Verizon NFL Mobile app finally adds Jelly Bean support


I guess Verizon wanted to wait for the first official Jelly Bean rollout for this one — the NFL Mobile app that provides the latest NFL news and mobile access to certain live NFL games, NFL RedZone, live score updates, news and more is now compatible with Jelly Bean devices.

Unfortunately some reviews of the newer version still state there are several issues with the application. Those who’ve already been able to use it aren’t any happier, it seems. As for those who have been on Jelly Bean all this time, let’s just say at least you’re finally able to get past the splash screen. Download it in the Google Play Store if you dare.

Also, be sure to check out Football Beast, an NFL pick-em game where $7,000 in prizes are being awarded, as well as the Football Schedule app to help you keep track of your team’s whereabouts week to week.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. When will the NFL learn exclusive = bad for customers? They probably already know that but don’t care. If this mess with the refs has taught me anything, its the the NFL only cares about the $$. And I’m sure Verizon is paying the plenty of $$ to keep this stupid exclusive.

  2. Well I’m on jelly bean, aokp, on my gnex and still can’t get past the first screen. Do I need my Verizon first?

    1. yes, you’ll need the Verizon Login service, not necessarily myVerizon tho.

    2. Never mind. I had to go search online for the Verizon client login apk. Nfl app is working now

  3. I’ve had JB on my VZW GNex since the first builds from Google I/O, and mine has always worked… I’m currently on aokp and it worked a couple of weekends ago when I used it to listen to the Giants game at work. Maybe I’m lucky then?

  4. The app was great last year. They screwed it up this year. And of course what was free last year now costs you money.

  5. Its been working on my Nexus and S3 both with JB….

  6. Yet the iPhone 5 had support day 1……

    1. Yes, but thats about all its good for. All the other features people with the s2 have had for months now. Oh well, I guess apple wants to keep people wanting the iphone 6.

  7. Why do you say finally like as anyone has jelly bean and its a major rush to getnit. We’ve got a year at least until it’s an issue based on the fantastic job that’s been done with ics.

  8. have not had an issue…..bug less beast.

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