Judge Koh Lifts Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Sales Ban


Well, I’ll be… Contrary to what you might have heard, it looks like Judge Lucy Koh isn’t a paid Apple employee after all. The US Court Judge has effectively lifted the sales ban on the Galaxy Tab 10.1, as requested by Samsung. The tab was one of many defendants caught in a legal battle with Apple and while a jury ruled the Samsung’s tab didn’t infringe on any of Apple’s design patents, an injunction couldn’t be lifted as the case had been sent to an appeals court.

On Friday the Federal US Circuit Court of Appeals handed the case back to Koh, where the ban was lifted today. This doesn’t mean the Galaxy Tab 10.1 is completely in the clear. While the device wasn’t found in violation of Apple’s design patents, there were a few other Apple IP’s it was found guilty of. Another hearing is set for December so we’ll have to wait until then to learn of the Galaxy Tab’s fate although it could be argued, the tab has already reached it’s shelf life with consumers.

[Reuters | The Verge | Engadget]

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  1. b1tch please…The Droids knew all along that Judge Koh-uKou was all Apple crumble…

  2. so much time and money wasted on this nonsense. If only Samsung could spend all these resourses building a much better Galaxy note.

    1. What I hear the Samsung will start to sell a new S-Pen for the Note 10.1 that will be compatible with Jelly Beans updated of it.

    2. For both Apple and Sammy to spend their time and resources on product development rather than litigation.
      As evil as Apple are becoming, they still employ some real geniuses (not the idiots they call geniuses) who should be the ones they’re focusing on again!

    3. They did… I believe they are calling it the Galaxy Note 2.

  3. I love that the appeals board sent it back basically saying yes you can make the decision we are not doing it for you. #idontlikekoh

    1. the appeals board basically said “you fix what you messed up”

      not only that, with all the evidence that came out of the lead foremans mouth after the apple/samsung verdict, the prior verdict should be thrown out and begin a new trial…that should take place in the UN (united nation), haha!!!

      1. Ya that guy was a paranoid retard. I hope he commits suicide soon.

  4. That’s more like it. Koh likes Apple products, no doubt.

  5. So doesn’t this mean that Apple will need to pay Samsung for their lost sales? They had to post a bond of sorts to get the injunction in the first place, I believe.

  6. The correct title should be “Koh reluctantly lifts Samsung 10.1 ban”

  7. Yay thanks for allowing us to have our tablets back. Finally.

  8. Sure she lifted the ban to try and show she’s not on apple payroll just trying to deceive those into thinking she’s a fair judge but she’s not need to be kicked off the bench for being a corrupt judge

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