Sep 24th, 2012

Looking for a new game that’ll let you micro-manage your way to victory in a fun environment? Mobage, the creators of the insanely popular and addictive Tiny Towers, has released its game Pocket Planes for Android.

Originally available for iOS, Pocket Planes is an airline simulator that’ll let you manage and grow a fleet of planes that will passengers and cargo to over 250 locations. You can unlock a variety of different plane styles, customize the planes with paint jobs and unique pilot uniforms, trade plane parts, and compete on leaderboards.

And, of course, the best thing about these Mobage games is that they’re free to play. A little dough will be required if you want to buy coins to progress your game faster, but the game is still fully playable and enjoyable without having to spend a cent. I don’t know about you guys but I’m about fly over to the Google Play Store like a giddy little school girl for this one.