Android Overload: Apple Now Wants $3 Billion From Samsung In Patent Dispute, Sprint Sells More Than 1 Million LTE Devices, and More


  • Opera Mini for Android updated with new homepage in the browser. [Play Store]
  • Federal Trade Commission will complete Google antitrust investigation by year’s end. [Reuters]
  • Sprint has sold more than 1 million LTE enabled devices (and counting).  [FierceWireless]
  • ZTE Warp Sequent now available for Boost Mobile. Ice Cream Sandwich, 1.4GHz processor and good looks for only $200. [BoostMobile]
  • TWRP updated to version 2.2.2. Features new improvements and bug fixes. [XDA]
  • John Legere is T-Mobile USA’s new CEO. [BriefMobile]
  • Apple now asking judge to triple damages in patent dispute with Samsung. That’s about $3 billion in damages. [KoreaTimes]
  • Samsung signs deal with American Airlines to supply 17,000 flight attendants with shiny new Samsung Galaxy Notes. [BGR]
  • LG Optimus G coming to Canada this November. [Press Release]
Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

T-Mobile Offering Marvel’s The Avengers As Free Download For Galaxy S3 On Sept 25th

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  1. 17,ooo? Not 17,000? That actually bothered my OCD. Please fix it.

    1. LOL! Woooooow.. Don’t know how I managed to mess that one up xD

      1. It doesn’t hurt my head now, thanks.

  2. Who’s Jude?

    1. …You have found her, now go and get her.
      Remember to let her into your heart,
      Then you can start to make it better…

      1. Aaahhhhh, dammit…EARWORM!!!
        Thanks a lot, dude. :P

  3. Anything is possible with Judge Koh. But it won’t matter anyway. Looking forward to the appeal.

    1. Me too. That way Apple can get the S3 added and get even more back from Samsung.

      1. LOL. You’re a moron. The Galaxy S3 won’t be included – it doesn’t have any of the trade dress issues that the phones already included do.

      2. go back to your own news blog dude. you’re just asking for trouble.

        1. They like to troll around on here to find out what features they’ll be getting on the iphone 9 in 4yrs from now !

      3. The S3 is way different from the Iphoney

      4. Typical.Why do you trolls bother posting on an Android site seriously?.Are you idiots filled with envy or something.

    2. LOL Judge Koh is gonna be the one doing the appeal. It’ll be Judge Koh in the First Circuit Court of Koh. It’s gonna be Apple Koh Co. Vs. Samsung Co.

  4. — American Airlines is sending layoff warning notices to more than 11,000 employees although a spokesman says the company expects job losses to be closer to 4,400.

    The notices went out to mechanics and ground workers whose jobs will be affected as American goes through a bankruptcy restructuring.

    Guess they forgot to add “and so they can but 17,000 Samsung Galaxy Notes.”

  5. OMG, it should not be a surprise, anyone with a brain knows that you can get triple damages when its a case like this. Same thing would happen to microsoft or apple if they lost a lawsuite….but, they are lucky because they license and dont steal tech like android does.

    1. I don’t know why we even bother down-rating posts like this. #ignoreisheeps #takethehighroad

    2. It’s not android getting sued it’s samsung

      1. I would argue the contrary to that opinion. I know that the actual case in the courtroom was Apple vs Samsung, but looking with a broader vision this is about more than just Samsung, it’s about Apple’s “thermonuclear” holy war to purge the earth of Android.

    3. lmfao brainless sheeps

    4. And anyone with a brain knows that a case that has progressed like this one has an extremely high probability of being overturned, based on numerous reasons.

      When that happens, I would like everyone who has spouted off here in defense of Apple, Judge Koh, and the jury, to kindly come back, apologize, admit they were wrong, and then kiss it.


    5. That’s why Velvin Hogan’s repeated defense of awarding Apple $1 Billion to “make them pay” for infringement is so ridiculous. The jury was only supposed to award the actual DAMAGES of what Samsung actually caused in revenue loss. Then the Judge could say the infringement was willful and triple the damages. But hey, Apple needs $3 Billion to build their “spaceship” so why not make Samsung pay for that too while we’re at it? I mean one of the richest companies in the world is going to need some income since they’ll likely make billions more off iPhone 5 sales.

      1. Spaceship? Not a Bezos spaceship but rather a much taller iPhone.

        1. No Apple is building a “spaceship” campus. Spaceship is just what everyone in the media is calling it. Well maybe Apple is calling it that too, but either way I don’t really care. Lol they are certainly making the iPhone taller.

          Here’s a peek at Apple’s campus to illustrate it:
          And here’s the future iPhone if it keeps up this growth in only one direction;-)

    6. Hey look another idiot wanting attention.

    7. For your info, once a sentence is given, you can’t go back and add to the “crime”. It’s called double jeopardy. Apple is living in its own universe with its own rules. They can go suck a D

  6. I use both a galaxy s3 and an iPhone. I’m getting sick of both companies playing this game. Stop suing and get back to innovating…

  7. Money-hungry Apple just wants more money after robbing people with the iPhone 5…

  8. Maybe we should ask the creepy stalker doe eyed psychopath meth addicted criminal hacker to hack apple’s server and the itunes. Doe-eyed kal penn look-a-like old man ugly version.

  9. Sprint sold 1 Million LTE devices. Great now if only they had their LTE network up in enough places to connect those devices to LTE…oh and the people who aren’t in LTE network range still have to pay the $10 per device monthly charge. Well I guess they’re just trying to compensate for Verizon’s horrible pricing on data these days, I mean you can’t look too perfect while the competition is a bunch of money grubbers.

  10. Like I said before, only an idiot would confuse a Samsung for an iPhone. Fanboys know what they’re looking for, specially if it has the usual apple sticker attached to the back of the phone, but that judge was one of those idiots

  11. On Sky News (UK) at 19:50 21/Sep – During coverage of the Iphone 5 launch at Apple main store in London there was a wind of change blowing as the reporter actually MOCKED Apple customers and the device itself including the map app ” the danger of trying to control every aspect of your device, you only have yourself to blame if it goes wrong” Also Android was mentioned in the report on 2 or 3 occasions (it’s like people are finally starting to wake up) with the reporter actually stating “just for once don’t believe what your eyes are telling you” **please note** Sky News UK are (just like any other media, journalists and reporters) extremely pro Apple – even using the iPad to control the 80″ screen for morning paper reviews. Following on they then showed a brief comment from Pocket Lint CEO STUART MILES ” I think a lot of the other companies compared to apple are trying to innovate a lot more on technology, grasping at the future of technology before it’s ready”

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