T-Mobile Offering Marvel’s The Avengers As Free Download For Galaxy S3 On Sept 25th


Marvel’s The Avengers will soon be available on Blu-ray and DVD this Tuesday, September 25th, and if you’re a Samsung Galaxy S3 user on T-Mobile — you’re in luck. T-Mobile and Samsung have teamed up to offer the biggest blockbuster this side of Asgard exclusively for new and existing Galaxy S3 devices. Starting Sept. 25th, Galaxy S3 users will be able to download Marvel’s The Avengers in glorious HD free of charge via Samsung’s Media hub. Combine that with the Galaxy S3’s ability to wirelessly share content to AllShare Cast compatible televisions and you’ve got one helluva good time in your pocket.

T-Mobile to Bring “Marvel’s The Avengers” to the Samsung Galaxy S® III

“Marvel’s The Avengers,” the No. 1 Movie of the Year, Will be Virtually Preloaded on All New and Existing T-Mobile Galaxy S III Smartphones Starting Sept. 25th

BELLEVUE, Wash. — Sept. 20, 2012 — T-Mobile USA, Inc., the No. 1 mobile operator brand in Samsung Galaxy S® sales, and Samsung Telecommunications America, LLC (Samsung Mobile),1 today announced new and enhanced features which will be added to all Samsung Galaxy S®III smartphones at T-Mobile®.

Expanding on the already robust entertainment and sharing features of the top-selling Galaxy S III, new and existing owners of the smartphone will receive “Marvel’s The Avengers” – the no. 1 movie of the year and 3rd biggest release of all time – as a virtual preload, available for download in the Samsung Media Hub, only at T-Mobile. In addition, T-Mobile customers will have the ability to wirelessly share licensed content, such as movies and TV shows, to a compatible TV via the AllShare Cast feature and AllShare Cast Wireless Hub. Paired with T-Mobile’s new Unlimited Nationwide 4G Data plan, the new features make it easy for customers to stream or download unlimited video content, including their favorite movies and TV shows, without having to worry about data caps, speed limits or overages.

With today’s on-the-go lifestyle, an overwhelming majority (91 percent) of smartphone owners are using their devices for entertainment purposes for a wide variety of content – from YouTube clips and user-generated videos to feature films, games, music and more. In fact, a recent T-Mobile survey2found this trend to be on the rise and more than one in 10 (11 percent) surveyed smartphone users rely on their smartphones so much for entertainment that they watch more video content on their devices than on their TVs.

“T-Mobile is committed to bringing leading-edge smartphone experiences to our customers by offering new features, including exciting content such as ‘Marvel’s The Avengers,’” said Brad Duea, senior vice president, product management, T-Mobile USA. “Whether our customers choose to stream or download content directly to their devices or share it to the big screen, as the only nationwide 4G network that offers an unlimited 4G data plan, T-Mobile is making it easier than ever to unleash all that the Galaxy S III has to offer.”

The third most-popular movie of all time, “Marvel’s The Avengers,” will be virtually pre-loaded on all T-Mobile Galaxy S III smartphones with this exclusive offer. The movie will be available in HD quality beginning Sept. 25 — the same day “Marvel’s The Avengers” becomes available on Blu-ray 3D, Blue-ray, DVD, digital and on-demand across the nation. T-Mobile customers can download “Marvel’s The Avengers” movie by visiting Samsung Media Hub on their Galaxy S III.3

“We are excited to partner with T-Mobile on this groundbreaking promotion and provide the highest-quality film experience for ‘Marvel’s The Avengers’ to Galaxy S III smartphone owners,” commented Dan Cohen, executive vice president, pay television and digital, Disney-ABC Domestic Television.

In addition, with a recent software update, Galaxy S III owners will be able to share licensed content, including TV shows and movies from Samsung Media Hub, wirelessly with AllShare Cast to any HDMI-capable TV with the addition of a new accessory, the Samsung AllShare Cast Wireless Hub.  The AllShare Cast Hub accessory will cost $99.99 and will be available via http://www.T-Mobile.com and in T-Mobile retail stores beginning Sept. 24.

To showcase the new features of the Galaxy S III, as well as T-Mobile’s full suite of Samsung Galaxy S devices, T-Mobile will introduce the Samsung Galaxy Zone in stores around the country this fall. The new interactive fixture will be rolled out in hundreds of locations and will provide an exclusive, enhanced retail experience for T-Mobile customers. The Galaxy Zone offers customers the opportunity to demo a Samsung device while using two television screens to visually supplement demonstrated device activity, such as AllShare Play, bringing to life the amazing experiences these devices offer.

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  1. Cool but I’m already getting the 3D Blu-ray disc set. Plus I’m on Verizon. :P

    1. +1

    2. Then [iPhone, iPhone, iPhone] because nobody cares :)

      1. You did.

  2. Cool so does that mean I can get a copy of that movie from my sister’s gs3?

  3. Lucky F***kers!!

    1. Yeah, T-mo pretty cool, I got Avatar and Transformer from them.

      1. don’t forget Inception on the original Galaxy 4G

  4. Sure would be cool if Verizon took care it customers the way these other carriers do. Where’s the love big red?

    1. The love is usually on the monthly bill… :'(

      1. In the form of a balance due and a raping of our wallet. Verizon is anything but gentle.

  5. Chris, I’ve always got a good time in my pocket.

    1. Oh yeah? What are you playing– wait. O_o

  6. I wonder if I can just cut my sim card and slap it into a friends GS3 and get the download.

  7. VZW GS3 using T-mo leaked JB = win with this

    1. I doubt it would work. Check to make sure the Media Hub recognizes your phone properly first. Most of what I’ve heard is that Jellywiz causes Media Hub to read our phone as an invalid i.d. Good luck tho!

  8. I’ve still got both transformers movies avatar and inception on my computer from tmobile. And now avengers, nice! Come on tmo, go ahead and give us the dark Knight for Christmas! Better yet just give it to us with the note 2 release!

  9. What? Are my Galaxy Tab 10.1 and I not cool enough to bestow with such random gifts?

  10. T-Mobile network is getting better than verizon.

  11. Didn’t work for me. Kept getting a login failure message.

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