Samsung says save the date for ‘The Next Big Thing’ on October 24, expect more Galaxy Note 2


Samsung has just sent out an email asking us to save the date for an October 24th event to be held in New York City. A picture of a stylus along with the familiar “Next Big Thing” tagline leaves us with little doubt as to what we can expect. The event looks to be the formal introduction of the US range of Samsung Galaxy Note 2 handsets for Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, and a few regional providers.

While there isn’t much more to learn about the phone, we sure can’t pass up a chance to take a look at the Note 2 up close and drill Samsung on all the details. We’ll be covering the event live, so mark the date on your calendars and stay tuned.

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  1. Unless it’s a Nexus, you’re doing it wrong.

    1. with an s pen how cool. but i doubt that

      1. s pen should of been equip with mic & speaker for call lol. just a taught

    2. definitely not gonna happen.

    3. Note with stock android would be useless

  2. galaxy note 2 ;)

  3. Until Samsung releases code for their exynos chip I’ll buy something else.
    I’ll wait for the next nexus

  4. Your going overboard Samsung.

    1. You’re*.

      1. Troll

        1. I’m trolling for spelling things correctly? You’re an idiot.

          And how is a phone having TOO good of specs a bad thing? You must be clinging to Apple for dear life.

  5. Nexus Shmexus. I have the Galaxy Nexus on Verizon right now- it hasn’t stopped me from having to unlock and flash updates myself.

    TouchWiz has gotten vanilla enough (and the S-Pen functionality adds to the user experience) that I am just fine with it on something like the Note. Samsung is counting on this being pretty popular, and I have to imagine it will be. This thing will probably have support similar to that of the S3, so I’m not losing any sleep over it.

    Sure, the bootloader will have to be unlocked on Verizon, but there’s someone out there that will figure it out with a quickness.

    If this were a normal phone, I’d probably still prefer to have a Nexus device. As it’s a completely new category of device, I’m not too concerned at this point. Note features > Nexus features for me.

  6. Lulz. Apple only needs 1 event to announce their phone and sell millions. Samsung needs to host 2 events for the same phone.

    1. Thats because their following will throw money at any device they release. Heck they don’t even need ANY event. Apple can just one day have iphone 6’s in all the stores, news will spread and every apple fan will buy. Apple users don’t care about features or specs, they just want the newest apple device. Nice to be apple

      1. I’m so glad Samsung offers a variety of phones since people have different tastes in cellphones. I couldn’t imagine the mind-numbing, boring option of having one Apple phone a year to chose from! Thank God for Samsung (and other Android companies for that matter) phones! Keep those awesome phones coming! Can’t wait to get my Note 2!

      2. They could call the IP5 the IP6 and the people who already bought the IP5 will still buy it.

  7. Im so sick of hearing these fucktards boosting Nexus is the best. I’ll put my GS3 with CM10 clocked at 1.9 against anybody’s Galaxy Nexus phone. The only thing that makes the Nexus better is for people who want the stock experience without hacking there device. Its really not that hard people just read a forum. Plus you are still at the carriers mercy for the releasing the update.

    1. My nexus doesn’t have a flash counter and yellow triangle. I have three words for you: fastboot oem unlock.

      1. you nexus also doesn’t have a 4.8″ screen, 2gb ram, SD slot, 2100mah battery, 1.5ghz processor, or an 8mp camera. not quite sure where your going with a flash counter? but if your getting a yellow triangle your doing it wrong, and thanks but my bootloader is unlocked and will power up from off to 4g lte connected in 13.45 seconds. have anything else you would like to brag about?

        1. Owned. The Galaxy Nexus is still a great device on any carrier. Man, if we are using one dual core’s superior specs to bash a “lesser” dual core phone, we certainly have impressive phones these days, in my opinion.

        2. Wait I said fastboot oem unlock and then you listed the specs from your (very nice) phone. And I’m the one bragging? If you don’t know what the flash counter is or are saying that I have the yellow triangle, YOU are doing it wrong. Following a guide over at XDA hardly makes you an expert. I’ve been in this game long enough to stick to my Nexus Devices; each his own though. Don’t attack me though if you don’t have the chops.

    2. Nexus pwnz your GS3 bro. Even the Nexus S.

  8. I just wish they considered using more metal and less plastic. For such a beast of technology, they don’t feel as high end as the specs. I think once top end android phones get to that level of build quality theres no competition.

