Samsung Goes After The iPhone 5 In Latest Lawsuit


We learned a few minutes ago that Samsung was able to get that nasty sales ban lifted on their ’11 Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 (even though the tab is on its way out). Guess they’re feeling pretty good about themselves as they’ve just added the iPhone 5 in their counter suit against Apple. Samsung claiming the iPhone 5 — along with a few of the older iPhones, iPads and iPods — violate a number of their 3G essential patents, along with a few feature patents as well. There’s a hearing set for November 6th in which a judge will decide of Samsung can add the iPhone 5 to their case, but there’s really nothing stopping them from doing so. Samsung had this to say about the new development:

“We have always preferred to compete in the marketplace with our innovative products, rather than in courtrooms. However, Apple continues to take aggressive legal measures that will limit market competition. Under these circumstances, we have little choice but to take the steps necessary to protect our innovations and intellectual property rights.”

It was only a few short weeks ago that Apple successfully managed to convince a jury that several (old school) Samsung products infringed upon their UI design patents and trade dress. Apple didn’t stop there, filing a second case against Samsung claiming more than 20 recently launched devices — the likes of which include the Galaxy S3 and Google’s own Galaxy Nexus — infringe upon a new set of patents.

[Reuters | TheVerge]

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  1. Lets hope that unbiased justice prevails.

    1. Highly unlikely in a U.S. courtroom.

      1. Yeah unfortunately I agree with you on that one…

  2. Let’s hope next time they have a better jury. Not one with only one person in control.

    1. The jury should be chosen at random so there will be people included that actually use smart phones (yes the term SMARTphone excludes the iPhone since it’s not that smart compared to the competition’s offerings haha) and tablets.

      1. Siri is powered by Wolfram Alpha. =.P

  3. You go Samsung for being decent about it.

  4. Get em’ samsung!!! Time to get dirty!

  5. I think that statement is what everyone has wanted to hear from them. good luck Samsung and gods speed.

  6. i hope your stupidity is not contagious and can infect others trough the internet
    shut your computer and cut the Ethernet cord
    you need to go back under the bridge where trolls like you belong.

    1. Why are you feeding the troll?

      1. For just one comment a day you can help feed a hungry troll. Won’t you please donate?

        1. For just one comment a day you can help feed a hungry troll. Won’t you please donate?”


      2. i was bored

  7. The reason Apple is battling in court is because they’re out of ideas. Their wizard is long gone and Apple is merely one among others. I hope Samsung will kick their asses, because they’re the same thieves as any of the manufacturers.

  8. It would be cool by me if they didn’t get a billion, but had the i5 and iPad banned……early Christmas ;)

  9. Qualcomm doesn’t make the chip in the iPhone 5 so Samsung can win there. Also LTE patents are NOT FRAND patents. Samsung never offered them up as FRAND. Considering Apple already sold more iPhone 5’s than all the devices Samsung lost their suit on, I’m thinking that the $1 billion lost will be chump change compared to what they may gain.

    1. Please don’t play with the trolls.

  10. Too bad, I’m joining apple by the end of this month.

    1. Me too. Android, though better than ios is just too buggy. But if the iPhone5 sales get halted, i wouldn’t bat an eye for Apple is so frivolous in their actions lately.

      1. Im not going to kill you on wanting to switch to ios, but buggy? How about their maps fiasco? Or the purple halo effect with the iphone 5 camera that they said was “normal” behavior?

        I don’t know, but if you wanted to say Android was too buggy two years ago, fine. Now? I think that is just a leftover stereotype, and Android is pretty much on par in that respect (or very close to it)

        1. I am not going to the iPhone until middle of next year because i am waiting for T-Mobile to finish their network upgrades. So i will be steering away from the iPhone5 hiccups. maps won’t be an issue since Google wil be releasing a maps with navi in the ios app store.
          As for the amdroid buggy experiences, i am on my 4th android phone in 3 years and every last one of them after receiving updates were freezing, glitching and to one point was so bad that i just tossed the phone and bought a different brand. The most reliable out of the 4 was my MyTouch 3G Slide that after the froyo updatw, worked very well until i lost it. Ihad. G2X and after thw gingerbread update, the thing was useless and now i am on a Galaxy SII and after the ics update, i get freezing, frequent app crashing and “soft” reboots. As i type, the keypad is laggy in it’s responses. So i think it is time to leave android partially. I say so because i will gt a Nexus7 tablet.

        2. The purple Halo actually isn’t only in the iPhone 5 it has been noted in the 4 and the 4s

      2. Unless you are on a very old version of Android, I feel the latest versions, ICS and Jellybean even Honeycomb, are almost flawless. My wife has an iPhone and she runs into more bugs with the OS than I ever do on mine. The few bugs I have had have been with apps, not the OS. You sure it’s not the apps you have downloaded?

        1. I am sure it isn’t the apps because i have the same apps i had before ICS, which they werw updated to run on ICS. And as soon as i got the first update, the phone has been wigging out. The second update to prep for isis came with bug fixes, but the issues i have had still persist.

          1. Interesting. Well, just remember, grass is not always greener on the other side. I know iOS 6 is very buggy. I am a developer for both Android and iOS so I use both on a daily basis. I hate iOS 6, to me, it seems unfinished and very buggy, but hey give it a try and see if it fits your needs. We will gladly accept you back to the Android community with open arms once you decide to come back =p

          2. Lol thanks. I know what you mean for i saw how the screen is unresponsive and such, but right now their grass looks greener than android’s. Plus they have all the google apps, so i will be good….. However if tje next nexus is very stable and google improves on the camera, then maybe i will stay with android.

          3. Lol thanks.

      3. I have also thought my multiple Androids have been buggy… then I rooted the last one (SG Vibrant) and it runs like an f’n champ. Still using it since day one. Waiting for the Note 2 now.

