PowerAmp continues music player dominance with latest upgrade (rich notifications)


PowerAmp for Android has been a mainstay music application in the Google Play Store since it’s launched. With a very powerful feature-set in its beta alone the app was destined for greatness. The updates since then have kept on rolling and they won’t stop today.

A new version of PowerAmp is available in the Play Store and it adds a lot of nice changes. For starters, those running on Android 4.1 will now see rich notifications for controlling music playback straight from the notification pane.

Music apps are one of the main categories that we knew would benefit from rich notifications so it’s no surprise it was added as quickly as it was.

Other changes include improved .wav and .wma support, audio in .flv support, deeper levels of music folder navigation (up to 10 folders now), and more improvements and bug fixes.

While this app doesn’t have support for things like cloud storage or other bells and whistles it still remains one of, if not the best app to have from a pure music listening standpoint. You can find it in the Google Play Store.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Great!
    Just a shame they’ve not brought in auto playlist population like mixzing has (I switch between the two every few months).
    TBH, the main reason I use poweramp most is that I can get a widget that works with my overall theme.

  2. If it doesn’t stream my Google Play Music library, can’t use it ;-)

    Used to love this app before, though.

    1. Exact same reason I dont use it. I HATE Google Play Music’s music player too. :(

    2. Google Music support is just the bare minimum of what we are working on here for our big update to 3.0 :) #Poweramp4Life

      1. Oh please do. That’s seriously the one reason why I haven’t bought this app in my 3 years of using Android.

      2. I would buy this app immediately if you add GMusic support.

  3. Has Google opened up their Play API for streaming? Is it even possible for an app other than Play Music to stream a person’s Google Music Library?

    If it is possible…this is the killer feature that would net any music app an instant following of epic proportions as the stock Play Music app absolutely *sucks*.

    Of course, seeing as how it hasn’t happened yet, I am guessing it simply isn’t possible…

    1. Yes, it’s already possible with DoubleTwist.

      1. Really? Not seeing any mention of that in the description on the play store….

        Have you tested this?

        1. Re-check…I know it’s at least in their change log. It does work on my SGS OG (rooted) running Jelly Bean. It only works for offline Google Play Music, but it’s better than nothing!

          1. Offline files are on-device as I understand it, so just about *any* Music player should be able to play them. The whole purpose of streaming is so you don’t have to store the music on the device (aka: offline).

            What I would love to see is an app capable of streaming directly from the user’s Google Play Music Library.

    2. More important question is, will it be available for other countries? I can’t wait to try it.

      Check out my new blog

    3. Google has not opened up any of their API’s yet (Google+, Google Music, etc.) and simply supporting offline files isn’t good enough because that’s not really streaming since it’s still on your phone’s memory. So we are doing much better things over here.

  4. Now, if only they could redesign that horrible horrible music library browser. PlayerPro does that job much better, but PlayerPro does also need a huge UI update.

  5. All I want is a media player that can do a weighted shuffle based on my ratings of tracks. Does anyone know of one like this?

  6. No thanks. Over complicated GUI. The Prev/Next Album buttons are still there. Who use these buttons? CloudSkipper is free, no ads and has better GUI.

    1. Thank you so much! I’ve been looking for a new player and didn’t wanna spend 4.99 for a player I only kind of like…. You’re awesome!

    2. I personally know that if we were to take those buttons out, quite a lot of people would not be happy, including me. But nevertheless, we hope there is more to a player than just the looks… if not, don’t worry the near future holds a lot for Poweramp visually ;)

      1. Been using your app since beta stages. I absolutely love it. On every device I own/owned (40+) its a must have,( don’t care about streaming content at the moment,lol)Thank You for all the hard work.

  7. Best app in the Play Store.

  8. As an alternative (if anyone is interested) my music player Hive Player has a scrollable widget among other innovative features…i put it on sale right now from $2.99 to $1.25:

    I have a demo also if you want to try it out first…I want to add google play music streaming as well but google won’t release an API for it…I found one third party library but I haven’t tested it yet.

  9. I don’t use mine anymore, Bluetooth tag info doesn’t work

  10. what rich notifications I don’t see them?

    1. Jelly Bean users are the once who see them since that’s the only version of Android that can support it.

      1. I am running jelly bean and I see it now thanks..I just hadn’t updated the app

      2. by the way best music app in history!

  11. love this app. does everything i need it to do for music.

  12. “Music apps are one of the main categories that we knew would benefit from rich notifications so it’s no surprise it was added as quickly as it was.”

    Um..quickly? Music controls in the notification bar was an ICS thing…

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