    1. I think we’ve seen the last of the stainless steel phones as they are too heavy.

      1. I think he means aluminum, not stainless steel.

        1. Yeah but aluminum is soft and tends to get messed up. HTC tried it and gave up on it. But is ‘plastic’ what we really want?
          Motorola is going with Kevlar so that’s an interesting alternative.

          Gizmodo quote FWIW: “First off, they spent about two years developing the kevlar. They originally looked at carbon fiber (because who isn’t these days?), but carbon is no good for wireless signal. Kevlar, on the other hand, is super strong, rigid, and won’t bork your calls. In fact, kevlar’s so solid that during early prototypes they couldn’t even cut a piece down to size with a band-saw. “

    2. Well you are left with tow options metal Finnish or NFC can’t have both I’d rather have more features than a fancy Finnish if all I cared about was case textures I would go iPhone but I care about specs and features that’s why I go with android.

  9. Finally! My waiting is going to pay off! So excited…hopefully the Note 2 (since the S-Pen is in the photo) will be announced and when it will be officially coming to T-Mobile!

  10. What’s the possibility of of announcing a Note 2 10.1? I seem to remember a while back there was a samsung tab passing thru the FCC that seemed to be a Note with boosted stats.

  11. The event can also mark the beginning of the release of the Jelly-Bean-flavored TouchWiz for the U.S.

    1. Yeah you might be right. Mid October is the release date for Jelly Bean on the S3 and other Samsung devices.

  12. i want the next nexus,

  13. if it’s the GNII. It i’ll gimme sometime to save up.

  14. Release the Kraken

  15. This is a big disappointment for me. Even Oppo find 5 will
    have 12mp camera with METAL body, but
    big giants like Samsung not putting metal body is uncool. What is the point of
    corning glass 2 if the plastic body of SGN2 will be scratched up? My GS3 has
    few scratches already from slipping in and out of my pocket. Secondly, Sammy,
    please upgrade the camera! Nokia 920 is taking DSLR quality pictures in low
    light exposures, while SGS 3 doesn’t even stand a chance! How hard is it to
    slap in a 12mp camera in the back? or another speaker in the colossal body of
    note 2? Honestly, Samsung used to be the most innovative company ever, now, it
    stated to lose its place.

    This should be the speck of snote 2:

    Soc: Exynos A15 based quadcores+ 4-6 mali gpu

    Ram: ddr3 2GB (28nm) samsung

    Internal flash: 16, 32,64GB + up to 64 GB expendable flash

    Screen: 1080p 440 ppi screen (if LG, Oppo, HTC can do it
    Sammy can as well)

    Camera: 12mp with better optics + dual led flash+ 2mp FFC

    Speaker: stereo @ 2w

    DAC: Burr Brown, AKM or Wolfson 32bit

    Battery: 3500mah or upgradeable 5000mah with thicker back-plate

    Body: fully brushed aluminum, or titanium coated (cheap and scratch
    resistant), or carbon fiber

    And BOOM Sammy will sell 5 million units in 2 weeks

    1. Son this AIN’T Burger King you CAN’T have it your way.
      In most cases we never get what we ask for.
      But i am glad and happy with a quad + LTE :)

    2. Damn straight……you forgot the new solar paneling that is transparent and can be charged by any light ;)

    3. I don’t think you know what ‘DSLR quality’ is

    4. Gabe give me a break…if you dont like what you see dont buy it!! Stop
      crying like a baby, you have a complain take Samsung to court and
      finally you can ask Santa for a better phone this Holiday!! Dumb ASS

      FYI I laughed when you mentioned DSLR quality photos.. Get real !!!

  16. I have enjoy TouchWiz a lot since Galaxy S and the Note 2 is the next step for TouchWiz users.
    Samsung offers me $140 trading my Sprint Galaxy Nexus and I am seriously thinking get the money and look for the Note 2.

  17. The next big thing……vanilla jelly bean no touchwiz shocker of the year!! Sells 10 mill in first week

  18. The Galaxy Nexus was announced Oct. 19, 2011. My concern is this giant plasticy phablet will take the place of the Nexus 4 announcement I’ve been hoping for since it’s almost exactly a year.

    I hope not.

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