        1. Same here. The XDA community is fantastic!

    2. So why don’t you get the hell off of Android sites or contribute something positive for a change? Glad to see you’re switching to Apple. I hope Apple Maps drive you off a cliff :)

      1. I had used android for the last 3 yrs and hardly use that map feature. What make you think I use use the map on the iphone?

        1. Please let the door hit you on the way out.

          1. There is no need for that. We need to be held to a higher standard then what you respondiees are presenting.

    3. You won’t be missed.

      1. …not one iota.

    4. I was happy reading this article until I read your I think this pic does justice

    5. More people going the other way, at least you’ll be happy to know that your hard earned money is going to lawyers and courts instead of innovation. I wonder what the ip5 could have been like if all that court time and effort, was spent on development.

    6. I hope you will be happy with that small screen, no NFC, crappy maps, no SD card slot, non removable battery, thicker phone & everything else that the iphone is missing & Android has……Just sayin.

      1. I am currently using galaxy nexus and i hardly use maps and never use nfc since it useless here in boston. GN got no sd card slot. Non removable battery? i5 offer more batter than my gn, why do i never need to change it?

        i did my planning before i switch. i5 offer everything i can do with gn but with better battery and no heating up.

        1. I think you should read all the articles about how the iphone5 gets hot before you make a statement saying “no heating up”. And the GS3 has great battery life.

          1. really? i was playing games on my friend’s i5 for ~20 mins and still cooler than my gn. just 7mins of playing pocket planes on my gn can heat up to nearly 120F… i even let my frd touch it and he said you can fried an egg with it.

          2. I have a GS3 & have no problem & the GS3 is the phone the iphone5 wishes it was. GS3, Great battery life, Great maps, SD card slot, Removable battery, NFC, 4.8 inch screen, Thinner, I could go on all day about the things that the GS3 can do that the iphone5 can’t. Oh & by the way the Note 2 is going to be able to do those things too & more. One last thing, READ all the articles about how the iphone5 heats up……

          3. i know s3 has awesome battery life because my brother got it. i played around with it, but not much of improvement that i like. same ui and functions which i mainly use. im skinny and my hand is small. the size of s3 is little bit bigger than my hand, which making it impossible for me to use it with one hand. i even found using gn is hard with one hand.

            as for heating up, as long as its not hot as my gn, is fine. my old dinc heating up too, but not as hot as 4s.

          4. I hope you are happy with your choice. I hope whatever carrier you are going with gives you time to return it if you are not happy. You have to do what makes you happy no matter what anyone says……………..

          5. Of course I planned that too. Att and apple offer 30 days return. If I don’t like it I can go back to Vzn and wait for s4.

          6. Good Luck to you….

          7. Don’t forget to mention $30 can get you the extended battery for the GN, which was the best money I spent on my i9250. It’s like night and day compared to the original battery.

    7. Regardless of how the fermented apple juice has affected some people’s judgment, the iPhone 5 is an EPIC failure in the innovation department.

    8. You’re joining the end of this month? Dude, the amount of posts I’ve seen from you that are absurdly pro-Apple, I am genuinely shocked that you are saying that you didn’t have an iPhone.

  11. Even if it was FRAND wouldn’t that still men apple would just have to be allowed to license it from Samsung? IPhones aren’t any more durable than galaxy devices, so cheap vs quality might be a little bit of placebo

    1. Plus samsung has to be plastic metal would affect the nfc and glass well just look at all the broken I phones everywhere so Samsung made a great choice.

      1. That is true. I notice it in my Macbooks. I have a 2008 MBP and the wi-fi reception is terrible because of the aluminum housing. My wife’s 13′ white macbook has plastic housing and can see 2 to 3 times more wifi signals than my MBP. I often have had to use my bear extender antenna for my MBP.

        1. I always love when an apple person comes on here and talks sense. Thanks @facebook-1327651063:disqus , we appreciate you not being a complete Troll and contributing something worthwhile to a conversation unlike @facebook-675449650:disqus. May your wisdom be infectious!

          Wireless connections have always had trouble with a metal casing, simply put it can either enhance or it can completely kill a signal. It’s always been a struggle. Aluminum tends to be ok, which is what many casings have been made of, but there is always a balancing scale with lightness and conductivity/transmissibility. It’s simple science which some just are unable to grasp.

  12. “Apple successfully managed to convince a ‘juror’ … ” That’s better. :p

  13. I want to see a patent infringement on a 4G patent (I don’t care who’s) and see if Apple either sends out a massive update to disable it, or license it.

  14. It must really get under your skin that “plastic toy phones” are still better than your iPhone.

    1. But it’s not better. I returned my GSIII to AT&T before my 30 days and got myself an iPhone 5 instead. It was horrible going from a 4S to that laggy POS. I had to root and load CM10 to make the phone usable.

  15. Sooo…Android fanboys aren’t against copyright lawsuits? Just copyright lawsuits in which Apple is the plantiff?

    Got it. #hypocrisy

    1. More like sick of hearing about Apple trying to lay the ban hammer on our products, hoping a taste of their own medicine will make them back the f**k off and get back to innovating.

      All things considered, there’s prior art for the majority of items and features on both eco-systems. So break out the guitars, make a circle and start singing Kumbay-friggin-ya, cause I want this nonsense to just go away.

  16. I’m completely happy with my android have a captivate running jelly bean and no issues phone just as good as new if not better may buy note 2 in October but I would never ever buy an apple device I would rather use a dumb phone then an apple product I’m slowing converting my friends to android and those that have switched feel the same now they have.tried android

  17. well said Samsung well said… i always say the same thing to my friends as well “Apple innovation = suing other competitors, pity”

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