Samsung flexible displays delayed, we could still see them next year


Samsung’s flexible displays have been making headlines for quite some time now, and it seems like they won’t be coming to production lines any time soon. Reports now state that Samsung’s flexible displays have been further delayed due to yield problems, and should be back in production some time next year.

We still have no idea how these displays will be implemented into new devices. They are flexible, so manufacturers can toy around with fun designs to differentiate themselves from the crowd. Of course, bringing new form-factors to the smartphone market implies a certain amount of risk. It is safe to say we are relatively happy with our black slabs, as past attempts to make creatively designed devices have failed.

There is much more to these Samsung’s YOUM displays than their flexibility, though. These also happen to be nearly indestructible, thinner and lighter. Take a look at the video below to see one of these screens being hammered (literally).

These displays were rumored to hit the streets sometime during late 2012, with some reports telling us the Galaxy Note 2 could feature one. Of course, both options seemed pretty unbelievable from the beginning, as we still see this type of technology as a “thing of the future.” But according to DDaily’s sources, we could still see these displays hit the shelves during the first half of 2013. That is, if Samsung manages to get everything back up and running by (or before) early 2013.

If you ask us, this still seems like a stretch, and we would be in luck if these displays hit the market by 2013 at all. But who knows, everything moves fast in the smartphone market.

[Source: DDaily Via: UnwiredView]

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  1. I really want this screen on my phone

  2. Its cool but I’m not too sure how they plan to apply this to phones or tablets in any functional way.

    1. Possibly make phones un-breakable?
      But other than that, I don’t see it being mainstream until the processors etc. are hidden somehow.

      1. Make the screen shatter proof, but you can’t do the same to the glass. you could drop the glass for flexible plastic, but then you get tons of scratches. there’s always a trade off. I’m happy with my highly scratch resistant phones as they are.

        1. it would still help repair costs…glass is usually one of the easier things to replace, but these screens could already be somewhat scratch resistant I would think a hammer would leave some scratches

    2. Pretty much a foldable phone that will be a 6-7 inch screen if folded out and 3.5-4 when in “portrait mode” (from another screen on the back possibly).

      1. That’s the way I see the future, too. At the moment, though, only Sony have demonstrated a display that could fold flat enough (around the diameter of a pencil) to make a phone that folds out into a tablet. Samsung’s and LG’s flexible display, and Corning’s flexible glass, are not bendy enough for that.

  3. This is AWESOME! I’ve always wanted a phone that I could roll up. FINALLY! Some real cutting edge 21st century tech. The only thing I need now is a flying car and a hover board.

    1. Yeah but you can’t roll up the battery, chips and everything else you need to make a phone work.

      1. I’ve always pictured something like this working like a tape measure or a scroll, with most of the important bits stuffed in the handle/s

        1. I concede. They really are aliens.
          “I, for one, welcome our new Samsung overlords”

  4. Maybe Samsung can make this concept a reality..

    1. like most other concepts, this is awesome

    2. Looks a hell of a lot like Microsoft Surface to me…

  5. Are they really singing “AMOLED, AMOLED, A-A-A-AMOLED”?

      1. So? So there’s now an official song praising the technology of AMOLED displays… Far out!

  6. Samsung patents flexible AMOLED screens and specialized phone atennas for best recieving 4g quality data; Apple patents finger gestures and shapes… Any questions.

  7. there going to use it to bring back flip phones. Imagine it the galaxy note could be folded it would be more pocketable

  8. one step closer to nokia morph.

  9. Ya, i still don’t see the purpose of a flexible screen, if batteries aren’t flexible.

  10. I would be happy if they could make the globals from Earth: Final Conflict a reality. I’ve wanted those ever since the first episode.

  11. I call shenanigans on that video. The hammering looks so fake.

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