Hidden Netflix Feature Turns Your Android Device Into A Remote For Your PlayStation 3 Console


It was barely yesterday the Netflix app saw an update for Android devices that brought with it a redesigned and snazzy new UI. Apparently, that wasn’t the only thing Chris Jaffe and team had in store for the update. Apparently there was some hidden functionality buried inside the update that has only now been brought to our attention. As highlighted by a YouTuber, if you have the Netflix app installed on both your PlayStation 3 console and your Android device, you can use your phone or tablet as a full featured remote via your home WiFi network.

Here’s how it works. Simply select a movie or show on your phone and it will pull up a prompt asking where you want to play the selected show/movie. Select PS3 and the phone then acts as a remote to fast forward, pause, and change the audio or subtitles. No more fiddling around with your PS3 controller (I’m always hitting the analog stick on accident sending my movies into fast forward). Pretty slick. Although I couldn’t get it working on my system, maybe you guys will have better luck. Give it a shot and let me know how it works for ya.

[Engadget | Google Play Store]

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  1. Or just buy the ps3 Bluetooth remote. Well worth it.

    1. Technology is evolving away from multiple remotes. Universal remotes were a great start, but why purchase multiple remotes when I can control my laptop, PS3, television, A/V receiver, thermostat, washer/dryer, etc with a single device that is always in my pocket anyway?

  2. Just did it on mine. It’s awesome! Using HTC EVO 3D

  3. Hopefully whoever gets it to work will post here, including what phone they have. =)

    1. not working on my nexus S, gotta be some kind of set up required

  4. first youtube, now netflix.. i love it. of course they’re stealing the Wii U’s thunder here

  5. I wish there was app that would turn android phones into a full blutooth remote for the ps3

    1. Here you go ;-)

      I’ve used it and it works great. It just needs a better UI, esp for the PS3 controller layout (needs all of the buttons displayed).

  6. I just tried this. Worked great! My ps3 is on my 5ghz wireless and phone was on regular and it still worked just fine.pretty cool feature! I’m using a vzw gnex

  7. Hey!! Thats my YouTube Video!! Awesome!!

  8. Its my youtube video and I have a Galaxy S3.

  9. That picture at the top is wayyyy old. Dexter hasn’t been on instant play for over a year, let alone Netflix doesn’t even offer the discs since a few months ago. Stock image is stock, haha.

    1. meanwhile in Canada:

      1. I love when people think America is the entire world, lol, nicely played greenlink23

  10. No Xbox love….

  11. Yup worked perfect for me, really cool i didn’t think it would work, I have the HTC rezound. Maybe it’s just an ics and above thing, make sure they’re both on your wifi network, and if it still doesn’t work Idk, i didn’t have to do anything just had netflix opened on both my ps3 and rezound, clicked a show on the rezound and it prompted me to tell it where I wanted to watch the show, very cool, don’t know if in all honesty it adds any usefulness but it sure is cool

  12. Awesome! Worked on my HTC myTouch 4G. Just like others have said, have Netflix running on both the PS3 and the phone and then play on your phone and it prompts you. And I’m running Gingerbread.

  13. This and the remote feature on the YouTube PS3 App are really useful.

  14. I have a Galaxy S2 and I could get the phone to give me the option to pick my PS3 and it also gave me the remote functions, but wouldn’t actually pause, skip or do anything to the actual playback on the TV.

  15. I had my youtube video on Reddit before it was anywhere else. Thats where it was seen first.

  16. PS3 has some amazing features with YouTube and Netflix control. Fully functional on LTE Gnex.

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