Sprint Samsung Galaxy S3 Now Receiving Over-The-Air Update to Software Version L710VPLI3


Earlier today we told you guys about the AT&T Samsung Galaxy S3 receiving a quick maintenance update and now it looks like the Sprint version is getting some OTA love as well. The L710VPLI3 over-the-air update should be hitting Galaxy S3’s as soon as right now and brings the following enhancements and bug fixes:

  • Inclusion of SWYPE keyboard
  • Improved LTE connectivity
  • SMS Messaging improvements
  • EAS sync improvements

These things tend to rollout in phases, so don’t freak out if it hasn’t hit your GS3 just yet. Yay for updates!

[Sprint Community]

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  1. “Improved LTE connectivity” is something ANYONE can be excited about.

  2. Well my wife and I upgraded and now our texting is not working. GAH!

  3. Nice…VZW gave us remote spyware in our update…I’m jealous! I would like an S-Voice fix and maybe even Swype!

  4. I hope this fixes my network error 3 notification I keep getting when trying to send a SMS. I get this in areas where Sprint is strong. I checked the LTE coverage map and it showed that BWI Airport had LTE but my phone showed it for a second and then went away. Also having a problem with the camera crashing constantly.

  5. Anyone know why this is getting g swype but I can’t fund it in the android store for my gnex?

    1. Swype isn’t available in the play store. You have to go to their website and download it.

  6. my Galaxy S3 now doesn’t connect to my WI’Fi keeps saying its searching then connecting then back to searching …awesome :/

  7. My GS3 rejected my OTA update during install, any ideas as to why?

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