SoundCloud for Android now lets you edit audio directly on your phone


A pretty substantial update of SoundCloud for Android has been released today, bringing the music sharing network’s app to version 2.3.0. The app adds in some pretty nice functionality, namely the ability to manipulate and edit audio files directly on your Android device. You can now trim clips and add fades to recordings made with your smartphone. For a little more control over sound creation, recordings can now be paused and resumed.

The new features create some interesting possibilities for those looking to user their Android phone as part of the creative process rather than simply as a media consumption device. It isn’t full-fledged multi-tack recording by any means, but it should make SoundCloud a little more useful. Grab the latest version of the app from Google Play now.

Google Play Link: SoundCloud

[via AndroidPolice]

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  1. Isn’t that essentially what Ringdroid did? Unless I am mistaken.

    1. Not as well, from the looks of it. Ringdroid could never clip two parts of a song and merge them…it looks like this one might be able to.

      Not that I can install it on my Galaxy Nexus running AOKP M6 (ICS) or anything….wtf?

      …anyone have a link to the apk for this (since it’s free)? I highly doubt it is incompatible…the dev likely purposefully limited it for some absurd reason.

      1. Get an aokp jelly bean nightly. I am able to install SoundCloud from the play store with my GNex on aokp nightlies.

        1. Man, I just flashed the AOKP ICS M6. I’ve been running JB for a while now and just missed too many features of AOKP ICS.

          Not going back unless there’s not other option. If I must, I’ll nandroid this and throw something else on just to grab the apk, but still…kinda ridiculous to have to go through this. Gotta wonder what in M6 is getting this thing marked as “incompatible”…

          1. I could pull he apk from my system and post a minus link for you here, if that’s legal.

          2. Should be, it is free I believe.

          3. there you go!

          4. Beauty. Got it. Seems to be working. Thanks!

          5. Anytime!

  2. Who cares?
    ItMusic.Us is launching their app soon and that will COMPLETLY blow sound cloud out of the water.
    Im waiting to record my songs on ItMusic because they will also market and distribute me for free

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