Swarovski Galaxy S3: an over-priced, luxurious device that actually doesn’t suck


We have seen a plethora of devices made of exotic leathers, pricey metals and precious stones. These are usually meant to be a status symbol as they cost a fortune. Some examples include the Tag Heuer Link and the Lamborghini TL700, but there is something else that sets these devices apart from the crowd. They usually have horrible specs and outdated OS versions (and don’t even hope for updates); we just wonder how they can’t take some of those thousands of dollars they charge per device and make them better.

But to the point: if you are a filthy rich Android enthusiast that wants some bling and also a high-end device we have the best option for you. How about a Samsung Galaxy S3 made with swarovski crystals? That is right, one of the most acclaimed and high-end devices currently available. And you can get it for just under $3390 USD (£2099).

We usually advice you pay the normal price and enjoy your devices as they are, but if you are going to go luxurious you might as well do it right. And based on what we have seen, this is the best option. You can get it straight from AmosuCouture.com, where they also have a selection of iPhones and Blackberry devices made of gold and other premium materials.

As for the rest of us peasants, we will stick with our regular devices made of mundane metals and plastics.

[Source: AmosuCouture Via: MobileSyrup]

Edgar Cervantes

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  1. Would be nice to have.

  2. If they added 610 more crystals I can get it for an even $4K, yes? (insert sarcasm)

  3. Well it didn’t until they…you know.

  4. I wonder if these devalue like normal phones?

    1. I assume so…. maybe just not at the same rate. I mean, you would be lucky enough to find anyone who would buy it used. lol. Maybe you could sell it for its materials…

    2. Just pass it to your wife, gf, mistress or spoiled kids.

      Add to Cart, LOL.

      JellyBean: $800 extra.
      Rooted: $500 extra.
      ROM’d: $1000 + $300 each nightly.
      Upgrade to Note2: priceless.

    3. Absolutely.Swarovski crystals, not diamonds – even low-grade diamonds (at least the diamonds would hold their value somewhat if they were removed and able to be reused by a jeweler). Phones hold their value worse than most luxury cars. The Tag Heuer Link phone retailed at just under $7000, which is completely insane. A typical Tag Heuer Link automatic chronograph costs ~$2500, although some go for over $4000, some for well under $1500 depending on the movement, model, material, rarity, etc. However, if you buy a used one for say, $1500, you’ll have no problem selling it for $1500 (or more) years down the road if you take care of it, whereas you would be hard-pressed to get even $1000 five minutes after blowing 7 grand on an over-priced, underspecced smartphone.

    4. Depends on the market for crystals.

      1. Swarovski crystals are basically cut glass with metal coatings. They’re not scarce like gold.
        I think this phone would depreciate very rapidly, but I doubt the customers would care. The same people buy luxury cars and fashion goods that also tend to depreciate very rapidly.

  5. If only carriers would subsidize this. =P

  6. I wish I was the 1% so I could afford this. Still love my normal everyday GS3. Its perfect the way it is.

    1. Only idiotic celebutantes like Paris Hilton waste money on gaudy crap like this, maybe a “Hip Hop” “artist” too

  7. I would *advice* you to spend your money on a quality dictionary.

  8. If I had the money, I would dig out my G1 and have it bling’d out like this. Tell me that wouldn’t be cool! :-D

  9. That is nothing. Indians are buying the stupid iPhone 5 64GB for $2200 in India and it is selling like hotcakes.

  10. It looks like someone at one of those mall kiosks affixed sticky-backed plastic gems along the edge of it.

  11. Christ just buy a GS3 and an ounce of cocaine if you want to experience delusions of grandeur.

    1. Very funny — but bling like this is harmless, whereas cocaine damages a persons’ health.

      1. hasn’t bothered me after doing it 10 times

        1. Good for you. However, there are about 20 lines of cocaine to a gram, and 28 grams to an ounce, so until you’ve done it 560 times, you haven’t fully tested Karl’s thesis.

  12. Forget the gold and jewels. Just give me one made out of stainless steel.

  13. Mind as well also have a big neon sign over your head that says “please come mug me”.

  14. Someone should tell Apple how to make a good smartphone

    1. If they did the same for the innovationPhone 5 with all the crystals and jazz and marked it for $35,000 it would sell like hot cakes. Swarovski couldn’t even process all the money coming in the door! Stupid iSheep

  15. Swarovski crystals? $3400? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA *pause for breath* HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. No.

  16. Uh…. what about the rear cover? still plastic LMFAO

  17. > device that actually doesn’t suck
    > $3390

    You don’t consider “$3390” as sucking????
    The fact that it costs that much… means the device definitely doesn’t live up to its price.

  18. Just bedazzle the darn thing!

  19. Pro tip: Buy a regular GS3 and a bedazzler.

  20. I normally ADVICE people, too. It’s WAY better than advising them…

  21. Will Verizon help pay $2500 of that total amount?

  22. does it have a teleportation feature?

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