Rhapsody Updated In The Play Store – Now Allows For Album Downloads For Offline Playback


Rhapsody, the all-you-can-eat music streaming service has just seen an updated version hit the Play Store and it comes with a few new goodies. To start off, there’s the new ability to download individual albums and music tracks to your phone’s storage for when your network connection is less than ideal. Users can actually decide where they can store the offline tracks — whether it be the removable SD card, or internal storage. Options are good.

As a refresher for those that haven’t used the app in awhile, the previous update increased playback streaming by 30%. Still, the app still has some work ahead of it. There are some features like artist bios available in the web version of Rhapsody, but missing from the Android app. You can download Rhapsody for free from the Google Play Store, but a trial or subscription is required for music playback. If you haven’t signed up, Rhapsody is still having a summer sale where the normal $10 a month unlimited streaming service can be had for only $5 for the first 3 months.

[Rhapsody | Play Store Link]

Chris Chavez
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  2. Where are their giant Samsung phones?

  3. i am one of the few people that uses rhapsody, and absolutely love it…. great selection for the kinda music i listen to, and this makes it better.

  4. “Options are good.”
    Followed by a pic of some of those options.
    That we’ll never get to see. :(

    1. HA! I’m sure one of them are single :p

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