

      1. Why asked why she’s here? It’s obvious that she either has an Android phone or is interested in Android phones.

    2. Yes, they’re all just pretty codenames so that you don’t have to remember the actual revision numbers. What sounds better “Windows XP” or “Windows 5.1” ? “Mac OS X 10.6” or “Mac OS X Snow Leopard”

    3. Well, I don’t want to get into too many of the technicals here but……. are you single? O_o

    4. Yes it is like snow leopard and tiger. Google likes to name each new version after a different dessert according to the alphabet. So Jellybean comes after Ice Cream Sandwich.

  10. 1.8%?


    Google. Fix this.

    1. It’s not Google’s job to fix it. Google just has to worry about the Galaxy Nexus which if we saw those numbers, would be 100% on Jelly Bean. :p

  11. Once everyone sees the decline of GINGERBREAD users level off, then you’ll get an idea of how many people who were lied to & left w/o the upgrade to ICS from MOTOROLA.

    That would be the owners of the ATRIX,ELECTRIFY,PHOTON,DROID3,DROID2,DROID2 GLOBAL,DROID X2,& well, I’m sure I’m omitting a couple of models, but, you get the idea………

  12. I will be adding to the Jelly Bean percentage when my Galaxy Note 2 arrives tomorrow :)

  13. Jelly Bean is great on my Nexus!

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