Jelly Bean now arriving for ASUS Transformer Prime


Just as promised by ASUS, reports are rolling in that Android 4.1 Jelly Bean has started to hit Transformer Prime tablets in the US. The rollout marks the first of two major updates that ASUS plans to launch over the next 48 hours, with the Transformer Pad Infinity receiving its dose of Jelly Bean starting tomorrow. Received the update yourself? Head on over to AndroidForums to jump in on the discussion!

[Thanks, Mike and all who sent this in!]

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  1. Need some TF101 love, please.

  2. About damn time…

    1. Veronica, you do realize that if you have a Prime, you are getting the next Google update FASTER than iOS users got theirs right? ASUS and Nexus devices are updated faster than any device in the industry.

      1. I’m not saying it was fast, just curious as to how you can say faster than iOS users?
        Also, iOS updates seem hardly worth mentioning. Siri working on iPhone 4, what about turn by turn nav. Android updates are a whole different animal.

        1. iOS 6 was announced on June 11th. They got it Sept. 19th. Jelly Bean was announced June 27th. Prime users are getting it Sept. 27th. Nexus users (Google Nexus users, not the Verizon Nexus) got it July 11th. Verizon Nexus users got it Sept 21st.

          People give no credit to Android for having the most frequent, and fastest updates in the industry. Let’s not forget that Ice Cream Sandwich came out last fall.

          The blame for “slow” updates is clearly on the networks and the OEMs putting their crap on the devices- that, and planned obsolescence. Anybody who’s main focus is updates needs to only buy directly from Google. Not from a carrier, unlocked and with no skins.

          If you don’t mind slower updates, then get a phone on contract, or buy a tablet with a skin.

          Disclosure: I own a Google Nexus, a Transformer Prime, an OG Transformer, a Windows 7 laptop, and an iMac with Lion.

      2. I’m confused…what does this have to do with iOS? Generally Android and iOS are 2 different entities.

        I, unfortunately, have the slowest updated devices, the Prime and the Galaxy Nexus on Verizon…so like I said…it’s about damn time for both. Its sad when I have to root my devices just to get the latest update.

        1. What is your benchmark for “about time?” It sounds like you’ve been waiting forever when, quite frankly, you haven’t. I repeat : “ASUS and Nexus devices are updated faster than any device in the industry.” Jelly Bean was announced at the end of June. Sure, your Verizon Nexus got it later than the Google Nexus, but ASUS tablets are among the very first to get Jelly Bean. Samsung, HTC, ACER, etc. tablets will continue to wait for a much longer time period- if they get it at all (Kindle Fire, NOOK). Yes, iOS is a different entity. You are correct. What you are not correct about is “I have to root my devices just to get the latest update.” Both devices are getting JB now, and both devices are getting their update faster than any other device in the industry (except XOOM and the Google Nexus), iOS included.

          You sound like Usain Bolt if he were complaining that he didn’t break the world record by 2 seconds instead of 1. A lot of people will be waiting until next year to get JB. You’re not one of them. 3 months from announcement is actually very timely.


  3. Infinity update has been delayed until early next week, as per Gary in the xda thread

  4. the whole thing is a mess most U.S Prime owners are getting error messages when installing then the update is gone after doing a boot back into ICS

  5. I got it this morning as soon as I woke up (dual alarm clock between my Galaxy Nexus and Transformer Prime!) and it popped up. It was nice. I love it when a company says “soon,” they don’t mean months.

  6. I had a bunch of issues when trying to update. This fixed all my issues and I still got to keep root via OTA Keeper:

  7. Veronica… a phone/tablet combo that has JB, don’t act like a spoiled child, you got your updates in a very, very timely manner,

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